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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Shahrukh Khan associate Pakistani-American Tony Ashai hopes Navika Kumar and Aarti Tikoo Singh meet ‘same fate’ as Arnab

While citizens in Bharat are shocked with the ruthless treatment meted out to top journalist Arnab Goswami by a vindictive state machinery in MVA-ruled Maharashtra, a controversial Pakistani-American businessman-activist Tony Ashai made a threatening statement on twitter that the same fate as Arnab awaits two woman Bharatiya journalists, Aarti Tikoo Singh and Navika Kumar.

Aarti Tikoo Singh is a Kashmiri journalist who had given testimony at a US Congressional hearing last year calling out the ethnic cleaning of Kashmir Hindus from the valley in 1990 and the havoc wrought by Pakistan-sponsored Islamic terrorism on ordinary citizens in the troubled region, both of which have been ignored by the Western media and activists. Aarti was personally attacked and gagged by Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar during the hearing which was held under the  chairmanship of Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman. She is currently Foreign & Strategic Affairs Editor with IANS news agency and has worked with Times of India and Hindustan Times in the past.

Navika Kumar is an anchor of the Times Now news channel, who has in recent years refused to toe the secular-Islamist line on certain issues like CAA and thus earned the ire of the anti-Hindu cabal.

Both ladies were till recently considered members of the left-liberal mainstream media, but have fallen afoul of their ex-compatriots for daring to break ranks and holding independent opinions.

Aarti has now filed a police complaint against against Tony Ashai, as per a tweet in which she calls him “an agent of Pakistan’s spy agency, settled in the US. He has been supporting Pakistan-sponsored terrorism and issuing threats to me so that I stop raising my voice against the genocide they have committed in Kashmir.”

Tony Ashai’s close links with the Indian film superstar Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan were revealed in July this year by Srinagar-based activist @TheSkandar on Twitter –

“The Indian actor shares a warm bond with Pakistani American Tony Ashai, a man with close links to ISI. Ashai, an architect by profession, has designed Khan’s Dubai and Los Angeles homes, and the star’s wife Gauri Khan too is involved with Ashai in many of her interior designing projects.

Tony Ashai’s real name is Aziz Ashai, a Kashmiri Muslim from PoJK, whose education and business is said to be funded by the banned terrorist group, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, JKLF which was funded and created by ISI. His son is a member of the MSA (Muslim Student’s Association) which was created by Muslim Brotherhood and other fundamentalist Muslim organisations.

Tony’s friend circle includes Pakistani PM Imran Khan. A careful scroll through his twitter feed presents rants against Bharat that resonate with Imran Khan’s views, and he has appeared on several Pakistani channels too airing anti-Bharat venom. It is said Ashai uses his Bollywood connections and masks himself as a ‘peace activist’ in US to do ISI’s bidding and influence the sub-continental diaspora.”

Sharukh Khan and wife Gauri with controversial Pakistani-American businessman Tony (Aziz) Ashai

Apart from expressing a disturbing desire to see journalists ‘pleading for their life’, Ashai was also seen celebrating the defeat of US President Trump in the US elections and the win of Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Claiming that USA has ‘got rid of Trump’, he wished that the ‘fascist’ Indian PM Modi would also make way soon for a ‘civilized’ leader who would negotiate with Pakistan over Kashmir.

The irony of his words was lost on Ashai, who is a propaganda mouthpiece for one of the most brutal military-theological regimes the world has ever seen and a state where the Army routinely undermines Constitutional rule of law besides persecuting its minorities in a way that would make Hitler blush.

Clearly, the Democratic win in the US Presidential elections, notwithstanding the controversy surrounding the results and allegations of electoral fraud from the Trump camp, has emboldened pro-Islamist voices like Tony Ashai who are hoping that a Biden-Harris Presidency will see a return to business as usual in the sub-continent, with US turning a blind eye to Pakistani duplicity and sermonising Bharat instead.

Many astute political observers have been warning the Democratic establishment to guard against the gradual infiltration of Islamist elements within their ranks.

Shahrukh Khan and other Bollywood actors had maintained a stoic silence when news of their deep links with pro-Pakistan deep-state operators like Tony Ashai, Aneel Mussarat,  Rehan Siddiqui and others first emerged. Will he and the rest of the Bollywood fraternity finally speak up to clearly dissociate themselves from a man who is wishing death on Indian journalists, calling for interference in Bharat’s sovereign matters and slandering our elected Prime Minister?

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