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Friday, July 12, 2024

CLAT consortium and the art of pushing leftist narrative

The admission into premier law colleges of Bharat is a competitive affair. More than sixty thousand young boys and girls compete for about three thousand seats in Bharat’s top law colleges, including the 23 National Law Universities established by respective states. A vast majority of those do not get admission in NLUs and have to pursue the five year Law degree in private institutions.

The CLAT  or Common Law Admission Test,  is the exam used for admission into most of the colleges offering five year law degree. It is mandatory to take CLAT for admission into NLUs, except Delhi NLU which conducts its own exam.

It appears that some leftists are using this exam as another tool in the hands for conditioning students towards a certain ideology. This they do by asking loaded questions in the exam and then directing students towards the “leftist-certified” answers. Let us take a few examples from the recent CLAT 2020 conducted on 28th of September.

Pushing the ideology through exam

  • Many of us are familiar with Rehana Fatima, the leftist activist in Kerala. She had defiled the Sabarimala temple and also recently was booked for a video in which she is seen with her two children, who were seen painting on her nude body. She was arrested in a POCSO case and the Supreme Court quashed her anticipatory bail plea in the same case. Later she got bail and currently the case is subjudice. However, the exam asks the following question on her:-

“An activist, while being semi-nude, allowed her body to be used as a canvas to paint on by her two minor children who were properly clothed. She uploaded this video of hers on an online platform with a message that she intended to normalise the female form for her children and not allow distorted ideas about sexuality to pervade their mind. An advocate who sees the video, registers a case of Obscenity against her. Is it a case of Obscenity as per the Community Standards Test?”

The official answer given for the question is :”This is not a case of Obscenity because as per the Community Standards Test. The video must not be seen in isolation but in the contextual set up of the message that the activist has put on normalisation of a female’s sexuality.” What will happen is that now all students who have written the exam have a one sided view of a real world issue at hand. Not only that, this will be the view that is peddled to impressionable children for many years by coaching institutes, as past question papers are a very important preparation resource for students. Clearly someone in the CLAT Consortium is trying very hard to push a certain narrative and train young students to think according to a certain ideology, even in cases that are subjudice.

  • Alcohol is a social problem and in many states of Bharat, its consumption is illegal. The CLAT paper had an excerpt from a column of prominent “liberal” Pratap Bhanu Mehta and questions based on it. The relevant portion is given below.

“Government grossly exceeds its legitimate power when it interferes with the rights of individuals to lead their lives as they please, and fashion their selves after their own ideals, interests and preferences. And certainly, moralism or puritanism on alcohol cannot be the basis of state policy. That moralism has no basis, and it violates the dignity and freedom of individuals.”

What Mehta wants to say here is that all anti-alcohol laws of say Gujarat, Kerala and Bihar are wrong. Secondly, enforcement of such laws somehow violates “dignity” of individuals. Of course, the questions and answers justified the statement. Alcohol consumption is being normalised and justified to 17-18 year old children, when the legal age of drinking is way above that everywhere in Bharat!

  • As if this was not enough, the exam also printed a paragraph from communist propaganda newspaper “The Hindu” about how digital publications are not credible and spread fake news. It claims that old journalism, obviously meaning the Hindu, does “evidence-based, data-driven journalism” while “bearing witness and making sense” of the news while the social media platforms and digital journalism ” are full of conspiracy theories”.

The answers to questions that follow this para make this more evident. These proclaim that ” The Digital news is neither evidence based nor data driven.” and “The Digital journalism does not help people in making informed choices“! It is quite well known that communists were anti-computer and anti-technology since the beginning. It resulted in the social media and digital journalism being dominated by those opposed to them even though in recent years they have poured in a lot of money for the same.

This whole para is amusing because The Hindu was famously caught spreading fake news in the Rafale deal and also recently in Bharat-China standoff. Curiously, The Hindu was the only newspaper in Bharat to print a full page propaganda in favour of China on National Day of China on 01.10.2020. The page long feature was presented as news to the untrained eye, unless one saw the words “A space marketing initiative” written in small fonts. So much for “evidence based” and “data driven”, “neutral” journalism of The Hindu!


It is clear that a certain agenda is being pushed through the exam and students are being trained to think about the world with a certain worldview. It is not surprising if such persons are involved in shaping young minds within the Law Universities and transform the same into factories producing mini-Prashant Bhushans on a large scale.

It was well known that social sciences, specially History, have been totally dominated by the leftists, who strangle any voice of dissent in their fiefdoms. There are indications that the process is going on in the elite law colleges of Bharat. It should be checked before it is too late.

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Pawan Pandey
Pawan Pandey
Pawan Pandey is an Educator based in Dehradun, currently working as Senior Staff Writer with HinduPost. He is an Engineer by training and a teacher by passion. He teaches for Civil Service Exams as well as for Common Law Admission Test. He has deep interest in politics, economy, culture and all things Bharatiya. He fancies himself to be a loving husband and doting father. His weakness is Bharatiya food, particularly sweets. His hobbies include reading, writing and listening to Bharatiya music.


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