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PR agencies, Bollywood peddle misleading headlines: Alia Bhatt is not an Indian

Bollywood is known to trick and mislead Bharatiyas as it has done this since its inception. There was once a time when despite being leftist, the media criticized Bollywood personalities when required. However, in recent times, the media has also joined hands with Bollywood, trying desperately to give the collapsing industry an image makeover.

Last month, almost all major media houses ran headlines praising Alia Bhatt after she was chosen for Mandarin Oriental’s Global ‘I am a Fan’ Campaign in Singapore. The PR team of the actor working through social media channels like Instagram also made a big deal out of this event, and posts admiring her as the “First Indian actress” to be part of this campaign went viral. Many news reports also mentioned her as the “First Indian actress” to be enlisted in this campaign, and several media houses edited out this portion after being corrected by netizens.

Quoting the Gangubai Kathiawadi actress as an Indian actress was misleading information. And such misleading headlines have been manufactured multiple times throughout Alia Bhatt’s career. She may be living in utmost luxury in Bharat, working and earning crores in Bharat, and leading a perfect dream in Bharat; the fact is, Alia Bhatt is not Indian.

Alia Bhatt was born in Mumbai, Bharat, to “Indian” Mahesh Bhatt and British actress Soni Razdan in 1993. And despite being born in and being eligible for Indian citizenship, her parents chose British citizenship for her. Even after becoming an adult and living and working in the country for decades, 29-year-old Alia Bhatt didn’t apply for Indian citizenship and continues to enjoy her British status.

Hence, the desperate attempts of media houses and the PR teams to endear her to Bharatiya audiences, who have finally started to show Bollywood stars their proper place as the first Indian actress to achieve whatever is but a lie.

Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Katrina Kaif also have non-Indian passports. But their story is common knowledge. Netizens often mock and troll Akshay Kumar as Canadian Kumar when he weighs in on matters of national importance. But that is not the case for Alia Bhatt. Most of her fans, perhaps in their teens or early 20s, are under the impression that she is an Indian. This myth needs to break.

Alia Bhatt and her family have repeatedly exhibited their anti-Hindu and anti-Bharat sentiments. And thus, it becomes all the more critical for young Bharatiyas who go to the theatres and make such people rich, to know whom they are benefitting with their finances.

Mahesh Bhatt, who had also made headlines in the 90s for kissing his grown-up daughter on the lips and revealing that he would marry Pooja Bhatt if she hadn’t been his daughter, always had a bad cultural influence on the Bharatiya society and harboured extreme anti-Hindu sentiments. He had infamously participated in the promotions of Aziz Burney’s “26/11: RSS Ki Sazish“, a book written to malign the RSS by accusing them of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks by Islamist terror outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba.

Alia Bhatt’s mother’s love for Pakistan and disdain for Bharat is no hidden affair. While promoting her film ‘No Fathers In Kashmir’ in 2019, she complained about the current status of Kashmir and that the region had lost its cultural balance. She also expressed that she was against Bharat becoming a “Hindu nation” and said she wouldn’t mind shifting to Pakistan.

She was grieving about a hypothetical Hindu nation Bharat has not become while fancying the highly radical Islamic nation, Pakistan. While mulling the cultural imbalance in Kashmir, she forgot to highlight the repeated attacks on the Hindus by Islamists that had forced the Hindu element from Kashmir to disappear, causing the imbalance.

During the 2019 elections, she encouraged the people to “vote for change” and “eliminate hate”. These tweets were made when the BJP was in power both in the centre and state. Netizens quickly understood her hints and called her out on her tall talks about Bharat and its government despite being a non-Bharatiya who has no business in discussing how Bharat runs itself! 

And then there is Alia Bhatt, a hard-core non-vegetarian, who lectures the Hindus not to burst crackers on Diwali because the noise scares the animals. For an actress who made her debut with an outrageous “Sexy Radha” song, anti-Hindu sermons are expected. 

For those Hindus and Bharatiyas who have been Alia Bhatt’s fans for a long time and are delighted to see their favourite star being the “First Indian to…”, the next time you part with your hard-earned money, remember her views on Hindu festivals and that she is not an Indian either. Make a well-thought-out and well-informed decision accordingly. 

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  1. This website is a much needed platform to bring together followers of all India born philosophies. These true “Bhartiya” people are still like second class citizens and always at risk of being mortally attacked by followers of the so-called “Aasmani Kitab” whose understanding of peace is “peace of graveyard’. Bollywood is a junk yard fit only for Jihadis and morbidly “anti-Hindu” weirdos; it is intimately connected with Mumbai’s “mullah-mafia” like Dawood Ibrahim who operate on behalf of ISI. Deception (Takiyya) is the core characteristic of grave yard peace keepers! We must not forget this fact. Why else “Yusuf Miyan” would be relabeled Dilip Kumar; barring a few most “Shantidoot” in Bollywood adopt Hindu sounding name.

    However, lately a new trend of educated and rational minded Muslims leaving Islam is gaining ground. Their “eye opener” is websites like No sane human can live a life of prisoner or a “perennial victim”. Look at how Iranian women are desperate to come out of the SACK, called Hijab, and live like normal humans. Amazing even animals are better than “sacked women”; they can enjoy sunshine and fresh air.


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