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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Congress Engineers Mob Frenzy Against Bihar & UP Migrant Workers in Gujarat

If there is one party that knows how to manufacture issues and exploit social fault-lines in Bharat, it is the grand old party of Indian politics, Congress. Such was the confidence of Congress in its ‘election management’ expertise that it thought even a string of scams & decade-long misgovernance track record could be overcome in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Being reduced to just 44 Lok Sabha seats in 2014 came as a rude shock to Congress’ back-room operators, also known as CDTD (Congress Dirty Tricks Department) – for a while, they were stunned, not sure what had hit them. But they soon recovered, with the realization that while they had lost political power, the ESTABLISHMENT (judiciary,  media, bureaucracy, academia, intelligentsia) which sets the socio-political narrative in the country was firmly in their grasp.

Congress handlers know that the party lacks the leadership which can inspire hope in the electorate – data-crunching by their hired guns like Cambridge Analytica would have confirmed this view. They also believe that bereft of the controlling hand of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, Congress is just a rag-tag group of squabbling individuals.

Congress knows that the 15-20% of minority votebank is solidly in its bank, even if they project Robert Vadra as the PM candidate. They just need to prevent Hindu consolidation, to emerge as king-makers in a coalition scenario. So if you can’t generate hope, you sow disaffection. You create social unrest, you use a society’s carefully-woven diversity against itself by lighting fires on caste, region, language lines.

This is what Congress did in Haryana by engineering the violent Jat agitation for quota, what they did in Madhya Pradesh by inciting violent farmer agitation in Mandsaur, what they did in Gujarat by first tacitly & later openly supporting the violent Patidar stir for quota, what they did in Karnataka by playing the regional/language card and dangling fruits of minoritarianism to Lingayats, what they tried to do in whole of South India by stoking secessionist fires through the idea of ‘United States of South India’.

And this is exactly what the Congress is now trying to do in Gujarat by unleashing a campaign of fear and intimidation against migrant labour from UP & Bihar.

Congress MLA Alpesh Thakor, and the Thakor Sena organization he heads, is the prime mover of this campaign of hate & fear. A video dated September shows Alpesh Thakor inciting a crowd against migrants.

The ghastly rape of a 14-month old toddler girl and the arrest of a Bihari migrant Ravindar Sahu for that crime, was all that the Congress vultures needed. They instantly used the public revulsion over the toddler’s rape to whip up anti-migrant hate through social media and open exhortations to violence.

Congress leader and Thakor Sena cadre Mahotji Thakor has been arrested for issuance of threats to non-Gujarati migrants. A viral video of Mahotji Thakor in which he is seen threatening migrants to leave, and several social media posts by him rallying people with ‘Save Gujarat, Remove Kadvas (people from UP, Bihar)’ slogans, are incriminating evidence of Congress complicity.

Incidentally, Alpesh Thakor, who also happens to be  AICC secretary in-charge of Bihar, has announced his decision to go on a fast to save ‘rioters’ targeting North Indians.

The Congress goal is simple – ensure that the migrant labourers return to their native states and inform other voters about how badly they were treated in  PM Narendra Modi’s home state. Of course, the grand old party’s strategists are relying on their friends in media and establishment to ensure that the Congress hand in the whole matter remains hidden, while BJP/NDA Govt in Gujarat and Centre is targeted for not doing enough to control the violence (facts like almost 500 people being arrested and around 50 FIRs lodged by Gujarat police are to be ignored), and simultaneously the BJP/NDA Governments in UP and Bihar are goaded for not doing enough to save their own.

And this party loyalist in media, Rohini Singh – a journalist with The Wire and ex-Economic Times, is doing exactly what has been asked –

Step 1 – People of Bihar and UP, DON’T FORGET this and make sure you vote against Modi in 2019!

Step 2 – Repeat Step 1….exoduses will come and go, but for God’s sake, REMEMBER this while voting in 2019, people!

Step 3 – If people point out that Congress leaders are instigating the violence, flippantly ask Gujarat police to arrest Rahul Gandhi (note – not one word of criticism for the Congress President, asking why he does not rein in his party workers) –

Step 4 – When the CM of UP tries to defuse the situation, rebuke & goad him for being a sissy and not standing up to evil Gujarat! (note – if a Congress CM had issued such a statement, he would have been praised for mature handling of a sensitive topic)

The Congress game-plan is simple & brilliant, and completely logical when you realize that they are like a family-run organization where the interests of the Nehru-Gandhi family naturally come first and foremost. Whether this timeless divide & rule policy works or not, only time can tell.

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