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Monday, March 4, 2024

Closet Islamist journalist Saba Naqvi wants ‘Hindutva Yatras’ banned

Known for her acute anti-BJP views and for being a relentless Islamist apologist, Lutyens’ journalist and columnist Saba Naqvi finally brought her true thoughts to the surface. On 1 March she tweeted,  “Yatras by Hindutva groups should never have been allowed…”

As noted by several Twitter users, in a deftly calculated move, the word ‘Hindutva’ has been deployed to voice out Hindu-hate in public, while maintaining political correctness.

Saba Naqvi has made her anti-Hindu stance clear to the world for few years now, sometimes by castigating those who speak up for Hindu interests and at times by defending those who attack Hindus. But this time she has bared her true claws.

Saba’s detest for Hindus going on Yatras is apparent in her tweet. Guess who else abhors Hindu yatris as much?

The radicals who, on the morning of 27 February 2002 had set the Sabarmati Express on fire, knew that the train was packed with pilgrims on their way back from the Yagna for the Ram Temple to be constructed at the undisputed site of Ayodhya. They bore an intense hatred for these innocent Hindu devotees on Yatra, driven by which they targeted the train and burnt 59 Hindus, including several women and children, alive.

The terrorists who have attacked the Amarnath yatra 36 times in past 30 years, killing over 50 yatris, leaving 167 of them injured, hated the Hindu yatras just as much. In 2000 alone, 89 people, including 21 yatris, were massacred at the hands of Islamist terrorists belonging to Lashkar-e-Taiba. On the Shravan of 2001, Islamist Kashmiri Sunni militant groups, who had attacked it numerous times, slaughtered 8 unarmed Hindu yatris headed for Amarnath. A more recent Islamist terror attack on Amarnath yatris was orchestrated by the Lashkar-e-Taiba in 2017 and again claimed 8 lives.

But if you thought Hindu yatris are only targeted in terror-stricken Kashmir by recognized Islamist terrorist organizations, you would be wrong. Hindu yatris and pilgrims are routinely attacked in the heartland of Bharat too. By whom?

In July 2017, a Muslim mob attacked a convoy of Kawariyas for passing through “their area” in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. In August 2018, Kawariyas were attacked in Fatehpur, Rajasthan, by members of Muslim community while passing in front of a mosque. Kawariyas were beaten up in 2019 by Islamic fundamentalists for raising the slogan of ‘Bol-Bam’, 2 were killed in Lakhimpur Kheri district, UP.

Actually, right from Amarnath Yatra to Kanwariya Yatra to Durga Puja to Ganesh Chaturthi, to any Hindu festival celebration which finds expression in a public procession, comes on the target of Islamists who cannot countenance the kafirs daring to celebrate their ‘idolatrous’ religion. Here is a list of such attacks on Hindu festivals, both of the physical and ideological kind, which HinduPost has covered over the years.

Till now, while the terrorists and jihadis openly attacked Hindu yatris, the left-liberals and closet Islamists used other means to diss the same yatris – so Amarnath yatris were criticized for damaging the environment or mocked for worshipping an ice shivling, Kanwariyas were labelled as traffic disrupting hooligans etc. But now its clear that the radicals who attack Hindu devotees share the same burning hate Saba Naqvi bears in her heart.

But, Saba Naqvi is not a radical on the street. She is an educated, learned Muslim; a ‘moderate’ Muslim in the eyes of the world. She is the daughter of eminent journalist Saeed Naqvi who still feels victimised and blames Hindus for failing ‘Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb‘ despite receiving so much acclaim from the nation. And this ‘moderate’ individual wishes the Hindutva (read Hindu) groups would be proscribed from carrying on Yatras. In a strange and peculiar way, her thought process mirrors that of the jihadis who have attacked Hindus on their pilgrimage time and again.

The secular veneers of seemingly moderate faces like Rana Ayyub, Irena Akbar (ex-Indian Express staffer) and many more, have fallen off since PM Modi assumed office in 2014. The exposed visage betrays the innate but hidden religious fanaticism.

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