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Monday, May 20, 2024

Educated yet illiterate columnists taunt Bharat and Hindus

Many Bharatiya columnists writing in English language newspapers can be called ‘educated illiterates’. Most of them do not try to analyse the background of the subject about which they opt to pontificate. Nor do they use the available data in public domain while writing their inane columns. Examples of their illiteracy are many and varied. 

Recently there has been a raucous cheering about the economy of Bangladesh growing faster than Bharat’s economy. Taking cue from the writings of some self-styled intellectual columnists, Rahul Gandhi took potshots at PM Narendra Modi by using the columns of such ‘educated illiterates’ and berated Bharat.

It is amazing that none of the ‘educated illiterate intellectuals’ took care to analyse and recount the  impact of the forced outmigration of Bangladeshis into Bharat. The first phase of  the outmigration was caused by the ethnic cleansing of Hindus by Islamic zealots – better call them Jihadi warriors of Islam. It resulted in the escaping into Bharat of nearly  two crore Hindus for seeking sheer survival. Of course many poorest of the poor hoi polloi, the Namsudras, were unable to escape the Jihadi wrath and forced to embrace Islam or die.

Apparently the cheer leaders of  the upswing in Bangla economy, the educated Illiterates, are ignoramuses, or they  deliberately ignored the massive infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims into Bharat – also of the millions of survival seeking Hindus, as well. On a rough count the number of Bangladeshi infiltrators and their progeny presently living in Bharat is estimated to be around five crores. The present  population of Bangladesh is less than 16.5 crores.

If more than five crore Bangladeshis, both Muslims and Hindus, had not been allowed/forced to enter Bharat, the population of that country would have been more than 22 crores. That gives us a clue to the much celebrated miracle of Bangladesh’s economy by the tribe of educated illiterates peddling false news.

The population of Bharat is near about 138 crores, including five crore Bangladeshi infiltrators who can be seen spread all over the country, from West Bengal, Assam, Bihar and U.P. and further right into Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. The educated illiterate columnists cannot be ignorant of their massive presence  across Bharat – unless they are purblind too. Or unless they happen to be devout followers of the Quranic doctrine of Taqiyah, or Deception, adopted by some so-called Hindus.

I take this opportunity to tell our educated illiterate friends that on August 4, 1991, the banner headline of Bangladesh’s premier English newspaper Morning Sun was One Crore People Missing?” It highlighted that there was a shortfall to the tune of one crore citizens across Bangladesh. Could there be  a more convincing proof of the massive influx of Bangladeshis into Bharat? Still there is a lurking possibility that our educated illiterate intellectuals and columnists will refuse to accept the truth. Because truth is an anathema for them. Their commitment to political correctness does not allow them to speak or write truth.

In an article titled “Space Invaders” published 15 years ago in The Hindustan Times in February 2005, it was highlighted by Bibhuti Bhusan Nandi (a retired RAW officer), that according to  the population analysis made by Sarifa Begum, a demographer of the Bangladesh Institute  of  Development Studies, Dhaka, the 1991 census figures of Bangladesh revealed that there was a shortfall of nearly ten million people in the total population of that country.  

Mind you, Sarifa Begum was a Muslim demographer, not a Christian, nor a Hindu. But she was a truthful demographer. According to her research the number of out-migrated Bangladeshis till 1991 was nearly 19 millions, or 1.9 crores to which must be added another two million, or twenty lakh citizens mostly disappearing from the districts bordering Bharat and whose names were deleted from electoral rolls. They had disappeared from the districts bordering Bharat. These millions of men and women could not have migrated to Australia or Timbuctoo.

Our educated illiterate columnists have been ignoring the research-based findings of Bangla census data made by Sarifa Begum who boldly admitted that between 1981 and 1991 nearly 14 million to 15 million Bangla citizens had entered Bharat. She further elaborated that 3.5 million citizens of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) had disappeared between 1951 and 1961 into Bharat, while nearly 1.5 million had possibly out-migrated to Bharat from East Pakistan. 

In December 1998, the then Governor of Assam, Lt. General S.K. Sinha, had sent a 42-page note to the then President of Bharat, about the menacing problem created by Bangla infiltration. He specifically highlighted that this demographic invasion was creating widespread socio-economic unrest, apart from posing grave danger to the security of Bharat.

Later on his successor, Lt. General Ajai Singh had reported to the Government of Bharat in the year 2006 that every day nearly 6,000 Bangladeshi Muslims were infiltrating into Assam. That meant arrival of nearly 22 lakh infiltrators every year.  But the Congress-led Bharatiya government did nothing. No one knows why.

Incidentally, a sealed affidavit filed in Delhi High Court by the Delhi Police in 2002 confirmed the number of Bangladeshi infiltrators in the national capital. Their numbers in Mumbai, Kolkata (then Calcutta) and Bihar was reported to be much higher. Many infiltrators had allegedly travelled to as far as Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. They lived in Jhuggi clusters and worked on measly pay in small-time jobs like garbage collectors or rickshaw pullers. 

Interestingly, it was admitted in the Working Group on Border Management appointed by the government and chaired by  Madhav Godbole, the then Home Secretary of Bharat, in the year 2005 (15 years ago)  that  already there were at least 1.5 crore Bangladeshis in Bharat and that at least 3 lakh infiltrators were entering Bharat every year.

Even the Marxist Chief Minister of West Bengal, Buddhadev Bhattacharjee, confessed during a BSF seminar on June 23, 2005, that the demography of West Bengal was changing fast due to growing influx from Bangladesh and the infiltrators were spreading Islamic fundamentalism in that State.

Even the Sonia Gandhi-Manmohan Singh appointed Governor of West Bengal, Gopalkrishna Gandhi, warned that the relentless Bangladeshi infiltration was a ticking time bomb. Please note that earlier, the Marxists had persistently denied the problem of infiltration. 

The present population of Bangladesh is approximately 16.5 crores. But if there was no outmigration into Bharat, its population today would have been nearly 22 crores. Common sense says that this reduction of over five crore population is the real reason for the economic upswing of Bangladesh.

On the other hand, now Bharat has a huge population of nearly 138 crores. It has a component of five crore Bangladeshi infiltrators. The foregoing analysis shows how and why many Bharatiya columnists are ‘educated illiterates’. They cannot use even the simple data available in public domain.  

On a rough count, Bangladesh has managed to reduce its  population burden by nearly five to six crores during the last thirty-forty years, while  Bharat’s economic prosperity received a corresponding setback.

So that is the true background of the boom seen in the economy of Bangladesh about which wonky pronouncements are being made from the media bandstands captured by the educated illiterates of Bharat. Many of them are admirers of  scion of the Gandhi dynasty.          

There is much more to supplement the foregoing narrative of ‘educated illiterates’. On 15 October, 2020, Ratan Tata’s prestigious company Titan Industries published an advertisement which showed a pregnant Hindu lady married to a Muslim being escorted by Muslim mother-in-law for the baby shower ceremony. The Hindu girl asks her mother-in-law “but this ceremony is not held in your home” to which the latter replied, “isn’t it a tradition to keep daughters happy everywhere”?  

The company and the advertising agency claimed that the intent of the advertisement was to promote cultural unity, or what they called “ekatvam” between the two communities – a somewhat questionable mission.

Is it the duty of corporate honchos or advertising agencies to promote the so called cultural unity by propagating inter-religious marriages depicting that only Hindu girls are opting to marry Muslims boys? Can they ever dare to show a Muslim girl marrying a Hindu boy without provoking multiple communal riots across the country by the Muslims? Why must the ‘educated illiterates’ always use the Hindu community as a punching bag? 

It is well known that Muslims do not want, nor ever allow any Muslim girl to marry a Hindu. If a Muslim girl was shown to have become pregnant by marrying a Hindu, Ratan Tata and the owner of the advertising agency would have received the fiery threat of being beheaded.

The dumb column-writers have just to look at the recent grisly murder in Paris of teacher Samuel Paty by a Chechen Jihadi.  By the same token, an Indian Muslim militant could as well threaten to behead the owner of the advertising agency of Tanishq, or a member of the Tata family. But educated illiterate scribes are incapable of learning even the elementary threats posed by the Islamic warriors worldwide. Most of the educated illiterates are like Bourbons of France of whom it was famously said that “they could learn nothing, unlearn little”.  

To put it mildly, the Tanishq advertisement was an appallingly provocative enterprise, especially in this era of ‘love jihad’ which is  now a stark reality across Bharat despite refusal to acknowledge its epidemic-like spread all over Bharat by the tribe of  naysayers, most of whom are purblind Hindu “educated illiterates”.   

The Hindu-Muslim divide is a fact of our tormented history of 1000 years long strife. The Hindu submissiveness and Muslim aggression have been an unforgettable eerie chapter of  Hindu history during which  thousands of cities and temples were plundered and destroyed and hapless captive women sold in the bazaars of Ghazni, Kabul and Baghdad.

The communally effusive corporates and advertising agencies trying to push their mission ‘ekatvam’ must remember that historical truth. Can the barbaric wounds of 1000 long history be ignored by our society in response to the antics of  the cheer leaders of the ‘mission  ektavam’ ? 

Yet another falsehood-packed operational area of the educated illiterates is denying the reality of ‘Love Jihad’ or grooming for sex/conversion, a campaign which is being vigorously  pushed  by Muslims across Bharat. The tsunami of love jihad against the majority community by indoctrinated Muslim youth who groom and convert Hindu girls to Islam can be ignored only at the cost of endangering  national security. The maverick column-writers deliberately ignore the following facts : 

1. Tara Shahdeo, a prominent national level shooter of Jharkhand came out with her complaint that a Muslim named Raqibul Hussain had deceived her into marriage by pretending that he was a Hindu /Sikh having his name as Ranjit Kohli. The poor girl even showed the injuries inflicted on her by the Muslim tormentor and his mother to Mahua Majhi, Chairperson of the State Women’s Commission. Her complaint is a rebuttal of the canard spread by educated illiterates that no ‘love jihad’ campaign has been launched by Islamists of Bharat. 

2. In a truthful article posted on the website of UdayIndia, a frank Muslim scholar, Wazid Ali, had given startling facts based on the research of the Crime Record Bureau of Kerala Police and Kochi University of Advanced Law Studies. Their survey had revealed the number of girls found missing from Kerala was nearly 2,127 in 2007 and 2530 in 2008. The police were reported to have stated that they had no information or clue about 600 out of the 4,657 missing girls.

3. OpIndia website published a long list of cases of love jihad reported from U.P. and Haryana. At least twenty cases were from U.P., mostly from Kanpur city. Representatives of several Hindu groups met the IG Police of Kanpur, Mohit Agarwal who ordered that an SIT team should investigate all such cases. The team formed by IG, Kanpur, will also probe the role of Islamic organisations like PFI and ex-SIMI activists in financing the love jihad racket in Kanpur.

4. On November 6, 2018, the HinduPost had published a detailed article enumerating nearly 50 instances of love jihad reported across Bharat.

But the Tanishq-infatuated educated illiterates just  ignored the revelations available in public domain which are bound to increase the fast growing socio-religious tensions. Love jihad is a global phenomenon, initially launched by Muslim fundamentalists in 18th century in Egypt where at initial stages the targeted Christian girls used to be taken in a procession along with their love-jihadis in the streets of Cairo and other cities. The Coptic Bishop Shenouda III had objected to this insulting religious practice of Muslim supremacists which was given up thereafter. Now it is a global pandemic aimed at increasing Muslim population across several continents and countries. 

In November, 2009, the Christian Solidarity International based in the USA and Coptic Foundation for Human Rights operating from Zurich (Switzerland) had published and circulated a very insightful report titled, “the Disappearance, Forced Conversations, and Forced Marriages of Coptic Christian Women in Egypt” which highlighted the dangers posed by love jihad to our slumbering humanity.

It is time we stopped paying attention to our ‘educated illiterate’ columnists and woke up to the real challenges facing the nation.

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Ram Kumar Ohri
Ram Kumar Ohri
IPS ( Retd I.G./Arunachal Pradesh) Shri R.K.Ohri, is a retired IPS officer who was Inspector General of Police in Arunachal Pradesh. He has taught in Internal Security Academy of CRPF and in Bureau of Police Research and Development. He was also Secretary of Association of Retired IPS officers. He has authored several books including 'The Bell Tolls, Tomorrows Truncated India'.


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