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Friday, March 1, 2024

Shekhar Gupta’s ‘The Print’ starts secular mind games over Kanhaiyalal’s murder

If there is one thing that Indian media, especially the English-language media, is adept at doing, its apologizing for Islamist violence and demonizing Hindus.

Udaipur tailor Kanhaiyalal Teli’s gruesome Islamic State style murder by 2 jihadis has unsettled Bharatiyas all across the country because of its sheer barbarity and the spine-chilling calmness with which the murderers posted their video afterwards, threatening to do the same even to the country’s PM.

It is the undeniable savagery of those videos which spread via social media (videos can be seen in this article) that hit a nerve even with the usually apathetic Hindu upper middle class, sunk in IPL/Netflix/B’wood/mall hopping/holidays as they are.

The news from Udaipur basically became too big to ignore, too big to brush under the carpet which is our media’s favorite tactic in the service of ‘secularism’. And to be honest, they were successful to a large extent in suppressing other ‘blasphemy’ murders like Kishan Bharwad, Umesh Prahladrao Kolhe and even the large-scale, many months long WB post-poll anti-Hindu pogrom.

So now our media has resorted to the next best thing in their bag of tricks. 1.) Create doubt about the identity and motive of the murderers. ‘If only the murderers hadn’t recorded a video admitting that they murdered Kanhaiyalal in service of their prophet!’, these editors must be ruing. 2.) Create news reports on how the murder is being ‘communalized’ and ‘politicized’ – how ‘hate-mongers’ (media dog whistle for Hindus) are winning and ‘dividing us’. If a quote can be extracted from the victim’s grieving family on how ‘they don’t blame anyone’, that will then be bandied about to silence those who question the Islamic fanaticism driving such crimes.

One of the key ring leaders of these secular games is Shekhar Gupta. His The Print digital outlet dispatched its journalists to Udaipur, and true to style, their coverage smacks of the usual secularist mind games.

Manisha Mondal (earlier with The Hindu) believes that Kanhaiyalal was killed ‘allegedly’ by two Muslim men. I guess we should be thankful that Manisha didn’t report that Kanhaiyalal’s death itself was ‘alleged’, or that he ‘maybe died of natural causes and nasty Hindutvawadis decided to frame two innocent Muslims for it’.

As for her colleague Shubhangi Misra, Hindu anger at the daylight murder, despite the police complaint that the poor tailor had lodged after being inundated with death threats – most of them engineered by his Muslim neighbour – which expresses itself in the slogan “shoot the traitors” is classified as ‘anti-Muslim hate’ and a ‘crime’ worse than the murder itself.

Have no doubt, this is what secularists want: Hindus should just shut up and die, without even raising a voice in protest – pretty much accept their fate like Hindus in Pakistan have done. There is an endless supply of Manishas, Shubhangis, Tanushrees etc in the pipeline – the ring masters like Shekhar Gupta and his funders like Kotak, Tata, Murthy have ensured that.

If the Indian state acts against these anti-Hindu propagandists masquerading as journalists like Md. Zubair or Siddharth Varadarajan, the entire Lutyens’ media cabal goes up in arms, along with the ‘secular’ lawyer-activist-judge-politician lobby and their international counterparts sitting in the Anglosphere. It will need exceptionally strong-willed socio-political and Dharmic leadership to awaken a critical mass of Hindus to break the chokehold of this Hinduphobic, deracinated elite.

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