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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Shekhar Gupta sends reporter to exploit family’s pain, milk tragic death of RSS Swayamsevak due to Covid-19

Tragedy porn journalism reached new lows as Shekhar Gupta’s The Print attempted to milk the tragic death of an RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) worker for its political agenda. Gupta and his colleague Fatima Khan ran a story insinuating that the Chinese Virus-infected RSS worker received no help from the Modi government despite the RSS worker having pleaded for help on Twitter.

The Print article written by Khan says that despite RSS worker Amit Jaiswal being followed by PM Modi on Twitter, he received no help when he was down with the Chinese Virus. The write-up also cites Jaiswal’s family members and goes on to assert that PM Modi and his government did not even come forward to help one of its earnest supporters.

However, columnist Vikas Saraswat took to Twitter to call out the propaganda by The Print. He said that all possible assistance had been provided by the office of CM Yogi Adityanath and RSS members had also come forward to ensure essential supplies reached Jaiswal.

Twitter user Alok Bhatt, who was closely associated with Jaiswal, posted a series of tweets to decisively debunk the story by elaborating how both the government and RSS had tried to help Jaiswal even though, unfortunately, they couldn’t save him.

In his series of tweets, Bhatt reiterated that Amit’s mother was admitted to Niyati Hospital in Mathura because the hospital was Jaiswal’s client and not because they didn’t get a bed in Agra as alleged by Khan in her article. He also said that a recording of the audio conversation between Vikas Saraswat and Jaiswal’s childhood friend Vipul Bansal was also available to back the claim.

Furthermore, Bhatt’s tweets reveal that Jaiswal himself fell ill after having admitted his mother and informed Bansal about the same. Jaiswal chose to get himself admitted to the same hospital instead of traveling to Agra as suggested by Bansal.

Bhatt says Vipul was unable to speak to Amit as the latter’s phone was with his sister Sonu. After Sonu complained that the hospital was not briefing them, Vipul involved RSS Vibhag Pracharak as well as DM to ask the hospital to brief Amit’s family about his condition.

However, Jaiswal’s brother-in-law was unsatisfied with the treatment and wanted to shift him to Agra. After Jaiswal’s discharge, however, his oxygen level dropped to 50 and hence he was re-admitted to Niyati Hospital in view of his deteriorating health condition. After Jaiswal’s readmission, CM Yogi Adityanath’s office was contacted by Bhatt who forwarded screenshots of Jaiswal’s tweets. Following this, the CMO swung into action and asked Bhatt to convey to Jaiswal’s family that they were to meet the CMO.

However, by then Jaiswal’s brother-in-law had arranged the remdesivir injection which was administered to both his mother and him. All through this, Amit was kept on ventilator support. The next day when urgent demand for plasma came up, RSS karyakarta Rahul Kaushik arranged plasma for both Amit and his mother.

In addition, Vipul through Mathura DM also sent 10 cylinders of oxygen to Niyati hospital as they were running short of the lifesaving gas. Unfortunately, as Amit was critical and on ventilator support, his life could not be saved.

A report by OpIndia in this regard says:

OpIndia contacted Vipul Bansal to seek more information on the revelations made by Alok Bhatt in his long Twitter thread. Vipul corroborated the claims, adding that the Sangh Parivar marshaled all the resources at its disposal to save Amit’s life. Vipul also mentioned that an RSS worker was deployed at the hospital round the clock to keep a check on Amit and his mother’s health and to provide any kind of assistance if needed.

There is another version too, where Jaiswal’s sister accepted that they did receive help from Jaiswal’s colleagues at the RSS. Sonu, who had just lost her brother, was perhaps emotionally drained and highly distressed. A person who has lost a loved one is quite likely to say angry things in an emotional outburst. However, instead of giving a distressed family some space and letting them grieve the loss of a loved one, Gupta sends his vultures to settle political scores.

As can be seen, contrary to what ThePrint article would have us believe, the local RSS body, along with the Mathura and Agra administration, as well as the Yogi Adityanath government, steadfastly helped Amit in his fight against COVID-19. They arranged hospital, beds, oxygen, remdesivir injections, plasma, etc. to assist Amit. Unfortunately, Amit’s health deteriorated and he could not be saved.

OpIndia also reported that RSS worker Amit Jaiswal’s family in their interview to journalist Sushant Sinha revealed that Gupta’s portal ran a propaganda story to target PM Modi and his government by using their tragedy. They also said that reports of them not receiving help were also not true. The article says:

Talking to journalist Sushant Sinha, Amit’s friends Vipul Bansal and Udit Singh denied the allegations and confirmed that Amit had received adequate medical care before his unfortunate demise. RSS worker Vipul Bansal informed that BJP leader and Lok Sabha MP Rajkumar Chahar had also helped his best, who was in contact with the family of Amit. Udit Singh said Amit was given care 24 hours a day, and all the required medical supplies were provided.

Sinha also played an audio recording of the phone call between Vipul Bansal and Amit’s brother-in-law, who had alleged that they had not received any help. During the conversation, Amit’s brother-in-law had said that the administration had made full preparation for Amit’s treatment. He had said that the CMO has been called to inform that Amit is being shifted to Agra, and the DM in Agra had kept injections ready for Amit. Vipul also said that despite a shortage of hospital beds in Agra, one bed was arranged in Prabha hospital.

The brother-in-law further had informed that Amit was administered one Remdesivir injection when he was in the hospital. A phone call with Amit’s sister also confirms that Udit had informed that two Remdesivir injections and plasma were arranged by RSS workers.

Left-liberal media for their propaganda have tossed journalistic ethics out of the window. In their hatred for PM Modi, the likes of Gupta haven’t even given a second thought before running a story that is nothing but tragedy porn.

(Featured Image Source: OpIndia)

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