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Monday, September 27, 2021

In the NYTimes, only white leaders stand out

These countries are all called leaders. I’ve added Iran so you can see how dumb this is.

You could throw a dart at a map and be less wrong

Let me tell you what true leadership is. Zero. Zero people need to die from coronavirus. Every death is a failure of leadership. Vietnam has zero deaths. Taiwan has six. Korea has 250, which they mourn. These are true leaders, and we should praise and learn from them.

Where is Asia?

To be completely honest, it’s not clear that the Editorial Board even knows where Asia is.

What did they miss? (Everything)

If the Editorial Board knew where East Asia was, they would know that it is next to China. By any measure, these countries should have been hammered, but they somehow fought the virus down. The entire region had fewer deaths in total than Europe has every day. To be clear, more people will die today in countries the Time praises than have died total in the countries they omit.

How Germany is a coronavirus failure

Stupid is as stupid does

Western countries wasted valuable time computer modeling white people and debating various outcomes when the best practices were clear from the beginning. If they had just followed Asian leadership they could have saved themselves.

(This article was first published on indica.medium.com on May 4, 2020 and has been reproduced here.)

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