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Monday, March 20, 2023

Digital colonization: Google’s new infowar tool, ‘pre-bunking’ about to be launched in Bharat

Google to expand its “Disinformation” campaign with a new scheme called “Pre-bunking”. Campaign is expected to be launched in Germany and Bharat after it gained success in suppressing Anti-Ukraine narrative for a pilot project in East Europe.

So, What is pre-Bunking?

Let’s understand Google’s definition of Pre-Bunking.

Google says Pre-bunking is similar to debunking. Where debunking is exposing a claim as false after the news has released. Pre-bunking will teach individuals to spot false claims even before encountering them.

How Google plans to implement Pre-bunking?

Tech giant aims to release short videos on social media which will highlight the techniques they believe are commonly used to spread misinformation.

Emotional appeals, division tactic and eroding distrust toward government etc.

Any successful Pilots?

Google launched its largest test of Pre-bunking theory via video campaign in Poland, Czech & Slovakia. Researchers found that compared to people who hadn’t seen video, those who did watch were more likely to believe Big tech’s version of Truth.

Why Pre-bunking videos are successful in changing opinion?

Use of traditional PSYOPs tricks-

• Person sharing disinformation is shown as unsure and under confident.
• Upon sharing opinion he is dealt with an aggressive counter and is outnumbered.
• Dismissed as stupid.

Where will Google show these videos?

The short videos and photos will be shown across all platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, websites, etc., under standard advertising slot.

Pre-bunking will become a goto method for dispelling disinformation in future.

How do academic experts working on Pre-bunking justify it?

“You can think of misinformation as a virus,” says Sander Linden, a University of Cambridge professor, “It spreads. It lingers. It can make people act in certain ways.” Compared prebunking to vaccine!

What are the challenges of Pre-bunking?

Fortunately effects of the videos wears off fast, requiring google to make use of periodic “booster” videos.

Also just like a vaccine, it’s not 100% effective for everyone. Effects differ from sheeps to conspiracy theorists.

What is the fundamental aspect of Pre-bunking ?

The source of information. Google will warn viewers against trusting information and news from organisations, news portals, individuals, influencers, etc. which it deems as ill reputed.

Then who decides what is correct source of information?

Google’s in-house internet threat research arm : Jigsaw. They have employed top people to mastermind this plan. Jigsaw already ran various tests for US audience focussed on Covid vaccines.

What is Jigsaw’s background?

Jigsaw describes itself as a countering “Threats to Open Societies” a term most commonly associated with meddling financier George Soros’s Open Society Foundation.

Similarly Jigsaw is also left and “Liberal” in its ideology.

Who are past leaders of Jigsaw?

Jigsaw’s first CEO, Jared Cohen was an aide to Hilary Clinton at the U.S. State Department.

John is an advocate of using Technology to advance US interests abroad, including engaging in regime change operations.

Can Pre-Bunking be termed as Censorship?

Officially no. US was severely criticised for trying to introduce disinformation board last year.Pre-bunking is a way smarter strategy of “attitudinal inoculation,” aiming to brainwash people on whom to trust and whom not.

Who benefits from Pre-bunking?

U.S. Department of Homeland Security partners with multiple tech firms – including Google, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Microsoft, LinkedIn to target “inaccurate information.”

All tech companies serve US interest but have global audience.

What topics are most censored by US tech giants?

• The Origins of [COVID]19 pandemic.
• Efficacy of [COVID]19 vaccines.
• US withdrawal from Afghanistan.
• The nature of US support to Ukraine.

And many more.

Should U.S. and Jigsaw defined “disinformation” be trusted?

Recently new the twitter CEO Elon Musk revealed series of files showing how under the previous twitter management, platform censored “legitimate information” on behalf of White House and US Intelligence agencies.

Google might call “pre-bunking” a way of stopping ‘misinformation’ before it spreads. But if you look closely it’s clearly an indoctrination program designed to repeatedly brainwash people into only believing big tech, great Elites and White House.

Now Pre-Bunking program by Google is going to be implemented in Germany soon and plans are also in motion to initiate it in Bharat.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread originally tweeted by The Poll Lady (@ThePollLady) on February 16, 2023.)

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