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Monday, May 29, 2023

Bollywood Icons Exhibit Dim-witted Grasp of CAA and Protestors’ Agenda

Voltaire once said “common sense is not so common” and Bollywood folks are out to prove him right. Ever since the Citizenship Amendment Bill became an Act, violent protests have broken out across the country, mainly by Islamists and so called seculars. With every passing day, however, it becoming clearer that these protests are nothing but propagation of Jihadi ideology which aims to Islamize Bharat, ably supported by the opposition and pseudo-seculars.

Neither the protestors nor their supporters have any idea whatsoever about the contents of the Act, its purpose and impact. Also, despite both PM and HM clarifying time and again that this Act has got nothing to do with Bharatiyas, whatever be their caste or religion, motivated elements would not stop their propaganda and Bollywood celebrities would not desist from displaying their dim-wittedness.

Anurag Kashyap talks about the government being fascist, but one look at his Twitter time line (TL) and you find it clogged with anti-establishment rhetoric. I fail to understand what is so fascist about a democratically passed Act that was debated openly in both houses of Parliament.

How could Farhan Akhtar be left out in the rumour mongering race? In fact, the outrageously misleading anti-CAA poster he shared on twitter has turned out to be the creation of a Kashmiri separatist group.


The draft rules for the National Register for Citizens (NRC) that is to be implemented all over the country are not even ready but people like Kashyap And Akhtar consider it their duty to spread misinformation and create an environment of fear. And he is not alone in spreading misinformation; Siddharth (of Rang De Basanti) has his own take on this ‘fascist government’. He would be glad to know that no part of the Citizenship Amendment Act says anything remotely close to what his biased brain imagines.

While CAA and NRC are two different things and the latter is not yet drafted, Swara Bhaskar couldn’t refrain from coming up with her own conspiracy theory.

Most of the acting fraternity has just the usual set of excuses to undermine the Act and call it divisive.

  • It hurts the ‘secular’ fabric and ‘Idea of India’ (whatever that means)
  • It is unconstitutional and violates Article 14 & 25 of the Constitution (which it does not as already explained by the Home Minister during the debate in Parliament)
  • It is communal and favours one religion (whereas it just provides citizenship for brutally persecuted minorities from Islamic nations of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who arrived in Bharat by 31 Dec 2014, and doesn’t in any way bar Muslims from seeking refuge in Bharat)
  • This is vote bank politics (well that’s what Congress and its allies had been doing all along)
  • It is a step towards taking away citizenship from Muslims and putting them in detention camps (no genuine Bharatiya Citizen would be affected by this Act in any way)

A quick look at a few tweets and you can be certain that they were churned from the same factory and the purpose is to spread panic and incite Muslims through false propaganda.

Konkona Sen Sharma re-tweeted a message asking for CAA to be withdrawn and Huma Qureshi echoed her using the ‘world is watching’ card.

Nothing can be more stupid than Anurag Kashyap equating CAA to imposition of Emergency.

Ideally we should not be giving such undue attention to folks from film fraternity but unfortunately cinema and cricket are two aspects that have a great grip on Bharat. Therefore, most people are likely to pay more attention to these filmy folk and get influenced by them.

PM Modi is at fault too for providing space to these people. As a seasoned politician he should have known that it is the masses who voted him to power with a full majority and not this select class that lives the privileged life and looks down upon common hardworking folks.

Dear PM, the next time you are tempted to entertain these folks in the hope of some kind of support from them, do remember common people like us and that we gave you a decisive mandate to make Bharat and lives of Bharatiyas better.

For these actors and actresses, news begins and ends with the Lutyens’ gang. Hence, every lie peddled by Shekar Gupta, Barkha Dutt, The Wire, The Print, NDTV etc becomes the whole and sole truth. If any of these people had taken the trouble of reading the Act and understanding its purpose, instead of allowing their personal biases to colour their views, they would’ve learnt that this Act is simply an attempt to give a dignified life to those minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who are currently residing in Bharat as refugees. Then again expecting them to have common sense is too much I guess.

I’ll sum up my advice to these folks with a few quotes:

“There is a difference between speaking the truth in love and judging someone hypocritically…make sure you know the difference before you speak!” ― Pauline Seaport

“A fool is made more of a fool, when their mouth is more open than their mind.”― Anthony Liccione

And finally “never speak if you don’t know what you are talking about”.

Also, we as common public must know where to draw the line between adulation and blind following. In serious issues concerning the nation one should learn the facts, understand them and form our own opinions than blindly following these so called celebrities who clearly have an agenda.

(Featured Image Source: darpanmagazine.com)


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