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Thursday, January 20, 2022

An Indian Marxist exposes his own stupidity

Siddharth (@svaradarajan) tweeted at 9:45 AM on Fri, Dec 28, 2018:
Thanks to Modi, a rotten Muslim husband who wants to abandon his wife can simply do what his rotten Hindu counterpart does–kick her out of the marital home. As long as he doesn’t say the three illegal words for divorce in Urdu, the new law won’t touch him. https://t.co/jwqIKCzvd7

Siddharth Vardarajan, an American citizen, is one of the rare hard-core Marxists left in the world. While such Marxists in the erstwhile Soviet Union or any other part of the world have become irrelevant in those societies, Vardarajan is an increasing star in the Indian scene of pseudo-secularism.  And acquiring ever-increasing wealth along with it.

His wife, Nandani Sundar, is a professor at Delhi University.  She gets a salary which is paid through taxes collected from the people of Bharat.  She is also alleged to be an ardent supporter of the Naxalites who have waged war against the people of Bharat.  While these Naxalites started as supporters of the tribal people, they have morphed into their oppressors.  They not only ensure that government developmental programmes are not allowed to be executed, they have extorted from the tribal people, killed many of them, forced their children into the Naxal war machine etc.

The above tweet not only exposed the stupidity of the Marxist Siddharth Vardarajan, but also his anti-Modi agenda.  The Muslim woman was kicked out of the marital home through triple talaq by the rotten Muslim husband, even before the new law against instant triple talaq. When this rotten Muslim husband divorced his wife through instant triple talaq because he was tired of her, the objective was also to be able to marry another woman. Merely kicking her out of the marital home is not sufficient to achieve his rotten objective.

As far as the comparison with the rotten Hindu male counterpart – the very fact that Vardarajan does not know that the Hindu woman has resort to various laws to prosecute the injustice that would be heaped on her, is another sign of the stupidity of Vardarajan. But that is quite natural when one is a hard-core Marxist.

This type of public expression of stupidity is being exposed by the Internet Hindus time and time again.  A couple of tweets in response are:

VKM (@kvinodmenon) tweeted at 11:09 AM on Fri, Dec 28, 2018:
2 different issues (1) triple talaq menace and (2) husband abandoning wife without reason (across religions). While (2) is surely something to be corrected, the 1st one was abused extensively. The bill was proposed to address (1).
I am no bhakt. But abhor twisting of facts.


भेड़िया (@Solus_Lupus) tweeted at 0:21 PM on Sat, Dec 29, 2018:
Kicking out is messy and complicated compared to a neat and definitive triple talaq. Next you’d  complain that strict gun control forces perps to stab their victims. Didn’t realise you were this deranged, Sid!

The first person has two followers as of composing this article, while the second one is an Oncologist.  One really has to be a hard-core Marxist to be stupid. The special skills these Marxists have is to substitute logic with language.  And a further skill is to use language to create confusion and not enlightenment.

Vardarajan has used these special skills to impress wealthy people to finance his stupidity.  Thus, he was first employed by The Times of India, and then as an editor of The Hindu, English language publications from Delhi and Chennai, respectively.  It helped that the person managing the affairs of the latter publication is himself a hard-core Marxist.  His leaving the publication is shrouded in mystery, with one of the touted reasons being that legally one has to be a Bharatiya citizen to be an editor of a publication that is based in Bharat.

Upon leaving, he started a web-based publication in Bharat.  One of the major source of funds is from those who have accumulated wealth through the stock exchange.  The route is not always direct – it was through a fund called Independent and Public Spirited Media Foundation, which allegedly supports ‘independent journalism’.  The management of the fund is supposed to be also ‘independent’.

However, two of the four trustees are T N Ninan and Ramachandra Guha, both known to be most unfavourably disposed towards Narendra Modi as a person and politician.  In the process, they find the BJP intolerable to themselves.

In normal conditions, one would find that those who have acquired wealth through a process of relative liberalisation of the economy would be very wary of even moderate Marxists.  So how is it that these wealthy people’s funds found their way to a hard-core Marxist?  Clearly, they have not done any due diligence about where their money is going.  They were either not capable to do it, or they were too afraid to do it.  My opinion is that it is the latter, making high-sounding phrases like ‘we believe in freedom of press’ etc.  This is valid ONLY if the foundation also supported those who would be termed rightists – something that did not happen.

At the same time, it has to be stated that it should be the responsibility of the trustees to do the due diligence – a task that is outsourced to them by the wealthy people. However, at least the two trustees named above had an ideological inclination closer to Marxism, irrespective of whatever protestation the two would make.  So, effectively, a hard-core Marxist used funds from his ideological enemies to undertake a projection of Marxism!

Much water has flowed in the Ganga, and the wealthy funders should have awakened themselves and undertaken the due diligence, rectifying the failure of the trustees of the foundation.  This needs to happen not so much to ensure that the money provided is properly used, but for the sake of the nation.  If the wealthy permit hard-core Marxists to continue to do the damage that they have done in the past, they should accept the full responsibility for the ensuing mess. 

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Ashok Chowgule
Working President (External), Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bharat.


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