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Friday, July 19, 2024

Pro-Khalistani activist blames Hindus for ISIS attack on Afghanistan Gurudwara

Pro-Khalistani activist Amaan Bali has now blamed Hindus for the ISIS attack on Gurudwara in Afghanistan. He even went on to paint a picture of Hindus being ungrateful despite being at the ‘mercy’ of Sikhs.

“On Saturday, Gurudwara Karte Parwan in Afghanistan’s Kabul was attacked by terrorists belonging to the ISIS Khurasan. The president of the Gurdwara Dashmesh Pita Guru Gobind Singh Karte Parwan confirmed that the terrorists open fire at the Sikh religious place in the city”, reported OpIndia.

Terrorist outfit Taliban, which seized power in Afghanistan after USA’s hasty withdrawal last year, confirmed that the attack occurred around 6-6.30 a.m. at the gurudwara located in the capital’s Kart-e-Parwan area. The same gurdwara was attacked last October too. In March 2020, two dozen worshippers were killed when the gurdwara was again attacked by Islamic State terrorists. The Kart-e-Parwan area of Kabul is densely populated and is the center for Afghan Hindu and Sikh communities.

As per reports, the Gurudwara’s main prayer hall where the Guru Granth Sahib was kept had been set on fire after indiscriminate firing targeting the devotees. The Gurudwara in Kabul has been home to at least 150 Sikhs who have been staying there since the fall of the Ashraf Ghani government last August. Around 30 devotees were present in the prayer hall at the time of the attack and several managed to flee as the attack began.


A few facts are in order that the likes of Bali conveniently overlook. At the outset, he takes ISIS’ justification of the attack being a ‘revenge’ for the insult of Muhammad at face value. ISIS is a terrorist outfit that would never tolerate any ideology except Islam and there is no reason to believe it. The Nupur Sharma incident is only being conveniently used as a red herring to hide its own intolerance of Dharmic faiths.

That said, it can’t be emphasized enough that Nupur Sharma has become the target of Islamists only because so-called fact-checker Zubair Mohammed shared a clipped video of Nupur speaking about it in a TV debate. Nupur Sharma had participated in a debate on recent findings of the presence of Shivling in the Gyanvapi complex in Times Now on May 27.

Many HINOs on social media mocked the findings of the court-appointed survey committee by comparing the Shivling with nuclear reactors, barricades, etc while Muslims continued to insist that it is a fountain. The pattern continued in the Times Now debate as well and Nupur had relied on Islamic scriptures to respond in the same coin.

Islamists took this opportunity to target Hindus and unleash violence in Bharat. However, Bali overlooks this deliberate targeting of Hindus and also the fact that the original clip was edited. Hindus are the target of the Khalistani-Islamist nexus. Bali repeats the often used secularist-Islamist excuse of ‘bigoted right of India’ targeting Muslims when in fact, it is the Hindus who have been at the receiving end of Islamist violence.

It would be apt to remind Bali that Hindus and Sikhs have both ‘saved‘ each other at various times in history. He has no business guilt-tripping Hindus by terming them ‘ungrateful’. As HinduPost pointed out the “Sikhs Vs Hindus” argument is a divide whose seeds were sown by the British and fault line which is now being exploited by the Islamist-Khalistani combine.

It has now become fashionable to bash and demean Hindu dharma and use colonial tropes to separate it from other indigenous Dharmic faiths that are more often than not offshoots of Hindu dharma. All Hindus respect the sacrifices of Sikh gurus, but that can’t and shouldn’t be used to demean and guilt-trip Hindus.

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  1. Tell a lie again and again, it becomes “truth” in public perception. Who were the ‘panj pyaras’? Delve into history, you will realize that it was all a movement by the Hindu society against the atrocities perpetrated by the Mughal rulers. Even today you visit Gurudwaras, specially in Delhi, you will see all sections of people, sikhs, Hindus, visiting them. Similarly, there are Sikhs visiting Temples. Both are complementary parampara. High time the khalistani bluff, that is, being the front created by Pakis, is called out.

  2. I think the veneer of “respectability” of the Gurus themselves is coming off as the true history of their lives is written about. Don’t forget that the last guru boasted about being a idol breaker in a letter to Aurangzeb, trying to endear himself to Aurangzeb.


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