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Friday, December 8, 2023

Did Arfa Khanum Sherwani lie about her anti-Bharat event at UMass, Boston?

Did Arfa Khanum Sherwani lie about her event at UMass, Boston? I saw this tweet from Arfa. After probing a little, I found some interesting facts, which lead me to believe Arfa is misusing UMass Boston’s name to malign Bharat and Hindus.

I looked at the Campus Calendar of UMass and found no such event scheduled for December 5th. The only event that is scheduled at 1:00 PM EST in the venue mentioned by Arfa is “Acting Rehearsal”. It can be checked here:

I even called the office of Director of Uni Events.They said they are unaware of any such event. Then I found out that same event was shared on a FB page, with some interesting differences. FB page has names of the sponsors, all of which are vehemently anti-Hindu/Bharat.

List of sponsors according to FB post:

  • Indian American Muslim Council
  • Boston South Asia Coalition
  • Asian Studies Deptt
  • Political Science Deptt

We will look into activities of these organizations, later in this article, but why did Arfa leave this information out in her tweet?

I also noticed some other anomalies on the FB page, which is presenting itself as the official page of “UMass Boston History Department”- It is not verified; It has only 38 followers; It has a mobile number for contact; Basic information is blank.

Given the fact that this event is not listed on Campus Calendar and Office of Director of University Events is not aware of any such event,No way this can be an official event organized by UMass, Boston, inviting Arfa to speak, as claimed by her in her tweet.

My guess is IAMC and other rabid groups have used some UMass, Boston students to book a hall for “Drama Rehearsal” and this hall will be used by Arfa to spew venom against Bharat/Hindus. They will take some pics, record videos & share it as official Umass event.

In effect, this a fraudulent use of UMass’ name, logo and facilities to spew venom against Hindus and Bharat.

Also, please note that they have given a wrong room number in the flyer. There is no room 2021 in University hall.

I think they did this to make sure only pre-selected ppl can attend this event. They don’t want random people coming in and asking though questions, you see? This event will be an echo chamber bashing Bharat and Hindus.

Lets look at the topic of the event “India at 75 : The downgrading of India’s democracy and role of the Press”. Probably based on the recent V-Dem survey and fake news reports published by The Wire.

After series of rebuttals by multiple organizatiins and individuals, The Wire was forced to withdraw many of their fake news articles which falsely insinuated that Democracy is in danger under BJP rule. Also Amit Malviya of BJP has sued The Wire.

More info about The Wire fake news articles:

Now let’s look at the sponsors of this event. They are all rabid anti Hindu/Bharat organizations with connections to Muslim Brotherhood and PFI. Read more at the tweet threads of @thehawkeyex, @zahacktanvir.

IAMC colludes with The Wire, Scroll, Newslaundry etc., to target Hindus/Bharat.

Let’s look at Arfa and her reportage/activism: Well know for distorting facts, target Hindus and giving cover to radicle Islamist. She is also the senior editor at The Wire

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread originally tweeted by Sandeep Neelakanta (@SanUvacha) on December 6, 2022.

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