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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Republic TV targeted by MVA government and the Lutyens cabal

The ongoing selective targeting of Republic TV by Uddhav Thackeray led MVA (Maha Vikas Aghadi) government in Maharashtra, has now taken a dramatic turn with the channel alleging to have unearthed a plot by MVA to shut it down in its sting operation.

The channel had purportedly conducted a sting operation at the Congress headquarters in Mumbai where Congress spokesperson Raghvendra Shukla revealed explosive details exposing the conspiracy hatched with the support of the top-most leadership in the Maharashtra government with the only aim being banning Arnab Goswami and gagging Republic TV.

In the sting video, Shukla goes on to say that the team formed by CM Uddhav has supposedly been told to concentrate only on targeting Arnab and the team has already started its job. More scams like the ‘TRP scam’ are set to come out in the coming days as per Shukla.

He even states that the Mumbai CP (Commissioner of Police) has been instructed to take cognizance of the information coming from Uddhav’s team regarding Republic TV. He further says that NCP supremo Sharad Pawar is the mastermind behind all this and that the administration is being run by him.

Republic TV approaches the courts

From the above sting video, it naturally follows that the Mumbai CP naming Republic TV in the fake TRP scam seems to be a part of the plan to seek vengeance. Owners of Republic TV, ARG Outlier Media filed a plea in the apex court against this supposedly unsubstantiated and malicious claim and was promptly redirected to approach the High Court (HC).

While procedurally this might not be wrong, it does raise questions on the neutrality and impartiality of the courts which often bypass such mandatory rules when it comes to terrorists or those belonging to the leftist cabal! Just replace Republic TV with NDTV in the discourse and ponder if the apex court would have said the same.

The image and credibility of the Mumbai CP, in particular, has been terribly dented when defense lawyer Kapil Sibal admitted in the court that Republic has not been mentioned in the FIR (First Information Report). If that is the case then why would the CP mention the channel in his press conference? Doesn’t it amount to misleading the public?

In fact, the Mumbai police were pulled up by the courts for conducting press interviews in sensitive cases where investigations were ongoing.

Republic TV can certainly claim the upper-hand in the battle considering what has transpired in the court so far. However, the targeted harassment continues with the Lutyens cabal having ganged up against Arnab and his channel.

Lutyens gangs up against Republic TV

At the outset, we would like to make it clear that it is our firm belief that Arnab and his channel are neither pro-Hindu nor supporters of PM Modi, BJP, and NDA (National Democratic Alliance). So what is it about Republic that irks the Lutyens brigade? The main reason the Lutyens cabal cannot tolerate Arnab is because his channel is nationalistic to a large extent.

Republic is probably the lone channel that raises inconvenient questions regarding issues that other channels brush under the carpet as per their convenience. The cabal seems to find it hard to get over the fact that a media outlet would not toe its line and even challenge it.

The cabal has now unleashed its favorite mouthpiece The Wire to discredit Republic by running stories attempting to pressurize corporates who advertise in the channel to withdraw their sponsorship. Hindupost has already pointed out the anti-Hindu nature of this news portal in addition to highlighting who runs and sponsors it.

The entire Lutyens gang and their cronies have come together to attack Republic saying the channel is spreading ‘fake news’. This would be hilarious had the issue not been such a serious one. NDTV which was recently caught red-handed spreading false news about a Tanishq store in Gujarat being attacked should be the last one to preach morality.

 NDTV is a pioneer in creating and spreading fake news and this talent dates back to 2002. Readers may recall how NDTV along with the Lutyens cabal had propped up Zaheera Sheikh as a key witness in the Best Bakery case. She was later found to have lied under oath and presented false evidence.

She was even fined and sentenced to a jail term for perjury. However, that did not deter the cabal from continuing their falsehood regarding the 2002 post-Godhra riots. The likes of Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghosh, and others who take pride in their vulture journalism have no right to speak about media trials.

Corporates ride the anti-Republic TV tide

While the media war is understandable, corporates taking sides or giving in to the pressure of the cabal is highly condemnable. The Lutyens cabal has now joined hands to create a narrative of “idea of India under threat”, “secularism in danger”, and the numerous other secular lies they always peddle and are now co-opting corporates in their sinister plans.

The likes of Rajiv Bajaj who find toxicity in news today have never stood up against the toxic anti-Hindu hatred and anti-national narrative of several news outlets earlier. How is it that the conscience of neither Bajaj nor Parle was awoken when Bharat and Hindus were constantly under attack by the entire Lutyens brigade? This selective outrage and ‘conscience awakening’ seems highly suspect.

The Republic TV Litmus test

This is simply not a media war or a case of a state government curbing the freedom of the press. A more sinister plan is at play here and that is one of wielding power and suppressing nationalistic voices. This case is, therefore, a litmus test for several stake-holders.

The way the Central Government deals with the high-handedness of the MVA government will to a large extent show its effectiveness in dealing with fascist state powers. Considering that the matter has now reached the Bharatiya President and the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), it is to be seen who passes this test.

This is also a litmus test for the corporates who are being pressurized by the Lutyens gang. Both Baja and Parle have already failed the test, it is now for the other corporate houses to prove their mettle and take a stance.

(Featured Image Source: Republic World)

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