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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Eros Now makes perverted posts on Navratri

Eros Now, an Indian OTT entertainment platform, shocked Hindus with a series of disgusting, double-meaning posts masquerading as Navratri ‘wishes’.

The offensive posts, which have now been deleted from Twitter, consist of 3 images – one showing actress Katrina Kaif clad in a revealing, water-soaked sari saying “Do you want to put the ‘ratri’ in my Navratri?”; another showing actor Salman Khan with the quote “You need a dandi to play dandiya – I have one.”; and the third which the @ErosNow official verified handle posted with the text ‘Be naughty, sweet toh mithai bhi hai’ shows actor Ranveer Kapoor with the quote “Let’s have some majama in my pajama.”

ErosNow was launched in 2012 and its parent company is Eros STX Global Corporation (earlier Eros International Plc). Kishore Lulla is Executive Co-Chairman of the parent company, while Ali Hussein is CEO, Eros Now and Ridhima Lulla is Chief Content Officer, Eros Now.

Netizens contrasted the vulgar, lascivious posts on Navratri with the respectful, pious posts on Eid – an abiding feature of the behaviour of Indian elites and liberals who feel it is their birthright to ridicule and caricature Hindus while maintaining extreme deference to globally hegemonic Abrahamic religions.

Many were trending the hashtag #BoycottErosNow.

It is indicative of how far Hindus have fallen that a beautiful festival which celebrates the feminine divine by worshipping 9 forms of Maa on 9 nights through Aarti, dance and worship, has been allowed to be dragged down by non-Hindus (including yuppies & libtards with Hindu-sounding names) as an opportunity to peddle soft-porn and crack sex jokes. The role played by Bollywood in this caricaturing of Hindu Dharma is clear as daylight.

Mainstream media and many digital outlets were busy covering up for Eros Now, with reports on this matter subtly projecting Hindu protests as an over-reaction by implying there was nothing wrong with Eros Now’s posts through use of scare quotes around terms like ‘vulgar’, or somehow downplaying the clearly anti-Hindu nature of the posts.

Navratri – yet another festival targeted by Hinduphobes

All Hindu festivals are targeted for some reason or the other by Hinduphobes – Diwali for causing air & noise pollution, Holi for wasting water and enabling sexual harassment, Ganesh Chaturthi for causing water & noise pollution, and Navratri is slandered as an excuse for sexual degeneracy.

In 2018, LoveRatri – a film produced by Salman Khan – faced opposition from Hindu groups like VHP who criticized it for its distorted take on the Navratri festival. A Bihar court ordered an FIR to be lodged against the film’s makers, saying the title hurts religious sentiments and promotes vulgarity. Salman Khan rushed to Supreme Court alleging ‘threats’, managed to get a same day-hearing with CJI Dipak Misra, and the apex court gave the film blanket protection – hurt Hindu sentiments and equal application of law were brazenly ignored.

The traditional dance form of Garba practised during Navratri, where both men and women dance in concentric circles signifying the cyclical Hindu view of time around a centrally lit lamp or murti of the Devi which symbolizes the Garbha (womb) of creation, has become Bollywood-ised and commercialised in certain urban pockets. This has been picked up by Hindu-haters to present Garba as some kind of organized sexual orgy, in order to demean and ridicule Hindu Dharma as being immoral and perverse. Cue, the mainstream media stories about teenage abortions and increased condom sales after every Garba season.

Media slandering Hindu festival of Navratri

This has also emboldened Hinduphobes like Kashmiri Muslim Raheel Khursheed (a former senior official at Twitter India) to crack sabudana (a permitted food during Navratri fasting) flavored condom jokes around Navratri time.

Ironically, while Navratri is distorted and mocked by HINOS and anti-Hindus in this manner, another common form of attack on Hindus deployed during Navratri is projecting Hindu males as rapists who transform into Devi worshippers for 9 days of Navratri.

Deepika Singh Rajawat, best known for milking the Kathua rape case for furthering her career, recently shared another perverted image depicting a Hindu man touching the feet of a female deity during Navratri, and later the same man holding both legs of a woman as if about to rape her on the rest of the days.

Protests – are online boycott calls enough?

Some of those who voiced their strong opposition to Eros Now’s disgusting posts were Shri Radharamn Das (Vice President & Spokesperson ISKCON Kolkata), Arun Yadav (BJP Haryana IT & Social Media Head), Hindu activist Ramesh Solanki, IPS Arun Bothra and many-many ordinary Hindus who have awoken to such anti-Hindu bigotry hiding in plain sight.

Eros Now has trotted out an apology of sorts – apologising for ‘having offended anyone’s sentiments’, light years away from the unqualified apology to Hindu society that their perverted tweets deserve – and deleted the tweets.

This is not enough – far from it. A mere boycott is the least we should do.

Hindus have to ensure that those behind the hideous posts are named, fired, and legally prosecuted. Those who ride roughshod over Hindu beliefs and sentiments must be made to pay – legally, financially, socially and in every other way possible.

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