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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Dissecting New York Times’s Hindu-hatred and the global left-Islamist anti-Hindu cabal

A few Westerners who appreciate Hindu Dharma for what it really is have now started raising their voices against rampant Hinduphopbia in the West. One such articulate voice is Jonathan West, an American and ex-US Marine who through his life experiences gradually moved away from organized Abrahamic religions and discovered the enlightening and liberating power of Vedic, Shamanic and other native traditions.

Through his twitter handle @MycoJonathan, he has created many threads on the propaganda war against Bharat, Hindus and Hindu Dharma. One such thread dissects the anti-Hindu propaganda of the leading left-liberal & pro-Democrat American newspaper New York Times. We reproduce the thread below with some minor edits and additional comments:

Reading The New York Times’ endless stream of propaganda and hate for Hindus/ Bharat, I put together a list of who Jeffery Gettleman, South Asia bureau chief for the New York Times retweets, and who shares his biased bigoted articles against Bharat.

It’s not hard to see the global leftist/ Islamist network helping spread propaganda against Bharat.

  • Saket Gokhale- an “anti-fascist” and close associate of Rahul Gandhi
  • Shashi Tharoor
  • Rashmee Kumar, managing editor of Pierre Omidyar’s The Intercept (billionaire liberal ‘philanthropist’ Pierre Omidyar also funds the rabidly anti-Hindu news website
  • Antolín Issa, journalist at The Guardian, fellow at Middle East Institute
  • Ching-Ching Ni, Editor-in-chief of New York Times’ Chinese language website that translates Gettleman’s work to Chinese for the Chin ese news market
  • Commonwealth Human Right Initiative (CHRI) (New Delhi based NGO headed by Sanjoy Hazarika)
  • CPR India (leading left-liberal Delhi-based think tank which receives grants from Western organisations like IFPRI, IDRC, Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, Omidyar Foundation etc. and is currently headed by Yamini Aiyar, daughter of veteran Congressi Mani Shankar Aiyar)
  • Indian American Muslim Council
  • Karan Deep Singh, New York Times reporter covering “South Asian”
  • Syed Asrar, an independent blogger from Kashmir
  • Jinee Lokaneeta, a professor of Political Science at Drew University
  • Hina Alam, reporter and editor at Canadian Press News
  • Aakask Hassan, an independent journalist Kashmir
  • Saeed Shah, reporter for the Wall Street Journal based in Pakistan
  • Shaik Ubaid, founder of Coalition Against Genocide and cofounder of Muslim Peace Coalition
  • Red Lantern Analytica, an international affairs group in Delhi, part of AVC Bhagidari, a Delhi research & policy consulting firm
  • IDFC Institute, a research/ political “think tank” in Mumbai
  • Shivam Vij (leading anti-Hindu voice in Lutyens’ Delhi, contributing editor at Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint and member of the blog
  • Sadanand Dhume, columnist at The Wall Street Journal
  • Tony Joseph (Delhi-based journalist and author, known for Hindu-bashing articles and a staunch proponent of the controversial Aryan Invasion/Migration Theory)
  • Mikko Takkunen, photo editor at the New York Times stationed in Hong Kong.
  • Gowhar Geelani, author of Kashmir: Rage and Reason, Kashmiri journalist who has pushed “opinion” pieces in BBC World, DW News, Telegraph, The Telegraph India, Dawn, DW Deutsche Welle, Scroll.
  • Ahmer Khan, a journalist based out of South Delhi
  • Prasanto Kumar Roy of St. Stephens College (technology commentator for NDTV, CNBC, CNN-IBN, Headlines Today etc)
  • Salman Masood, Pakistan correspondent for the New York Times
  • Mujib Mashal, New York Times senior correspondent from Afghanistan who has now become “South Asia” correspondent based in Delhi

In all of this, you will notice one thing missing- a voice to represent the majority centrist (they call it RW) Hindu population of Bharat. This is biased anti-Hindu reporting supported by the left liberals, Democrats & left media in American as they cater to their leftist/ Islamists.

The only positive reporting for Bharat from Jeffery Gettleman is Kamala Harris who has nothing to do with Bharat beyond a mother born in Bharat. Jeffery Gettleman has got such a colonialist bigoted attitude towards Bharat/ Hindus that he used Arundhati Roy, a known Hindu hater, as a reference.

Kamala is no more Hindu than Imran Khan, but the Democrats think they can hoodwink Hindu-Americans into voting for their bigoted, biased, racist Democratic Party which has done nothing but spread propaganda against Bharat/ Hindus.

Of interest, the latest developments out of the Middle East show a split in the Islamic world. One group consists of those supporting global Islamism, Jihad and working with groups like the Muslim Brotherhood & other known terrorism supporters.

United Arab Emirates & Israel with the United States through the Republican Party are supporting peace between religions and nations. Standing against peace between religions and nations are the countries the US Democrats support like Qatar, Turkey, Pakistan, Hamas (Palestine).

If you’ve been watching Bharat & western nations, you’ve seen the propaganda war being waged against Bharat/ Hindus and the rise in separatism and Islamism within Bharat causing chaos and rioting in the country.

The US Democrats stand with the Islamists trying to break Bharat. The US Left has a Socialist/ Marxist movement combined with Islamists. Same Red/ Green axis that plagues Bharat and most western nations including Canada, Australia and Europe. It represents the worst of Islam (those standing against the UAE) and the growing push for Socialism/ Marxism.

To you liberals/ leftist, who left media convinced through four straight years of propaganda that Trump is the cause of everything bad, he’s not. Step out of your bubble and re-evaluate what’s happening. You’re not going to like the direction Democrats are trying to take our country.

To you Indian-Americans of Hindu faith who consider yourself liberal so voting for Democrats, the Democrats are working with their left media partners and waging a propaganda war against Bharat, Hindus and Hindu Dharma. Unless you are one of those Indians who hates Bharat, Wake up!

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