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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Hindus surreptitiously served carabeef during Sufi Urs feast, but see how media reports

An FIR has been lodged in Mahoba district of Uttar Pradesh against 43 (or 23 as per some reports) Muslims for serving buffalo meat (carabeef) biryani to Hindu villagers, who believed they were being served vegetarian food.

The occasion was a community feast organised in Salat village for Urs (death anniversary of a Sufi saint) of one Sheikh Peer Baba – the feast is apparently organised once every 6 years and is attended by upto 10000 people from nearby 13 villages. Hindus are an overwhelming majority in the area, and some even donate for this Urs feast.

As per this eyewitness testimony of one of the Hindu villagers – “Hindus were eating puri-sabzi when suddenly biryani was also distributed and several people had it not knowing it contained meat. After one day, a panchayat was called and it was decided that organizers would be fined Rs. 50,000 (for serving the buffalo meat biryani) so affected people could do shuddhikaran via a Ganga-bath.”

Not satisfied, some villagers approached the local MLA, who helped them lodge an FIR on the matter.

Now, the entire mainstream media is reporting this issue as a trivial one, doubting the fact that buffalo meat biryani was even served, and making the BJP MLA Brijbhushan Rajpoot as the villain of the piece for ‘instigating’ villagers.

Why is it that allegations of Hindu religious sentiments being hurt are taken so lightly by latte-sipping Hindu (in name only) liberal elite, while they walk on eggshells whenever a Muslim claims his religious sentiments are offended? And where the elites lead, our establishment follows.

If you have any doubt that these double standards exist, just compare the prompt action by our police & courts against Richa Bharti and Sunny Gupta for relatively innocuous comments on Hindu-Muslim relations, versus how the the same system is dragging its feet and showing extreme leniency to Muslim author Ashi Kalim who used gutter-level language while abusing Hindu Gods & Goddesses.

But this brings us to another important point – why were these Hindu villagers celebrating a Muslim festival linked to a Sufi saint, and even contributing money towards it?

Even if one can dig out some rare example of Muslims, especially when they are in majority, joining Hindus to celebrate Hindus festivals and accepting prasad, the fact remains that Islam is an exclusivist religion which claims that all non-Muslims are destined to suffer in hell for eternity. On the other hand, Hindu Dharma says that if you generate good karma with right actions, and purify your mind by conquering your senses, you will eventually attain moksha, irrespective of whether you are Hindu, Maori, Shinto etc.

Brought up in a tradition which respects diversity of cultures and spiritual paths, many Hindus harbor delusions about the true nature of fundamentalist Islam & Christianity. Culture of Hindus worshipping at Sufi dargahs is widespread, and we even have staggering cases like Hindus flocking to the tomb of Syed Salar Masud, a Ghaznavid Ghazi (Islamic jihadi who slays infidels and break ‘idols’ to pieces) who was defeated & killed at the Battle of Bharaich by Raja Suhel Dev Passi, but retrospectively glorified by the Islamic rulers.

Many naive Hindus still believe Sufis were well wishers of Hindus and were upholders of Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb. The fact is that Sufis, at their best, were merely the good cop to the bad cop of the barbaric Muslim invading armies. This 3-part series on how Sufis Islamized Bharat should be mandatory reading for every Hindu.

We need a new breed of knowledgable and passionate Hindu Dharmic preachers, grounded in scripture,  who can educate masses on essentials of Dharma, weed out undesirable practises and pull people out of ignorance.

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