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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Exonerate by disenfranchising yourself – EVR ‘Periyar’ to Tamil Brahmins

Right until this day, most Tamil Brahmins wonder what exactly is expected of them to win the acceptance of the Tamil Non Brahmin society. “Dont feel superior” is laughably disingenuous. There is something else up the sleeve.

In what way should a Tamil Brahmin behave in order to win the acceptance of the Tamil Non Brahmins?

After all the Dravidian parties with their de-facto boycott of the Tamil Brahmins have done all that can be done in a democracy, given that no one can claim a fundamental right to be a member of a political party.

During the 1962 Legislative Elections “Periyar” had the answer. In order to win the love and affection of the Tamil Non Brahmins – they have to voluntarily disenfranchise themselves. (Give up their right to vote)

Here is the text ( From the Tamil authoritative biography from Ve. Anaimuthu, பெரியார் ஈவேரா சிந்தனைகள் – வே.ஆனைமுத்து vol-1 part-A pp 45-37)

The relevant part after a long winded introduction is as follows:

Except this fake independence Tamil Brahmin community is against every single development initiative. Not only this, in the name of justice, politics, Dharma, religion all the evil things are happening due to Tamil Brahmins. This country has grown to this level in spite of their opposition only. You can only slow down but cant prevent growth.

Therefore, Tamil Brahmins must change their behaviour. The prominent Tamil Brahmins must publicly issue a notice condemning Rajaji’s attitude and declare his policies as a dangerous disease that has befallen the community.

That is not enough.

In the upcoming elections, Tamil Brahmins must prove their goodwill. How? They must not vote for Rajaji, his policies, or for any party he ties up with, or voting for Congress – the opposition, or not for Rajaji, or for his opponent, or for vote for anyone else. By doing these things, Tamil Brahmins cannot get the trust of the common Tamil (non Brahmin). The common people will be suspicious of you.

If, in the future, Tamil Brahmins desire to get the love, respect, and good will of the other people there is ONLY ONE WAY.

Tamil Brahmins must not vote for anybody and stay away from the electoral process itself. It is time for a litmus test for Tamil Brahmins. Rajaji wont win this elections, his alliance also wont win. Congress (Kamaraj Nadar) will most certainly win and if that happens the anti Tamil Brahmin sentiment will only grow in public.

Just because there are a few Brahmins are there in important positions don’t think this will be of any benefit to you. There can be some temporary benefit. Due to these Employed, High Court Judges, Secretaries, Collectors the anti-Brahmin hatred is in fact growing in society. It is not very smart on Tamil Brahmins to trust them alone. It is also not a good idea to oppose Pandith Nehru. After elections most of the policies will be anti-Brahmins, except a few sellout non-Brahmins most people will support these not you.

From now, after this elections if the the Kanneer Thuli Katchi (Annathurai’s DMK) wants to survive they too must only adopt
policy of Brahmin hate. Remember – they (DMK) might come to me for help. I might also help them. In society, except Tamil Brahmins I have no other enemies.

Pay heed, Tamil Brahmins do not think I am threatening you. I am just explaining the ground situation. For rapid good of national society and civic progress Tamil Brahmins must support this idea. Otherwise I don’t have any conspiracy, trick, or threats. No there is no threat. I am ashamed I have to say this.

Therefore, Tamil Brahmins, Lawyers, Doctors, Employed, Hotel owner types and others, listen. You should not even approach a voting booth. By this voluntary disenfranchisement, you will show the Tamil Non Brahmin society that you can be trusted.

Accordingly, I think it is prudent for prominent Tamil Brahmins to issue a clarion call in this manner.

1/1/1962 E.V. Ramasamy (Periyar) writing in Viduthalai Magazine from பெரியார் ஈவேரா சிந்தனைகள் – வே.ஆனைமுத்து vol-1 part-A pp 45-37

Excerpts from the book:

So, this is obviously the mind of a racist maniac, but was he just holding a mirror to society? His prediction did come true. Even in 2020, no elite non-Brahmin Tamil except those with BJP affiliation will condemn this. For these elites, it is easier to ignore the filth in your own backyard and don a mask of a liberal sophisticate and lecture the world about being polite and civil.

(This article was first published on the author’s blog on 13th September, 2020 and is being reproduced here with permission, after minor edits to conform to HinduPost style-guide and improve readability.)

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