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Prachyam’s 10-part documentary ‘sahebs who never left’ reclaims Indic narrative

Prachyam Films released the first of its 10-part documentary series titled Sahebs who never left on November 14. The series aims to bring out Bharat’s real history and reclaim the Indic narrative.

At present, Bharat’s history is dominated by the colonial-leftist narrative. The documentary series informs the audience about the country’s past which has been distorted by so-called historians. It also highlights how Bharat’s history has been suppressed and only a select few have been glorified.

“We had embarked upon a year-long project to dive deep into the ocean of Indology and bring forth the choicest of pearls, in a format that will be cinematic enough for the thrill-craving millennial generation, yet informative enough for Indology enthusiasts. So we are happy to say that our first film is now ready for release”, OpIndia quotes Prachyam production head Abhishek Pratap Singh as saying.

“We are a group of filmmakers, who wake up every day to make Indic identity a matter of pride for the masses out there! Prachyam uses the power of cinematic expression, and storytelling to illuminate and further India’s glorious traditions and messages”, states Chief Creative Director Kshitiz Rai.

The documentary highlights how the British colonized Bharat in the name of ‘civilizing’ the natives. Assault, imposing crippling taxes, fomenting caste divides, depriving education, destroying Bharatiya culture and traditions, and sowing seeds of partition among other things were used by the British to suppress and colonize the natives.

At the same time, the documentary also brings out British racism against Bharatiyas and how Brown Sahibs are keeping colonial bias alive. These brown sahibs continue to push the colonial version of history and even justify colonial injustices.

“We are staunch believers in quality over quantity. There is a lot of content being produced in pockets all around the internet, but a very less portion of that is something that has repeat value. And that is the niche we strive to fill. The road to quality visuals is often littered with overtime and slow turnarounds, but the results echo in eternity. And eternal content over ephemeral is what we are aiming towards. We hope our first film is a step in that direction”, says Prachyam’s CEO and Chief Director Praveen Chaturvedi.

“Prachyam started its journey in 2020 with a small but enthusiastic team that engaged with an international community of Indologists, including leading scientists, eminent educators, accomplished storytellers, consummate conservationists, modern technologists, and many other doyens from a variety of fields to help define critical challenges of our times, drive new knowledge, advance new solutions, and inspire positive transformative change”, notes OpIndia.

(Featured Image Source: YouTube)

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