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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Media misled Rahul Gandhi, not his data analysts

A serious attempt is being made by the members of the Khan Market Gang that Rahul Gandhi was completely misled into believing that the BJP will lose a large number of seats it won in 2014.  And the culprit is Congress’ data analyst, Praveen Chakravarty, who led Rahul Gandhi up the garden path.

However, weren’t the members of the Gang themselves talking up a potential loss of seats for the BJP?  Please see the thread that follows this tweet:

The tweets give reference to the various articles carried by The Wire, a web-based publication that is owned by the Marxist American, Siddharth Vardarajan, now based in Bharat. He too is a senior member of the KMG, and the readers of the articles would have been seriously misinformed about the situation in Bharat, and could have based their actions on the basis of this fake news industry.

I believe that last year Vardarajan has received a grant of Rs 8 crores from a foundation that has been set up by Azim Premji & others. On the one hand this Marxist raves and rants against the capitalists, but has no shame to go to the same capitalists to get funding for a fake news industry he has set up.

The feature of the Gang is that they will set out what they call a Consensus, and other members of the Gang will then propagate it in whatever publication or TV networks that they have access to.  As an example, please read this article by Saba Naqvi which appeared in DailyO on 17 April, 2019: No, there is no Modi wave. Nor a Hindutva frenzy in UP

Besides what she has said in the title of the article, Naqvi says that the voters will cast their votes on the basis of caste and religion. She says that the Balakot airstrike created only a temporary excitement, and the delivery of the various welfare schemes was debatable. Her analysis of eight Uttar Pradesh seats in the first phase of the elections was that the BJP would win three and the opposition five.

The actual result was that six of the eight seats went to the BJP. Shekhar Gupta confessed that he and his Gang members actually fudged their reports to say that the welfare schemes were not successful, that there was actually significant caste consolidation behind the BJP etc. Post the results, the Gang members said that there was actually a tsunami in favour of the BJP.

To inform their readers that they are so well informed, the KMG had predicted that it will be Nitin Gadkari who will replace Modi as the prime minster; even going to the extent of saying that this is what the RSS wanted. The cynical objective was to create a rift between Modi and Gadkari by floating such rumours.  And this fake news came almost simultaneously in many outlets, where senior members of the Gang have influential positions.

Clearly, the members of the KMG made a deliberate attempt to knowingly tell lies, with the hope that the voters would get confused and vote against the BJP. It is not that they believed that the opposition would provide better governance. It is just that they were trying to protect their fortress in the Khan Market, so that they can continue to indulge in their pre-2014 games of ministry formation, getting government accommodation & sinecures, empanelment on committees where no work is done but payment is received, etc. In all this, there is no thought whether they are even accidentally benefitting the society that is providing them with significant sums of money.

For quite some time it has been clear that it is the KMG that is a bigger threat to the nation than the politicians. With their fake analysis and intellectual gymnastics, they created an image of Bharat that was far from reality. So intense is their propaganda that it can only be resisted by a fiercely independent-minded person with an unshakeably strong conviction in his/her own ideas.  Even when there is such a person, often he/she is intellectually terrorized into not speaking out. The KMG will use their hold on the mainstream media in bullying them into silence. The person is attacked on many fronts and incessantly over a period of time, that ultimately he/she thinks it not worthwhile to speak out.

The arrival of Modi in the centerstage of electoral politics changed the equation for the KMG. They tried to first discredit him as Chief Minister of Gujarat. When this did not succeed, they changed their tack to try and keep him from coming to Delhi. They said, without offering any evidence, that he is a divisive person and that he will destroy what they called the ‘soul of India’.  Yet again, they would not define what this soul consisted of.

But, as is said, you cannot fool all the people all the time. Using social media, the people started speaking about the real mis-governance of UPA2, particularly the very large financial scams in the country. The people also recognized that the KMG were only perfunctorily criticizing the government about their gross misdeeds. The people also saw that many members of the KMG were beneficiaries of largesse of the then government, and that there was no hope that they will really fulfil their expected role of being a watchdog.

Social media enabled the people, individually or in small groups but always on a voluntary basis, to expose the shenanigans of the ‘doyens’ of the KMG. Due to their commitment to the nation, they were relentless in this exposure. Modi, through the BJP,  provided a real and effective alternative to the UPA2.  He created a hope and sincerely spoke about the aspirations of the people of all ages.  So cocooned were the KMG in the incestuous space they had created, that in 2014 they just did not see what was happening at the ground level.

When the 2014 Lok Sabha results hit them flush in the face, instead of of trying to do a sincere analysis of how and why they failed, they tried to create an atmosphere of tension in society by stoking caste and religious divisions. They tried to convince themselves they were succeeding.  But they needed those in electoral politics to take their evil programme forward. Hence the reporting like that in The Wire mentioned in the twitter thread by @Kunthavi5.

The fake narrative by the KMG was gleefully accepted by the expatriate members of the KMG, as well as by the members of the branches of the Gang in Bharat and abroad. Together they tried to make the fakery into a tsunami of misinformation.  And it is due to this tsunami that the alleged data analysts of the Congress party got fooled by the likes of Chakravarty into believing that the negative strategy was working.

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Ashok Chowgule
Working President (External), Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bharat.


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