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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Arnab’s grilling by Mumbai police over questions to Sonia Gandhi shows fascist secular ecosystem at work

Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami is in the crosshairs of the Congress party for an ‘unpardonable’ sin – asking hard questions of their Italian-born party president over the painful lynching of 2 Hindu sadhus in a state where her party is in power as part of a coalition.

The Palghar lynching is the most disturbing lynching case to have emerged in Bharat in recent years. Why? Unlike other much-hyped cases where the victim was either a criminal or had some personal tiff with the accused, this was a murder of two holy men, not carried out in the heat of the moment but in a calculated manner over several hours. It took place in front of over a dozen policemen. The victims were under police protection in a forest check post or sitting in a police vehicle, yet were handed over to the mob and lynched to death.

Unlike other cases where there was no political angle, the ground reports from Palghar indicate otherwise – the accused are tribals converted to Christianity, many of them are NCP or CPM workers, the local MLA is from CPM, a Naxal-Christian NGO Kashtakari Sanghatana appears to be involved in getting bail for the accused. The hatred for the saffron colour and Hindu seers that has taken deep root under the benevolent gaze of the secular state, the tacit acceptance of Hindu de-humanization through slurs like ‘cow piss drinkers’, ‘idol-worshippers’, ‘savarna patriarchal oppressors’ and what not has created the enabling environment for the Palghar lynching and many other such anti-Hindu crimes which go unheard everyday in this country.

So it is justified to ask why the most powerful Opposition leader in the country, who is quick to ask questions and heap derision on the central Government, is silent over a gory crime which took place in a state ruled by her party.

Here’s a clip of what has ruffled Sonia Gandhi and her party –

This is what Arnab asks of a Congress representative on his panel –

“Your party and Italy/Rome-origin Sonia Gandhi would not have kept quiet (if the murdered holy men were not Hindu). Today, she is quiet, I think she is privately happy that sadhus were lynched on the streets in a state ruled by her party. She will send a report to Italy that ‘see, a place where I formed a Government, I am now having Hindu sadhus killed there’. And she will get applause from there (Italy) that you have done a great job Sonia Gandhi (aka) Antonia Maino”

If Sonia Gandhi, whose party has made labelling the country as ‘Lynchistan’ one of their core election themes, is silent on one of the most shocking lynchings ever to have taken place in the country, surely it is fair to assume that she is not unduly perturbed or displeased over the crime.

As for Sonia Gandhi being an Italian citizen (whose birth name is Antonia Maino) before she got married to Rajiv Gandhi, came to Bharat and took up Indian citizenship after many years; or that she was raised in a Christian Roman Catholic family and remains a Catholic – these are all indisputable facts.

Whether Sonia Gandhi actually reports to Italy (Vatican City, headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, is an independent city-state enclaved within Rome, Italy), and whether she sent any report in the Palghar lynching case is a matter of speculation, and Arnab Goswami has accepted as much by saying ‘he thinks’ so.

However, it is again a fact that under Sonia Gandhi’s behind-the-scenes rule from 2004-14 after installing a puppet PM, the country witnessed high-level anti-Hindu moves like never before. Legislations like 93rd amendment were passed to cripple private Hindu capacity in education sector, minorityism was institutionalized by establishing a minorities ministry and bodies like NCMEI, Christian missionaries were granted visas in violation of law, Godhra train burning was negated as an ‘accident’, Islamic terror attacks like 26/11 and Samjhauta blast were blamed on Hindus to create a ‘saffron terror’ bogey, genuine encounters with Islamic terrorists like Batla House and Ishrat Jahan case were distorted and much more.

It is also a fact that Catholic Church in India has clearly stated that they are first and foremost answerable to the Vatican and Pope, not to the Indian State. Many a times, crimes committed by Church clergy were only reported to Vatican and not to local authorities. So it is fair to expect ordinary Catholics like Sonia Gandhi to mimic such attitudes as well.

It is clear that the questions raised by Arnab Goswami, however jarring and offensive they may seem to the ordinary Congress worker taught to see Sonia Gandhi as ‘Lady Bountiful’, are par for the course in the rough and tumble of Bharatiya politics where the sitting PM has been openly called mass-murderer, rabble rouser, Muslim hater, genocidal, napunsak (impotent), scorpion, monkey, demon and what not.

One should not blame just the Congress workers alone. Mainstream media barring Arnab Goswami, especially the English language outlets which claims to set the national narrative, has failed abjectly in holding Sonia Gandhi to account for her disastrous UPA rule and for damaging national interest by weakening so many institutions. As this blog from 2013 puts it, “There is a certain docile, rebarbative and delightfully ludicrous air about the MSM each time Sonia Gandhi (or one of her family members) is in the middle of a controversy.”

Ruthless Secular ecosystem

The Congress may be out of political power, but it’s ‘secular’ ecosystem – media, academia, legal/judicial, politics, intelligentsia – is still very much alive. It may be the party that came 4th in the Maharashtra assembly elections, and the current Maharashtra CM may be from an erstwhile ‘Hindutva’ party, but Congress still calls the shots behind the scenes.

Immediately after his show aired on TV, Arnab & his wife were physically attacked while returning home in their car by two Youth Congress workers. Those two attackers have been released on bail of Rs. 15000 and police have reportedly refused to add their names in the FIR over the attack on the journalist. Dozens of FIRs were filed against Arnab by Congress units across the country, including an FIR by Maharashtra Power Minister and Congress MLA Nitin Raut. Arnab was sent multiple police notices and grilled for over 12 hours yesterday.

MLA Nitin Raut had recently issued a warning to Shiv Sena spokesperson and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Raut for exposing Indira Gandhi’s links with gangster Karim Lala. He had taunted the Shiv Sainik, long accustomed to taking potshots at the Modi Government even though Shiv Sena was then in alliance with BJP in both Maharashtra and centre, that “we aren’t like BJP, we won’t tolerate it lying down..we know how to hit back hard.” Immediately afterwards, Sanjay Raut issued a meek apology and retracted his statement against Indira Gandhi.

The same Nitin Raut, who also happens to be Chairman of Congress’ Scheduled Caste Dept., had recently gone on an anti-Brahmin rant while addressing an anti-CAA rally in Nagpur organised by the ‘Phule, Shahu, Ambedkar Thought Conservation Committee’. Raut said, “Brahmins, who themselves came from abroad, will teach us about common sense? They will ask us to furnish (identity) certificates?I will never let this happen.” The idea that Brahmins and other ‘upper caste’ Hindus are ‘Aryans’ who invaded Bharat to subjugate the original inhabitants i.e. Dalit ‘lower castes’, has been mainstreamed by the now debunked colonial-era “Aryan Invasion Theory” (AIT).

Given Congress’ history of ruthlessly settling scores with foes and party dissidents, Nitin Raut and the rest of the Congress leadership in Maharashtra were never going to respect niceties like media freedom. Arnab Goswami had to pay for offending their Queen Mother.

And this is where another ecosystem pawn came in handy. Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh was recently elevated to his post by Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh, an NCP leader. As ACB Chief, Parambir Singh had given a clean chit to senior NCP leader and Deputy-CM Ajit Pawar in the 35,000 crore irrigation scam.

More importantly for the ecosystem, he is one of the police officers who both Sadhvi Pragya and Col. Purohit have claimed brutally tortured them as part of the Maharashtra ATS team tasked by Congress hierarchy to prove their ‘Hindu terror’ theory in the Malegaon blast case.

Maharashtra is reeling from the Covid-19 epidemic – the state accounts for over 25% of all cases in the country. The situation is spinning out of control in the state capital Mumbai which has 5589 cases and is still witnessing lockdown being openly flouted in minority-dominated pockets. A brutal murder of two innocent sadhus in murky circumstances has just occurred. Yet, the Maharashtra government is devoting precious police resources in grilling a news editor over some politically-loaded comments.

This is why the ruthless secular ecosystem is the biggest internal threat to Bharat today in terms of its reach and influence, even more than Naxalism or Islamism.

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