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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Hyderabad’s Hinduphobic Instagram content creators say Bhagwan Shiva castrated Himself, remove videos post outrage

Instagram has been giving a free pass to Hinduphobic content creators. Recently, a viral video on Social Media (SM) by two Hyderabad-based Instagrammers had extremely objectionable content insulting Bhagwan Shiva. The content was posted in the Instagram account where the two were seen saying that Bhagwan Mahadev castrated Himself and added that people shouldn’t get offended with their video.

However, the comments were so offensive and Hinduphobic that many demanded action be taken against the two for insulting Hindu Dharma. The two have been identified as Hyderabad residents Kruthika Gowra and Chitin by BJP MLA Tiger Raja Singh who put out a video on Twitter asking Hyderabad police to initiate action against the two for insulting Hindu deities.

In his video, the MLA said that the two have used extremely offensive language for Hindu Bhagwan Shankar, Brahma Dev, and Devi Saraswati. Singh has also asked Hindus across the country to come forward and register a complaint against both of them with the police. The MLA appealed to the Telangana and Hyderabad police to arrest both Chitin and Kruthika at the earliest while pointing out that the state police have run several illegal cases against him.

In his video, Singh has further stated that insult of Hindu deities wouldn’t be tolerated and has given the police 24 hours to take the two into custody. The BJP MLA has demanded that the two be brought before the media before sending them to jail. He has pointed out how Hinduphobia is being normalized since Hindus are tolerant.

An OpIndia article quotes Youek’s apology:

Since then, the Instagram content creators have issued an apology over the matter. In an Instagram Story, they said, “A three-part video posted since April in installments titled “Hinduism & Humans” suddenly provoked a lot of adverse reactions in the last 24 hours. This was despite our repeated disclaimer that our video was not made with the intention to offend anyone.”

The content creators further added in a separate story, “We have therefore decided to take down the entire three-part video permanently. We sincerely apologise to anyone we have unintentionally offended with the video. We request you to accept our apology and tag all the concerned parties.”

It has now become fashionable to put out such extremely Hinduphobic content and issue an apology stating that there was no “intention to hurt” when there is an outrage. Hindumisic OTT content and woke culture are the root cause of making Hinduphobia fashionable and ‘cool’ among Hind youths.

HinduPost had earlier addressed the issue of woke culture which has been imported lock, stock, and barrel from the West:

Bharatiyas continue to remain in awe of Ivy league American ideas that are far removed from Bharat’s culture. The breeding grounds of the woke leftist cancel culture are university campuses like JNU which needs to be dealt strictly. Part of the problem also lies with parenting where guilt culture as parents are unable to spend time with children or western influence or both are allowing parents to give too much leeway to children.

A two-pronged approach needs to be adopted to get rid of wokeness which is causing more harm than good.

    1. Revamp the education system to get rid of leftist falsehoods
    2. Parenting rooted in Dharmic values

SM platforms such as Instagram are the breeding grounds of such wokeness in the name of modernity and are guilty of promoting Hinduphobia among the youth. The platform as well as the content creators must be brought to book for hurting Hindu religious sentiments and cannot be allowed to get away with saying hurt caused was “unintentional”.

(Featured Image Source: OpIndia)

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