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Friday, July 19, 2024

Why are left liberals and Islamists after lyricist Manoj Muntashir?

Lyricist Manoj Muntashir alias Manoj Shukla seems to have hit a raw nerve of the Khan Market gang through his candid analysis of the Mughals. As is well-known nothing upsets the Lutyens cabal comprising of Hindu-hating, Abrahamic apologists left-liberal cabal, evangelists, and Islamists than exposing the true face of Islamic invaders in general and the Mughals in particular.

Manoj on Bharatiyas forgetting their ancestors

Manoj on Mughals

What did Manoj say that has got the goat of the entire cabal? In an 11-minute video titled Aap Kiske Vanshaj Hain (whose descendants are you), Manoj starts by emphasizing the point that the nation that forgets its history is bound to find its geography disturbed. He goes on to state that over the years we have abandoned our history and haven’t even bothered to find out what kind of history is being fed to us and with what intentions a particular historical narrative is being pushed in the country for decades.

Manoj goes on to question if we have given space to divisive forces to distort our history in an attempt to peddle their own agenda. He also points out to the extent of brainwashing that our history books have done that we have permitted opportunist politicians to name our streets after Mughals who were simply glorified dacoits.

Manoj’s questions are very valid when he says that we have been taught that Akbar’s rule was an ideal one but not about Ram Rajya. He also points out that Hindus had to pay jizya or face death during Akbar’s reign then how can he be termed as an ideal ruler?

He further asks people to choose their heroes and villains beyond the caste barriers and with extreme caution. He states that a hero is chosen on the basis of his character and we can do so only if we are neutral. Manoj also disses the argument put forward by Islamic apologists that the Mughals settled here and didn’t loot the nation.

He points out that the Mughals are similar to those who capture your house and make you a slave in your own house. He further adds that the concentration camps of the Mughals would’ve put Hitler to shame.

Liberals attack Manoj

No wonder Manoj has rubbed the liberals the wrong way as is apparent from the numerous angry rebuttals thrown his way. The entire liberal gang was up in arms attacking Manoj for what they called was a display of bigotry and casteism.

Neeraj Ghaywan labeled Manoj’s frank analysis as ‘bigotry’.

PC: Twitter

There were others spewing venom at Manoj just because he happened to tell the inconvenient truth. One Hussain Haidry opined that Manoj was spreading lies adding that the government and society had ‘incentivized’ spewing venom against Muslims.


Haidry would do well to know that stating historical facts that Marxist historians had kept away from textbooks to propagate their narrow agenda and push their anti-Hindu narrative doesn’t amount to spewing venom. Also, it is quite surprising how the mere mention of historical facts angers Islamists.

Then there was the expert of distorting facts Devdutt Patnaik who said “Who taught this man history? What will he call the Maratha invasion of Bengal?” Manoj did rebut Patnaik, however, it is well-known that Patnaik himself lacks both understanding of Dharma and knowledge of history.

PC: Manoj Muntashir Twitter

In his rebuttal to Manoj, Dilip Mandal says:

Mughals, or for that matter any ruler, might have done many nasty things. But digging too deep into that history can bring up unforeseen results. Every nation has good and bad historical events. Nation-building has always been a painful process…

…wounds can’t constantly be pricked and reopened for them to heal.

He also goes on to bring in collusion of Hindu kings with Islamic invaders, propaganda of Aryan intrusion (in his words) theory by Ram Mohun Roy & Bal Gangadhar Tilak to make the point that Manoj shouldn’t dig too deep into history. 

He further adds:

Muntashir may argue that the Aryan Invasion theory is not based on facts and that Tilak had erred while writing that the Aryans were inhabitants of the Arctic. But this is not yet a settled issue of history. If he believes that the Mughals were dacoits, then there are other people who believe that Aryans were invaders who plundered India and subjugated the original habitants…

…Indians should forget the bitterness generated by both these ideas. If we want to make India a nation then we must believe that we have something in common in our historical journey and we will do great things together…

…We must not forget that after the Mauryan Empire, it was the Mughals who had a map of their empire that most closely resembles the current Indian map.

The Aryan invasion/migration theory has been conclusively disproved by field archaeologists. Mandal admits that Mughals ‘might’ have done nasty things and then goes on to bring in false equivalence of the the now disproved Aryan theory.

Essentially Mandal’s argument is that Hindus should simply bury the past, hail the Mughals, pretend as if everything has been hunkydory, and not celebrate their ancestors who stood up to Islamic invaders for a false sense of Hindu-Muslim unity. It is this very thought of brushing inconvenient truths under the carpet that cost the nation a chunk of its ancestral land in 1947.

Why Manoj is right

We had earlier highlighted why Mughals aren’t empire builders. Manoj is right when he says Mughals were glorified dacoits. There is ample evidence on record to suggest that the general populace under the Mughals was economically disadvantaged.

A majority of the revenue was appropriated by the Mughal emperors, Mughal armed forces, and their mansabdars thereby leaving very little for public works. How can those who enrich themselves at the cost of their subjects be held as ideal rulers?

Manoj is again right when he points out at the flawed history being taught only because it serves the narrative propaganda of a few leftist historians. We live in the age of information when red lies of the left historians have been laid bare. The cabal may want to continue living like an ostrich with their heads buried in the sand but true history can no longer be distorted just because it would expose the lies perpetrated so far. 

(Featured Image Source: Manoj Muntashir Twitter page)

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