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Friday, March 1, 2024

“Hindu girls’ naked bodies were hung from hooks at Raja Bazar beef shops”: Direct Action Day survivor and author Rabindranath Dutta

The memories of partition-era violence have not just been buried by our eminent historians, left-liberal intellectuals and secular politicians, they have also distorted those horrific events by painting Hindus like Veer Savarkar as the villain or through propaganda anti-Hindu TV serials like Tamas.

Having learned nothing from history, Hindu society slept as the events of partition were repeated in anti-Hindu pogroms of 1950 & 1964 in East Pakistan; in the 1971 genocide which claimed 2.4 million Hindu lives and led to Bangladesh War of Liberation; in the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus in 1990; and are being repeated to this day in the gradual religious cleansing of remaining Hindus of Bangladesh and Pakistan, and exoduses of Hindus from multiple pockets of Bharat.

Direct Action Day – 16 August 1946 – was a day on which Mohammed Ali Jinnah urged his Muslim League workers to take ‘direct action’ to press their demand for Pakistan. It was a signal for Islamist barbarity to be let loose on an unsuspecting Hindu population of Kolkata, anesthetized as they were from reality due to Gandhian indoctrination.

Rabindranath Dutta (92) is a survivor of that painful day and the equally horrific Noakhali riots that followed in October-November 1946. In a video shared by journalist Abhijit Majumder, Shri Dutta recounts the horrors he witnessed –

Majumder’s tweet thread summarizes the conversation he had with Rabindranath Dutta –

“August 16, 1946. Direct Action Day. Survivor of #DIrectActionDay and Noakhali riots, Rabindranath Dutta (92) recalls how naked, butchered bodies of H (Hindu) women were hung from hooks at Raja Bazar beef shops. Victoria College girls were raped, killed and bodies tied to hostel windows.

Rabindranath Dutta told me how he stood watching heaps of slaughtered H bodies during 1946 #NoakhaliRiots, pools of blood around his heels. Most women’s bodies had breasts missing, just black bite marks at those places and the genitals. It is hard to even listen to his accounts.

After his wife died, Rabindranath Dutta sold her ornaments to self-publish 12-13 books on #DirectActionDay, Noakhali massacre, and 1971 genocide. First-hand experiences, rare research. He says nobody in Bengal gave a damn…no politician, media, publisher, activist, or filmmaker.”

And today, the degeneracy in our Hindu society is such that we have a ‘Hindu’ film director, who also happens to be a TMC MLA, making propaganda movies showing Hindus as oppressors of Muslims.

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  1. आदिपुरुष फिल्म का क्लिपिंग देखकर अनेकों सवाल उठते हैं I क्यों ये लोग हिन्दू देवी देवताओं पर ही उल्टे सीधे विवादास्पद सीरिअल, फिल्म बनाते हैं और फिर ग़लत को सही साबित करने के लिए टीवी पर फ़ालतू की बहस करते हैं I बढ़ती हुई जनसंख्या, उग्रवाद और उग्रवादी मानसिकता को समाप्त करना आदि अनेक कार्य है जिन पर फिल्म या सीरिअल बन सकते हैं I जबकि देश में अनेकों सकारात्मक और देशहित के मुद्दे हैं जिन पर मीडिया वाले कुछ नहीं करते I ये सब सोची समझी चाल के अन्तर्गत हो रहा है I क्या आदिपुरुष फिल्म के लिए इनको सैफ अली खान ही मिला है I

  2. It is most unfortunate that Bengali Hindus are the ones supporting this violence. Another example is Tamil Nadu which will also begin in another decade or two of such Hindu cleaning. The minimum Hindus can do is to at least not support such genocide, directly or indirectly.

  3. The Hindus are as always and have been on the receiving end of violence in every Hindu-Muslim crisis.
    The grisly slaughter of millions of Hindus are never exposed to public because of FEAR. Two FEARS: one is another Hindu-Muslim riot and the second is lossing the Muslim votes in the election. After the Hidus are wiped out in Bangladesh, the cleaning of Hindus may start in West Bengal.


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