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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Lawyer Rajeev Dhavan tears Ram Janmabhoomi map, praises Aurangzeb, issues veiled threat to Hindus in Supreme Court

Evidently, some citizens are more equal than others when it comes to respecting the highest jurisdictional body of the country, the Supreme Court of Bharat.

People like Rajeev Dhavan, who also happens to be a lawyer, have time and again brazenly displayed their contempt for the judges of the Supreme Court, including CJI (Chief Justice of India), and gotten away with it. Actions which would have landed an ordinary citizen behind bars have merely been mildly rebuked, if that, emboldening the ‘senior’ lawyer and loyal solider of the Congress ecosystem to repeat the browbeating & intimidatory theatrics ad infinitum.

On Wednesday, Rajeev Dhavan tore up pages of the book ‘Ayodhya Revisited’, showing maps of the Ram Janmabhoomi, and other documents presented by Senior Advocate Vikas Singh, representing All India Hindu Mahasabha (AIHM), to show the point believed to be Bhagwan Ram’s place of birth.

‘Senior’ lawyer Rajeev Dhavan

This happened during the hearing of the Ram Janmabhoomi matter in front of a Supreme Court bench comprising CJI Ranjan Gogoi, Justices Bobde, Chandrachud, Ashok Bhushan and Abdul Nazeer. Rajeev Dhavan along with Meenakshi Arora and Shekhar Naphade are representing the Sunni Waqf Board and Muslim parties in the matter.

This contemptuous act by Dhavan, believe it or not, had the direct sanction of CJI Ranjan Gogoi! While initial reports claimed that the CJI was infuriated with Dhavan’s actions, reportedly saying, “Decorum has been spoiled, we will walk out”, subsequent clarifications reveal that on the matter of tearing up the maps & papers, Dhavan was given a clean chit by the CJI.

As reported by LiveMint,

“When he (Dhawan) vigorously raised objections to the reliance on the pictorial map, Singh said he will not press the pictorial map to be taken on record. Dhavan then asked the 5-judge Constitution bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi as to what he should do with it (map). The bench said that he can shred the documents into pieces.

Dhavan then tore the pictorial map, provided by the AIHM counsel, in the courtroom to the utter shock of the lawyers and visitors in the packed courtroom.

The drama did not end there and during the hearing in the post lunch session, Dhavan again referred to the pre-lunch incident of his tearing off the papers and said that “outside the court, it has become viral”.

…Dhavan said he had asked and sought the permission of the bench whether those papers can be thrown and the reply from the CJI was “if it is irrelevant, you can tear it”.

The CJI shot back saying, “Dr Dhavan is right that the chief justice said, so he tore up. Let this clarification also be widely reported.” The CJI was joined by another member of the bench, Justice S A Nazeer, who said: “It is widely reported now”.”

SC bench hearing the Ram Janmabhoomi matter – Justices Ashok Bhushan, DY Chandrachud, CJI Ranjan Gogoi, Justices Bobde and Abdul Nazeer (left to right)

The same has been confirmed by legal site LiveLaw as well. The SC bench has reserved judgment on the matter after a marathon hearing of forty days, the second longest hearing in the history of the Supreme Court. The Ram Janmabhoomi case has been grinding its way through Bharat’s tortuous legal system for 134 years (and for 9 years in SC), despite a vast body of evidence including archaeological excavations and scholarly research.

Praise for ‘liberal’ Aurangzeb; Veiled threat to Hindus?

A few days back, during the same case, Dhavan said in court ‘Emperor Aurangzeb was one of the most liberal rulers,’ clearly demonstrating how unhinged the Nehruvian idea of secularism has become.

The hearing on Wednesday also saw Dhavan chiding senior lawyer P.N.Mishra, appearing for a Hindu litigant, for his ‘lack of knowledge of revenue laws during the Mughal period’ and described his arguments as “foolish”.  Mishra countered that he had written books on the laws of that period, and that people got PhDs based on his work. “I pity those PhDs,” Dhavan responded arrogantly.

While making his closing arguments, Dhavan started reciting Iqbal’s couplet, “Saare jahan se achchha…” when Justice Nazeer asked if this was his reply to senior counsel K. Parasaran commencing his arguments reciting ‘Janani Janma-bhoomi-scha Swargadapi Gariyasi‘.

Dhavan then replied with another couplet by Iqbal (a man who went on to become the national poet of Pakistan) – Na samjhoge to mit jaoge ae hindostan vaalo. tumhari dastan tak bhi na hogi dastanon me in….This is my reply, Milord!”

This couplet is from Iqbal’s tasveer-e-dard which written in 1904 issued a grim warning to the people of Hindustan to stop dwelling in the past and to protes against the British colonizers else their identity would be erased from world history.

But in today’s context, Dhavan’s recitation of this couplet can only be interpreted as a warning to the people of Hindustan (the Hindus) to stop trying to reclaim their lost heritage, else it would invite a backlash (from Muslims) that will erase the very existence of this country.

Repeat Offender

Dhavan’s antics in Supreme Court are not new.

  • In Dec 2017, when then CJI Dipak Misra refused to put the Ram Janmabhoomi case on the back-burner and instead started regular hearings, Congress ecosystem lawyers like Kapil Sibal, Rajeev Dhawan, Dushyant Dave etc. went ballistic and cast aspersions on CJI’s integrity asking him ‘What is the hurry?’ and demanded that the hearing be put off till July 2019 (post 2019 Lok Sabha elections).
  • In the same month, Dhavan was involved in heated exchanges with CJI Misra while representing Delhi’s AAP Government in its legal battle with the Centre over the Capital’s administrative powers. “You go on shouting,” the chief justice said. “You are always like that. We will give our judgment.”
  • After CJI Misra reprimanded Dhavan and others like Kapil Sibal for their conduct and speaking in a loud tone, Dhavan tried to play victim by ‘retiring’ from practice. Few weeks later, he had withdrawn his ‘retirement’.
  • In 2013, while the hearing of the high-profile 2G scam case was on, Dhavan had hit out at Justice GS Singhvi for refusing to hear a case and recusing from the matter. Dhawan didn’t like bench’s decision of deferring the case.
  • In 2014, he reportedly had a tiff with the Bench of Justice KS Radhakrishnan and JS Khehar resulting in strong observations against his conduct.
  •  Dhawan had a spat with Chief Justice of India TS Thakur in the same case twice – in 2014 and 2016. Later, Thakur said that some lawyers are discourteous in court.

But such is the clout that these lawyers from the left-liberal and Congress camp enjoy in elite circles of the country, that even shouting at and attempts to browbeat several CJIs of the country have gone unpunished.

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