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Rtu Vidya – how the ancient science helped a Business Analyst transform her menstrual experience & helped get rid of periods pain

Sinu Joseph’s Rtu Vidya is a science that helps in making one’s menstrual cycle pain-free naturally. It uses the time-tested methods of our ancestors that can never go wrong. Sravya Vemulapati, a Business Analyst from Denver, shared how reading Rtu Vidya transformed her experience of menstruation.

A Business Analyst shares her menstruation experience

Shravya Vemulapati shared her positive experiences with the Rtu Vidya study group of which she was a part in 2021. She said she hails from a family that follows menstrual practices but she was joined by like-minded people who were attempting to learn more about the practices as mentioned in Sinu Joseph’s book.

Shravya further noted that the book helped her to make lifestyle changes that have helped her. She says she has been pain-free for eight months which is an appreciable achievement because she had to take at least one pain medication in every cycle for the past 10 to 12 years.

“The biggest thing group and the book have given me is the pride of being a menstruating woman. As somebody who was raised in Western society, women and girls are always told to fight menstruation. We need to feel like men, feel powerful even though we are menstruating.”, Shravya says.

Shravya adds that even though that sounds like empowering women, in reality, it does not allow women to own menstruation and embrace their femininity. Sinu Joseph’s Rtu Vidya helped her to fully understand and appreciate menstruation.

The book helped her to overcome menstrual pain completely. She adds that this book is the best gift for any girl or woman. Shravya pointed out that the chapter on why menstruation is a Gift and why one need not Fight it is highly recommended.

Rtu Vidya – ancient science behind menstrual practices

Rtu Vidya: Ancient science behind menstrual practices by Sinu Joseph is one of the most riveting books. Rtu, in Samskrtam, refers to menstruation and vidya to knowledge. Hence through the evocative title, the author attempts to weave the warp and weft of various Bharatiya knowledge systems such as Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra to create an intricate tapestry.

Rtu Vidya is a sacred offering that traces the trajectory of the author’s own journey of understanding the expression of menstruation as a core expression of being a female human. She does this through the lens of lived experience–pratyaksha pramana or direct experience that is one of the modes of knowledge in Samkhya philosophy—both hers and her extensive interactions with women across the country.

The framework of this scholarly engaging book intertwines and interweaves science and religion—not the hegemonic discourse of modern science, Western universalism and colonial discourse but through a deep dive and immersion in the panoramic philosophy, science and religion of Bharatiya systems of knowledge and its similarities and parallels with other ancient knowledge systems such as Ṣaḍ-Darśana, Āyurveda, Tantra, Chakra, Yōga, Āgama Śāstra, Jyotiṣa Śāstra, and several sub-texts from these categories. As a result, the book goes beyond just describing cultural practices and takes a deep dive into explaining the scientific and logical reasoning behind the origin of these practices.

According to the author, the Bharatiya perspective on menstruation is based on an all-encompassing understanding of a woman’s sthula sharira (physical anatomy) and sukshma sharira (subtle anatomy) and its interconnections with her environment. It understands menstruation as central to a woman’s overall well-being, and not just limited to childbirth. Understanding menstruation through this lens enables women to gain valuable insights into their overall health by observing their cycle, and taking measures to prevent menstrual disorders and related health issues.

“This book is for all Bharatiya women who have unanswered questions pertaining to menstrual practices; for menstrual researchers who will find a treasure trove of potential areas for research pertaining to menstrual health; for sportswomen to discover the ancient techniques employed by traditional martial art and dance that worked in sync with women’s periods and not against it; and also for the feminist who assumes that cultural practices around menstruation are a taboo that needs to be done away with!” explains the author.

Rtu Vidya is a  powerful reminder to reconnect with our roots and ancient wisdom traditions and reclaim the wisdom of ancient heritage with pride and humility because such knowledge is part of our inherited wisdom that is as ancient as the bhumi  (earth) in which it is grounded.

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