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Friday, July 19, 2024

Did you know of cricketer Rakesh Pawar, murdered by a Muslim father-son duo in Mumbai?

Rakesh Ambadas Pawar was yet another Hindu who died an anonymous, brutal death in the country where Hindu majoritarianism is allegedly at its peak right now.

Exactly a month ago, 34-year-old Pawar, a cricketer and coach, was hacked to death at a petrol pump at Bhandup, Mumbai. The accused were identified as Sohail Khan, his father, Asif Khan, and an associate.

Pawar coached children and played cricket and lawn tennis for corporate offices. He is survived by his wife and two young kids.

Cricketer Ramesh Pawar (Credit: Mid-Day)

According to the police, Pawar was attacked on the head with a sharp chopper following a heated exchange of words with the accused. Last year, Sohail Khan had rammed his bike into Pawar’s brother, Ravi, which resulted in Ravi sustaining fractures to his leg. Ravi said Sohail was also involved in doing drugs. Ravi claimed Khan has always been violent towards his family. Neighbours said that Khan used to sell drugs to children, which irked Rakesh.

Radha Khanagare, who lives in the same Ambewadi chawl where Rakesh resided, said that when Rakesh left for the petrol pump at night, Khan followed him. “My niece saw him carrying a chopper,” she added.

“Sohail, a drug addict, supplied drugs to kids for free and once they got addicted, he would charge heavily. Rakesh did not like this and got into an argument with Khan. During the fight, Rakesh slapped Khan,” said Radha.

Media double standards

Normally, our media doesn’t tire of lecturing us about citizen apathy and how people just stand as mute witnesses when crimes happen around them. In this instance, an honest, upright man tried to intervene to stop a drug peddler from addicting children – but when he was brutally hacked to death by that same criminal & his father, the media did not find it relevant to highlight this crime and left it buried on inside pages of their local editions?

Would the media coverage of this murder have been the same if the victim was a Muslim and his assailant Hindu?

A similar incident occurred in 2014 when local Shiv Sena leader Ramesh Baban Jadhav was murdered in his own home by a group of men – Gullu Ali Mohammad Sajida (45), Yusuf Sajida (25), Sohail Ansari (25), Imran Kazi and a minor. Jadhav had intervened in a fight the accused had picked up with a woman neighbour Daya Trivedi on the eve of Diwali, after which the Muslim family barged into his house and stabbed him to death in front of his 2-year-old daughter. Another good samaritan put to death for merely trying to broker peace.

Ramesh Jadhav (Credit: Mid-Day)

But of course, Jadhav’s Shiv Sena link immediately made him persona non grata for Lutyens’ media elites like Rajdeep, Barkha etc – for them, anyone linked to any Hindu organization is basically ‘asking for it’.

However, in Rakesh Pawar’s case, he was just a cricketer without any political affiliation. Yet, his gory murder in the nation’s financial capital has not made any news at a national level, while the lynching of a thief in Jharkhand is reverberating everywhere.

The message for Hindus is clear – 1.) do not give a damn to political correctness: not being a member of reviled Hindu organizations like Shiv Sena, RSS etc will not get you any special attention from our liberals; for them Hindu lives will always remain cheap  2.) self-organize on a mass scale at all levels – local neighbourhood, city/town/village, state, nation 3.) internalize the fact that elites with Hindu-sounding names are your worst enemies 4.) act now in self-defense and self-preservation or your children will suffer a fate barely imaginable

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