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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Racist NPR journalist’s hateful jibes against Bharat

In a display of racism and bigotry, NPR (National Public Radio) journalist Lauren Frayer put out a tweet maligning Bharat and its people. She quoted a tweet on train burglaries, which have actually taken place in Los Angeles USA, saying “at first glance, I thought this was India”.

PC: Kanchan Gupta Twitter Page

Frayer is NPR‘s Bharat correspondent who has been caught peddling lies earlier too. However, western media and its correspondent are often known to harbor such deep-seated hatred for Bharat, its culture, and people that reveals itself in the way they report news pertaining to Bharat.

As has been rightly pointed out, with such a racist attitude it is only to be expected that news pertaining to Bharat would be covered with jaundiced eyes and in a completely biased manner. This kind of bias certainly stems from the white supremacist attitude harbored by both the western media and its correspondents. That the Bharatiya government tolerates such blatant racism unlike neighboring China only emboldens them further.

Such hatred and bigotry from Frayer are hardly surprising in view of the fact that NPR has time and again displayed a similar bias against Bharat and Hindus. One of the producers (she has reportedly resigned) of NPR, who had coauthored several of its articles on Bharat, had wanted Bharatiyas to give up Hindu Dharma. She had even used the ‘piss drinking’ and ‘dung worshipping’ jibe for Hindus. Dehumanizing Hindus as ‘cow piss drinkers’ is a mindset that left-liberals share with jihadi suicide bombers like the Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist responsible for the Pulwama attack.

Earlier, NPR had normalized genocidal Hinduphobia. Their bias is evident from the manner in which they cover stories pertaining to Hindus and Muslims. A quick search of the word “Hindu” shows that most of the stories consistently focus on “Hindu Nationalism” and essentially produce a broad-brush smear of Hindus as criminals, fundamentalists, and misogynists (or eccentrics at best).

The search result for the word “Muslim,” and the contrast with what we find for the word “Hindu” is quite compelling. Several stories here talk about Muslims being victimized by Hindus or others, or deal with Muslims as individuals, as human beings who are accomplished in their fields.

Western media has institutionalized anti-Bharat bias that is amply clear from their coverage of news pertaining to Bharat. After the repeal of Articles 370 and 35A ending the semi-autonomous status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, articles by leading media outlets presented a one-sided, negative story and/or ignoring the complexity of the situation. Such accusations are nothing new. Hindus have regularly expressed concern about the way in which Hindu Dharma is presented in a stereotyped and often factually inaccurate manner in Western media.

As Shri Vamsi Juluri had aptly pointed out “There is personal bias and bigotry in the media professions against Hindus. And there is a systemic professional bias that can be seen in their depiction in media discourses as well”. It is this bias that gives rise to bigoted and biased anti-Bharat reporting by western media and journalists.

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  1. Lauren is up to her usual tricks. I’m not sure if she does this on purpose or if it’s out of ignorance. Maybe a bit of both? Most journalists report to a news director or editor, who usually sets the tone and direction. She has a philosophy degree from an above-average university and grew up in an all-white East Coast suburb. So when you see her “mistake” Los Angeles for India, it’s a sign that she hasn’t seen much of the United States and its poverty. She grew up in a sheltered, all-white, upper-middle-class enclave and hasn’t studied one iota of Indian history. I don’t think she’s even watched the motion picture Gandhi.

    In California, there are beggars on EVERY street corner. I can’t get a package at my home or my mom’s house in Southern California without someone stealing it. In my mom’s neighborhood, a white man was the only thief caught on camera, yet her white neighbors view me, someone with a top school degree and significant net worth, as a shady character. Drive through the homeless encampments in Oakland or San Francisco, and you’ll see worse poverty and filth than the slums of India. Most of the poor are white.

    Lauren’s latest piece (of garbage) claims that Indians are indifferent about Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. She failed to mention that Modi established an official day of mourning and issued this Tweet:

    “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be remembered as a stalwart of our times. She provided inspiring leadership to her nation and people. She personified dignity and decency in public life. Pained by her demise. My thoughts are with her family and people of UK in this sad hour.”

    Frayer mentioned this in one story with Scott Simon; however, another article omits this fact along with not reporting the day of mourning in India. Is it on purpose, or is she just a poor journalist?

    Lauren also low-balled the deaths at Amritsar, claiming they were in the hundreds. The British (unfortunately with many South Asian troops in tow) massacred 1500 out of 1600 peaceful, unarmed protestors, even when they tried to flee. They would have killed them all if they could get the armored machine gun into the area. This was in the movie Gandhi, but I’m sure she was busy screening some rom-com. She’s not an intellectual by any stretch.

    The massacres extended beyond Amristar and were widespread throughout India. My father grew up in Bengaluru and told me that he personally saw the British kill peaceful, unarmed protestors in this major Indian city. These massacres happened all over India. Just like Amritsar, they opened fire on crowds of unarmed protesters. Mostly white historians grossly underestimate the brutality and death. It’s far worse than the Western scholars admit because they weren’t there. It’s all based on England’s casualty count, which is fraudulent.

    Some estimates suggest that 1.8 billion Indians died under 200 years of British rule. Winston Churchill, in particular, was obsessively racist toward Indians. Despite Indians volunteering 2.5 million troops to fight Hitler, he still hated Indians passionately. He redirected Indian grain to feed soldiers in Europe, causing the death of millions of Indians.

    I think the good folks at NPR are ignorant of the fact that 2.5 million Indians fought against Hitler — more than all of the other Allied forces combined. Gandhi also mobilized soldiers to fight for Britain in WW-I. You’ll never see a Hollywood movie about 2.5 million Indians fighting in World War II. I’ve never seen an Indian depicted in a Hollywood World War II movie. This same Hollywood re-ignited the KKK with Birth of a Nation, a film financed by Louis Mayer. You can look up his background, but he’s definitely not Indian. That film created the notion of burning crosses to terrorize non-white Americans.

    On Twitter, Lauren retweeted a misleading photo of Modi, Putin, and Xi in a group handshake, with the caption “A glimpse of the world after Washington.” This implies that Modi, Putin, and Xi are in cahoots. I can find many photos of Nancy Pelosi, Trump, GW, Obama, or myriad American politicians shaking hands with the same people. She didn’t have anything to say about Modi telling Putin this is not the time for war. India buys fewer fuel and products from Russia than every EU nation — even the small ones. India, for a long time, has strived to be independent.

    If Frayer knew about Indian culture and history, she’d understand why Modi is impartial to Russia and the Queen. In the Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna that impartial people go farther in life. Bharat doesn’t want to take sides in these stupid wars. We want to be wealth winners and create a new, peaceful world through technology and academia. We want to re-establish thousands of years of peace and prosperity, not bloodshed and hegemony.

    A nonchalant response to the Queen’s passing is to be expected. If you look at the history of India, it’s not a nation bent on territorial expansion. It’s not a nation that shoves its beak into every nook and cranny in the world, seeking to control outcomes. India doesn’t tamper with the end results. That’s a Western concept, and you can see the accumulated karma. The UK and US are becoming s**thole nations full of poverty, ignorance, and extreme racism. Westerners obsess over the fruits of their actions and steal the fruits of others’ actions. It’s a broken world that needs fixing, and Bharat has many solutions.

    This gets to the point of my comment. Why does NPR hire someone who’s clearly unqualified for the job? Is it ethnic solidarity? Did someone at NPR harass her, so she has some dirt to keep her employed? She knows absolutely nothing about India. Why doesn’t NPR hire a qualified journalist to cover 1.4 billion people?

    How would the folks at NPR feel if I celebrated Hitler’s birthday? That’s what mourning the Queen is like for someone of Indian descent. Just like all of the evil-minded monarchs in Indian mythology (Vaali, Duryhodana, Ravana, etc.), Queen Elizabeth II is a demon to BILLIONS of people, including me. Seeing white people mourning tells me they only care about white lives. Black lives and brown lives do not matter. Many are angry because we’re not in tears over the Queen. Look at who is lining up to view her corpse. All white people, maybe one in a thousand are black (and confused).

    Despite the facts, news organizations like NPR, NYT, WSJ, and ABC depict Indians as backward and hateful people. All the while, America invades nations like Iraq, then it’s “oops no weapons of mass destruction found. Our bad!” Why did we go into Iraq? Do we really think this was just an honest mistake? Who benefitted from this? I have to be careful, or else I’ll be called anti-something or other. They shut down such criticism with a crude generalization. Iraq was another nation’s enemy, and we fought that war for them. Those people never did anything to the United States, yet Americans slaughtered them and took selfies with their corpses. Disgusting.

    Why the hate for Indians? 2.5 million Indians fought against Hitler to protect Ashkenazi Jews. You’d think the media would at least have the courtesy not to smear us continually. But they look at us with our brown skin, “smelly” food, and some with different attire, and they lump us in with all brown people — inferior to whites. Then they rip off yoga (stretching exercises) and meditation (which is yoga). At best, the white American liberal pities brown people. Mostly it’s hatred. It’s never respect. Even the Indian doctor who saves their life is thought to have benefitted from affirmative action, which isn’t true. Indians never benefit from preferential hiring. We don’t need it, because education is valued so highly.

    My grandfather died when my father was a child. His family was impoverished. Nonetheless, my grandmother scraped together every rupee should could find to send her kids to school. She didn’t go out and get $60,000 worth of tattoos and spend it on meth like Americans. Indians thrive everywhere in the world because we value education more than anything — even wealth.

    This is why we don’t need affirmative action. In fact, many white people with uneducated parents receive preferential admissions to college, but they believe they’re self-made intellectuals. Yes, it’s easier for a white American to get into college than an American-born Indian with a Ph.D. father. You won’t hear that on the news, but its a fact.

    Many Silicon Valley companies try to avoid hiring Indians because “too many” exist in the workplace already. An engineering department with 90% Indians isn’t diverse but results from merit, not clannish behavior. I’ve worked with white managers who openly admit they need to hire more white people and fewer Indians. I guess NPR didn’t get that scoop.

    It looks like Google News no longer ranks NPR highly. If you search for “India” on Google News, you’ll find one of Lauren’s articles, but they don’t list most of them. This shows that Google no longer views Lauren Frayer as a reliable journalist. She’s so bad, they de-indexed her, in a way. If you want to find her work, it’s no longer under Google News. It’s lumped in with the rest of the Internet BS.

    Send a Tweet to Sundar Pichai at Google if you want to change things. Make him aware of the Hindu smear. Google controls a lot of the Internet. NPR won’t change. They take my tax dollars and use them against me. That’s frustrating. They’re losing listeners daily, mainly because their top “journalists” all have their own Podcasts, which cannibalize NPR listeners.

    Taxpayers should not fund NPR. Everyone in my Indian American extended family is filthy rich and pays a lot in taxes. We don’t need to have NPR s**t all over us and pick up the tab every April 15th. Defund NPR!

  2. I think the problem is that when someone writes a comment sticking up for Hindus, other Hindus delete it. Too much British influence? IBCD — Indian Born Confused Desi. What do you stand for? Nothing but yourself and your narrow view of the world.

  3. One of NPR’s biggest ironies is the notion of Hindu hatred of Muslims. Surely, this does exist, but again, NPR distorts this phenomenon, with misinformation and a lack of perspective. Let me make this clear — NO ONE HATES MUSLIMS MORE THAN THE UNITED STATES AND ISRAEL. This is a fact. The U.S. just finished a campaign in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan that killed at least 7 million Muslims. Yes, the U.S. exterminated more Muslims than the Holocaust. Iraq did absolutely nothing to the U.S. The weapons of mass destruction never existed. I can understand why the U.S. may think Iraq had them, as America sold a stockpile of chemical weapons to Iraq, which they used against Iran. In fact, Iraq killed 4,000 Iranian civilians with chemical weapons supplied by the U.S. in once single attack. (That’s 1000 more people than those who died on 9/11.)

    It is true that there’s friction between Muslims and Hindus in India. It is also true that there was an attempt to stop girls from wearing Muslim clothing in a few schools in Karnataka. NPR wrote a lot about this! “Shame on Islamophobic Hindus!” Putting it in perspective, several nations, including many EU nations, do not let Muslim women wear hijabs anywhere but home. Karnataka never put a policy or law in place. It was a few saffron-headed extremists who didn’t get their way. From what I saw in the videos, it was a few angry boys and the girls were never harmed.

    To say that Hindus hate Muslims is laughable. Compared to the U.S. and Israel, Hindus are touching Muslims’ feet every day.

    That’s what NPR, NYT, WaPo and the other Ashkenazi-led news organizations do — hate Muslims and Hindus. The fact that my tax dollars go to support NPR is sickening. They have their token — black women. That’s the liberal buzzword of today. As long as you say “black women” you can get away with anything else. I think back women have every right to thrive. It’s just that the white liberal simply spouts the narrative-conforming platitudes, spread on social media. NPR, NYT, WaPo, etc. really love black women, because they’re not a threat to their positions and status. Hindus are.

    Lauren Frayer needs to be fired. NPR needs to be defunded.

    If you look at NPR’s market, it’s dwindling. They are getting fewer and fewer listeners as their own personalities cannibalize NPR’s audience with their personal Podcasts. Yes, all of the great NPR hosts are destroying NPR. That’s the greed they’re famous for. NPR hosts are literally biting the hand that fed them. This is karma. Regardless of what we do, NPR will eventually dwindle away into obscurity. Good riddance!

  4. NPR, NYT, and WaPo smear Indians in order to curb immigration to America. One specific article, penned by Frayer and others, contends that Indians practice caste discrimination in the Silicon Valley.


    I’ve worked in the SF Bay Area as a software engineer for the past 20 years. I grew up in America and have a degree from UCLA. I work mostly with first generation Indians. I have never seen or heard one shred of caste discrimination. I have no idea what caste a person is. No one asks. All of the Indians get along and are easy to work with. It’s about half of the white employees who think they’re better than everyone else, even though they lack basic technical skills. They play a sociopathic, white supremacist game to stay aloft in the Silicon Valley, taking credit for Indians’ work and blaming their mistakes on them too. These white people all wash out of the Valley and end up working for the government at half their pay.

    If you want to talk caste in the Silicon Valley, it’s mostly white Ashkenazi at the top, regardless of skill. They don’t believe in merit. They hire based on tribal affiliations. They only hire Indians if they cannot find a white person to do the job, which means they hire a lot of Indians. They always treat Indians as inferiors and consider Hindus and Muslims to share the same values and traditions, because both are brown-skinned. Most Americans believe Indians are some sort of Middle-Eastern, Muslim-type people. The irony is, Muslims are Abrahamic people, affiliated with Christians and Jews. I have nothing against Muslims. My point is, Americans don’t like them, that’s abundantly clear. So they like to lump Indians of all faiths in with Muslims, because they’re lazy, white idiots. All they care about is when the big game’s on, so they can yell at black athletes as they work on their alcoholism and sociopathy skills.

    NPR completely fabricated this story, hiding behind a cloak of anonymity. You can tell it’s false and fabricated. For one, the janeu isn’t worn by most Brahmins anymore, especially in America. So to have co-workers feel his shoulders for a Brahmin thread is absurd, because they would know it’s unlikely for even a Brahmin to wear one.

    Any Indian, either in America or India, who reads this story will instantly know it is false. Even though there is a lawsuit involved, it doesn’t mean that the plaintiff is right. He may very well be a disgruntled tech worker trying to fabricate a case.

    Some of the article is just so bogus, it’s not even funny. Apparently, the team of software engineers even went for a group swim to determine his caste. They wanted to see him shirtless to determine if he’s wearing his Brahmin thread, something which most do not wear anyway. I’ve never, ever heard of a software engineering team going for a group swim. It’s the most absurd article. Software engineers don’t have time for a group swim. We’re doing all the difficult work that the white people cannot do.

    This is one of many. Simply search for “NPR Hindu” or “NPR India” and you will see nothing but a smear. If you look for “NPR Israel” you’ll read stories about how the Israelis are doing so much to help the Palestinians!

    These Ashkenazi-dominated news organizations are smearing Indians because we are taking their jobs. Indians in America are highly successful. We’re the doctors, professors and engineers, displacing many white people, particularly Ashkenazi. Since they control many media outlets, Hollywood and social media, they’re taking advantage of this power to smear Indians.

    Indian billionaires need to invest in American news organizations. India has the best COVID vaccine in the world — the first DNA vaccine — ZyCov-D. India has hypersonic missiles that go 8 times the speed of sound. India’s median income is higher than some European nations, including Russia. You’ll never hear these stories on NPR, WaPo, NYT or the BBC. They will show garbage fires, heat waves, Muslim hatred, and everything bad they can find. Look at how they cover Israel and it’s clear they have an Ashkenazi agenda.

    We need more Indian investment in American media. There are tons of Indian billionaires. Sadly, the ones here, like Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella, side with white supremacy. They are tamasic! Look at YouTube and how it pushes white supremacy, yet Google’s CEO is a Desi.

    We need decent Indians, not tamasic scum, to invest in media here. Stop the smear. Just Google “NPR Hindu” or “NPR India” and the smear is so obvious. You look at how they cover Israel, and they will never mention the atrocities or apartheid. It’s the only apartheid state that the white liberals won’t criticize, because it’s their tribe.


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