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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Brown Sepoys at the forefront attacking Bharat – a case study from USA

Bharat was brought under the mighty British Empire not by white soldiers imported from Britain, but by our very own people who served as “sepoys” in British army, officered by the white man. Centuries have gone by and the form of colonialism has changed substantially. Rather than overt political control over a country, colonialists now believe in doing things behind the curtain. They seek to “manufacture consent” around the issues exactly in the manner they think right. The omnipresent media, electronic as well as digital, has made their jobs a lot simpler.

It is an open secret that the ruling Democratic Party in USA has long been a haven of anti-Bharat far-left forces for a long time. President Biden himself was no friend of Bharat in his avatar as senator and had voted against our country on key issues and like most Democrats, has displayed utter lack of intelligence while dealing with Islamist forces. For last some years, the party has repeatedly used its Bharatiya faces to slander Bharat and Hindu Dharma. A recent article written by a Bharatiya origin sepoy of the Democratic Party of USA member Akshai Vikram has recommended that US should meddle in Bharat to ensure democracy in Bharat.

Blaming Modi is the safest bet

The article starts by blaming the new coronavirus strain on Bharat, but fails to mention how it originated in China and variants have been found all over the world. Somehow “this new variant, which originated in India, is directly related to Narendra Modi government’s disappointing and less-than-democratic handling of the pandemic.” How does a perceived disappoint with govt’s commitment to democracy mutates a virus has been left unanswered by the author. It is probably because then the reader might realise how this little claim of the author is a hot steaming pile of fertile manure.

Modi has been mentioned as having “banned from the United States for turning a blind eye to a virtual pogrom against Muslims ” despite the courts exonerating him for the same. Perhaps, next time we cover US, we shall mention Biden for mercilessly bombing the Iraqis under his watchful eye as Vice President.

The state of democracy in Bharat

The author mentions that that Bharat is going through a “slide into authoritarianism” and then proceeds to suggest that US should do something to stop that. He mentions the utility of Bharat from the point of view of USA i.e. “potential role as a regional counterweight to China”.

Then the article proceeds to argue that US should prefer a “democratic India” rather than an “authoritarian India”, and compares Bharat with China conveniently forgetting the ever present elections in Bharat, continuous criticism of the government by the media, months long peaceful protests and a fiercely independent judiciary. In all of these factors, Bharat might score much more than even USA. The plus point is Bharat does not meddle in issues of random countries all over the world.

Quoting publications with anti-Bharat attitude

Mr Vikram makes his job easier by quoting Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post, FT etc. All these have been shown to have a bias against Bharat and a taste for incorrect reporting. Amusingly, the author somehow thinks that a belief that genetic science was present in ancient Bharat, a fake news about that something called “cow curriculam”, and more hit pieces prove that Modi’s actions are authoritarian. The CAA has been described as open discrimination against Muslim migrants and actions in Kashmir denounced.

Only a person completely cutoff from the realities of Bharat could write such drivel. Interestingly, this exercise in inanities and mediocrity, riddled with more adjectives than a cheap novel, was published by a reputed magazine. The article is so deeply steeped in hate for Bharat that it openly calls the virus affecting Bharat as “Indian variant”! A full rebuttal to all the articles linked in his article and mentioning the intellectual gymnastics of Mr Vikram is likely to take several thousand words, so let us directly move to the next section of his article.

US interests above Bharatiya interests

The authors worries that Bharat could walk the path of Vietnam, Phillippines or even Russia and pritoritize “allegiance to right-wing authoritarian ethno-nationalism rather than its historical and geographic disputes with China.” Why should US be interested in our disputes with China or the  basis of our nationhood, when clearly it has nothing to do with USA. It points out that Russia and Bharat have taken similar moves to “stifle Twitter” based on scanty evidence. Truth is that Twitter continues to operate in Bharat without any restrictions, while Russia is an altogether different story.

The whole article has just one worry – how would US manage China, if Bharat becomes an authoritarian country? The article says that Bharat’s continued engagement with Myanmar, including participation in its Armed Forces’ Day parade, is problematic. It is problematic as it does not toe the line of USA. However, what it fails to mention is that no neighbour of Myanmar has boycotted its parade and more importantly, it is none of US business how Bharat conducts its foreign policy. In fact, the article seems to recognise that no matter what US would continue to engage with Bharat. Yet, the same standard is not used to judge Bharat, that it would continue to engage with a neighbour like Myanmar, no matter what! Incidentally, US has supported and continues to support far more brutal regimes and has recently pulled out of Afghanistan after agreement with literal terrorists who are now on the verge of recapturing the country!

Undermine the government of Bharat

The article provides some solutions to the situation and the crux of these solutions is to undermine the lawfully elected democratic government of Bharat.

The first step recommends that US government should “strengthen ties with the people of India” bypassing the government. Perhaps the author thinks that poor Bharatiyas are not aware of how western neocolonialism acts in this age, disguised as aid.

The second step is based again on the American exceptionalism. It incorrectly assumes that the ruling party and Hindu political-social groups of Bharat depend on US entities for funding. The author somehow tries to connect this funding to corruption, which would not even convince his own grandmother, and advises that US should clamp down on this. As a matter of fact, Hindus would be grateful if US stops all donations by its citizens towards Bharatiya organisations as a large majority of that money goes to anti-Hindu organisations and missionaries.

Thirdly, the article recommends that Democrats in US develop contacts with opposition parties in Bharat. Here again the author shows his serious lack of research and general knowledge. Democratic Party of USA is already a partner of Congress and Samajwadi Party in Bharat through the Progressive Alliance. Is that connection not enough?

In the whole article, the author makes one valid point – that US should do a better job of upholding democracy at home. Although, here too he brings Bharat from the back door. The state of democracy in USA, with its surveillance state and racial tensions, should be more a cause of worry to the “brown sepoy” than the issues of Bharat.

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Pawan Pandey
Pawan Pandey
Pawan Pandey is an Educator based in Dehradun, currently working as Senior Staff Writer with HinduPost. He is an Engineer by training and a teacher by passion. He teaches for Civil Service Exams as well as for Common Law Admission Test. He has deep interest in politics, economy, culture and all things Bharatiya. He fancies himself to be a loving husband and doting father. His weakness is Bharatiya food, particularly sweets. His hobbies include reading, writing and listening to Bharatiya music.


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