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Thursday, May 30, 2024

4 Muslims in Karnataka refuse Coronavirus testing as it’s “against Islam”, Reuters mocks Hindus

In Bhatkal, a town in the North Canara district of Karnataka infamous for being home to the founders of terrorist organisation Indian Mujahideen, the administration finds itself challenged by four Muslim youth, who having just returned from Dubai are now refusing to co-operate with the administration by getting themselves tested for the Coronavirus. They assert that such a health check-up is not allowed in their religion, Islam.

With Middle-East countries like UAE and Iran becoming hotspots of the viral disease that originated in China, anyone returning from abroad will be subject to health screening and can be asked to quarantine as per Government of Bharat issued rules. Experts have confirmed that Covid-19 is highly contagious. In such a situation, the four men, adamant against being tested, are putting the lives of numerous Bharatiyas at risk.

It is said that the Muslim youths threatened the health officials and forced them to return. Locals are now demanding that authorities take them into custody and forcefully quarantine them, as they threaten the health of the entire community in Bhatkal town.

This is not the first time fundamentalist Muslims have troubled health-care personnel. There is a history of them refusing life-saving vaccines as some believe it will lead to sterilization, while others are convinced that vaccines contain pork and are not ‘Halal’.

When the homeland of Islam, Saudi Arabia, had enforced a travel ban and halted the Haj pilgrimage for the sake of safety and security of humans following the Coronavirus outbreak, we fail to comprehend which Islam are these 4 Muslim youth following?

In different news, a group of fundamentalist Muslims are unbending about performing Namaz in public and in large gatherings, instead of at home, as prescribed by the administration to prevent community transmission of Covid-19. A Muslim man who spoke to media personnel, was of the belief that ‘Allah will protect’. He also proudly proclaimed that he along with most Muslims were not taking any precautions.

While major Hindu temples like Mumbai’s Siddhivinayak have announced indefinite closure for devotees, Muslim bodies and preachers are unrelenting on doing public namaz despite Covid19 fears and medical experts’ guidance to maintain social distancing.

International liberal media outlet Reuters has a fondness for denigrating and demonizing Hindus. Danish Siddiqui of Reuters published an article mocking the entire Hindu demography for the actions of one fringe group that promoted cow urine to fight Coronavirus. But these same propagandists are oblivious to irrational behavior and absurd beliefs of large sections of Muslim society.  Iranian cleric from the city of Qom, Iran, who denounced all western treatment of the epidemic, and suggested that people should rather put violet leaf oil in their anus at pre-bedtime, didn’t tickle Reuters’ funny bone.

Reuters also exposed their bias in covering (or not) the tragic death 44 Iranians who died after drinking toxic alcohol believing in the rumor that ethanol can cure Covid-19.  Again, when a Muslim Imam declared Coronavirus to be ‘Allah’s punishment to the world’, and later himself contracted the virus, Reuters didn’t find anything mock-worthy in this sad but ironic situation.

We have proved in numerous articles previously, how the liberal media in both the West and Bharat,  is just a mouthpiece of Islamists and other Hinduphobes. Hating Hindus and spreading Hinduphobia is what seems to get them the fattest pay-check.

While the world has come together to fight the Covid-19 crisis, which with over 6500 deaths worldwide has taken the shape of a global pandemic, people falling for weird-sounding cures and irrational beliefs can be seen in every nation and culture. Again, it would not be fair on our part to generalize the entire Muslim community for the inanity shown and fundamentalism observed by few. But even these few who are refusing treatment in the name of ‘religion’ and blasphemy are an immediate threat to others.

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