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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Karan Johar: the elitist, Pakophile, nepotist Bollywood movie mogul with a penchant for hiring Hindu haters

In 1998, Karan Johar created a “dream to chase” for Hindu teens with “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”. In a pre-internet society dumbed down by decades of secularism & mainstream media propaganda, and star-struck with Westernized celebs, it was pretty easy for Johar to fool innocent Hindu teens and guide them to a non-existent dream world.

However, with the introduction of social media as a tool for democratizing the discourse and creating awareness, unearthing, and cascading the multiple vices of the Bollywood/Urduwood film industry, Karan Johar stands exposed for the elitist, Islamist-apologist he is. For someone who comes across as a relatively harmless and happy-go-lucky person, Johar seems to harbour a nefarious anti-Hindu and pro-Islamist agenda. He had tried to push this agenda through his movies, albeit softly in the beginning and vehemently in recent years.

Let’s revisit “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” for instance. In this scene, an elderly Hindu woman talking about religiosity has been presented in a demeaning and comical way. Moreover, an 8-year-old Hindu girl ambushes her grandmother while sitting in a religious ceremony and addresses her dadi as “sexy”.

The same 8-year-old sits down to offer namaz when she desires one of her desperate prayers to be answered. Who taught this Hindu girl to wear a hijab? Who taught a Hindu child to read the namaz?

Movie screengrab

This subtle push towards Islamization is a Karan Johar specialization. When the country had not yet recovered from the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks and a string of other Islamic terror bombings, Johar launched his film “My Name is Khan” to portray Muslims as the perennial victims of hate and bigotry.

Johar’s seeming fascination for Islam and dislike for Hindu Dharma is not limited to his movies, it is a part of his personality beyond cinema. He has a history of sharing stage and thoughts with the most radicalized Islamists and giving them employment as well. His love for Pakistani actors, overriding the myriad ways that country harms Bharatiyas, is legion.

Add to all this, his nepotistic and discriminatory behavior towards talent that does not come from Bollywood’s inner circle of star kids, and his elitist sneering down at those who speak Hindi as being ‘down-market’, and you have a pretty nasty piece of work who deserves to be shunned by a self-respecting society.

Hindu-Haters on Karan Johar’s payroll

Netizens have recently discovered one Shreemi Verma, who works as a Development Executive at Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, and exposed her Hindu hatred. After numerous anti-Hindu tweets from Verma’s Twitter handle went viral, she deactivated her profile.

But it was too late as the lady’s bigotry is now clear for all to see. Taking a dig at Hindus, just like the Pulwama suicide bomber Adil Dar, she seems to love the “cow piss drinker” anti-Hindu slur. And despite hundreds of cases of Hindu girls being groomed and/or killed by indoctrinated Muslim youth, she made light of the Love Jihad epidemic. In one of her tweets, Shreemi claims that she is dating a Muslim. This may be a politically incorrect statement to make but more often than not, whenever a Hindu woman in the film industry starts a relationship with a Muslim man she turns into a Hindu-hater in the guise of liberal-secular.

Apart from Shreemi Verma, Johar is guilty of hiring a rabid Islamist Hussain Haidry. Haidry came to the limelight in February 2020 for his infamous tweet, where he asked everyone to keep repeating, “Hindu Terrorist”. Johar has refused to fire this budding jihadi, or disassociated himself from him publicly.

It didn’t take netizens too long to discover that the so-called lyricist suffered from acute Hindu hate and had made nasty comments about the Hindu community multiple times before. In true Islamist fashion, the lyricist of Karan Johar’s upcoming movie Takht believes in and promotes violence through his tweets. Giving tough competition to Hinduphobic bigots like Javed Akhtar and Naseeruddin Shah, Hussain Haidry spews special venom on “upper caste Hindus” – a favorite dog-whistle of Hinduphobes who themselves are soaked in ideas of Ashrafi Muslim purity/supremacy and Mughal-era rule.

Karan Johar with radical Islamists

Does Karan Johar unintentionally employ such people, or does his affinity for Islamist ways draw him towards them? Back in 2010, he shared the stage with fugitive terror-accused Islamic televangelist Zakir Naik. Barkha Dutt hosted the NDTV show, and Muslim figures from Bollywood like Kabir Khan, Sara Ali Khan and Shah Rukh Khan were also present to discuss the image of Indian Muslims and the ‘stereotype’ around them.

Johar spoke about he how was disgusted at ‘Islamophobic’ comments he heard during a dinner in US with some successful people, and this is what inspired him to make ‘My Name Is Khan’. For making this movie, he even visited CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations) to “gain a better understanding of discrimination and harassment against American Muslims after 9/11.”

So to research his movie, Karan Johar met a terror-apologist Islamist organization that has provided a platform to Kashmiri separatists and has been fueling anti-Bharat, anti-Hindu sentiments in USA.


Watching a Karan Johar film translates to funding his anti-Bharat and anti-Hindu impulses. Is a common Bharatiya, a Hindu, ready to part with his hard-earned money to sponsor such Bharat-bashers? The 2022 Hindu is no more the 1998 teen; she/he has awakened.

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  1. Added later: the message that this girl is giving, that Namaz delivers results while her dadi’s Hindu pravachans are mostly useless babble, is put out by Hollywood time and again. To “get real results” you must adopt Islamic worship to the Islamic God Allah. For general tomfoolery, the Hindu Gods are there, you can make fun of them, yell at them, caricature them in every way, no problem. When results are needed, do “sajda” to Allah, and you’ll be through.

    Very very sad and shocking!

  2. Good one from Katyayani as usual. Regarding CAIR, did you know that the 4 Hindu ladies who were racially abused in Texas recently were approached by Hindu orgs to represent/support their case, and the ladies told them to get lost in fairly rude language saying “we don’t want anything to do w/ Hindutva types.” And then these ladies went w/ CAIR to represent their case, and did a presser w/ CAIR! So they didn’t want to have anything to do w/ Hindutva, but were perfectly fine to have everything to do with CAIR! This is the level of self-alienation that large segments of westernised Hindus feel. And Karan Johar is just one example of this. The deep problem is that the entire English language ecosystem in India relies on alienation of Hindus in order to thrive. We must somehow get to the bottom of this.

    And one more point: these ppl on stage, w/ exception of Zakir Naik and madani, have little to do w/ the average Indian muslim. The avg Indian muslim despises them for being mushriks, just as much as he does the Hindu.


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