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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Successful left-liberal machinations in Sabarimala forebode grim future for Hindus

The Sabarimala hearing on 13th November, 2018 was a farce. Even by layman logic, the impugned judgment should have been stayed while taking stock of the situation on the ground. By not doing that and setting the next date of hearing as 22nd Jan 2019, the day the Sabarimala temple will close, it can be surmised that SC is doing trench warfare against Hindus to attack Narendra Modi by proxy.

The explicit no stay means Communists can go ahead and send activist women (Rehana Fatima, Mary Sweety etc.) to desecrate and desacralize Sabarimala.

In the end, it will be back to Commie-Christian duopoly in Kerala after all the sniping. But, if the beloved Sabarimala is desacralized and turned into a tourist spot for busybodies, rather than a very ancient temple, then the damage is only to Hindu Dharma. If we cannot prevent that, it means we are doomed.

We Hindus are the collateral damage in the sniping between the Congress-commie-lutyens alliance at the center that influences the courts, and the BJP. All of them appear fine with the desacralization of Sabarimala. Hindus are told once again that we are subhumans with no rights.

Put all these together: Jallikattu, Diwali, Dahi Handi, Ayodhya etc. and connect the dots. The SC fast-tracks anti-Hindu PILs, quickly makes sweeping judgments, but contemptuously rejects the Kashmiri Pandits’ petition for reopening cases of 1990s killing. The logical end point of all this is the banning of Hindu Dharma as happened in the Roman empire to their old religion when the state turned hostile after 325CE.

You must be hiding your head in the sand if you don’t see the banning of all of Hindu Dharma as the only logical conclusion. They’re nibbling at the edges, implementing Project Thessalonica etc., but extinction is not far off. Do you think there will be any resistance?

Hindus will be marching to the gas chambers still holding big signs that say ‘secularism’ and ‘women’s rights’. We are the frogs being boiled slowly, lulled into a false sense of security by all the bookish English learning we have. That’s mostly taqqiya.

Lutyens’ elites and jhola-chaap Communists will have absolutely no qualms about banning Hindu Dharma altogether. The smart ones have already converted out. The hindu apocalypse is the only possible outcome if you simply extrapolate current trends – this outcome is, of course, greatly desired by certain people, especially those with foreign sugar-daddies.

Note Kerala’s demographics. We can safely assume that as of today it’s 30% Muslim, 30% Christian (including cryptos), 25% Communists with Hindu names, and 15% Hindus. This was totally proven in the last election, when BJP got ALL the hindu votes: 15% share.

It is that 15%, a small minority, which is crying about its ‘minority rights’, ‘human rights’ and ‘right to worship’, all of which are being violated. Why couldn’t the Center promulgate an ordinance overturning the SC ruling, or at least ordering Kerala Government to maintain status quo while SC is hearing appeals against its earlier judgement?

The Center also did nothing to prevent the kind of fascism the commies are unleashing: from arresting thousands from their homes in the middle of the night by sending ‘commandos’, to sending a Muslim woman in riot gear, surrounded by protective police, allegedly carrying used sanitary napkins in her irumudi. At least 4 people have died in Kerala due to police brutality against peacefully protesting devotees. All this screams one thing: “law and order has deteriorated”. The Center could, with justification, have imposed Article 356 & dismissed the state Government. It didn’t.

The Center could have had the Prime Minister making a statement that he was on the side of the minority population seeking to protect their religious beliefs. It didn’t.

Let us be clear: people voted for Narendra Modi, not Amit Shah. Modi is the inspirational leader. So Amit Shah saying things doesn’t have the same weight as Modi saying it. Why did he remain silent? I am a long-time Modi supporter since 2002, and I have never once criticized him. Now I do.

I am basically worried that bad advice has brought the PM to this stage: it is a lose-lose situation in Kerala for BJP, Hindus and Sabarimala. We should have stopped the barbarians before when they attacked Diwali, Jallikattu, Dahi Handi, etc. This is an unrelenting warfare.

(The article has been collated from the tweet thread of Rajeev Srinivasa @RajeevSrinivasa )

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