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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Pfizer in the dock for unethical practices around Covid-19 vaccine

Several unethical practices of Pfizer have come to the fore in recent times. Scientists funded by the company are believed to have made speeches linking AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine to cancer. A Channel 4 documentary has brought to light the fact that Pfizer has been funding efforts to undermine other scientific efforts but the US drug giant has denied the allegations.

Pfizer funding lies against AstraZeneca

The company is accused of having funded a presentation where speakers claimed that vaccine manufactured by AZ led to cancer and was unsafe for immunosuppressed patients. The presentation took place at an educational seminar in Canada last year. However, there is no confirmation as to whether it was an isolated event or more such events had been sponsored by Pfizer.

The company’s manufacturing costs stands at 76p per shot where as the UK government is reportedly being charged £22 per dose meaning there is almost 3000 percent markup on the manufacturing price states Channel 4.

Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, the director of the Oxford vaccine group that developed the AstraZeneca vaccine, dismissed the claims and warned of the dangers of spreading vaccine misinformation. The US drug giant’s spokesperson, however, said that the company provided funds to a third-party agency to create educational programme about vaccines in Canada following ‘numerous requests from Canadian health professionals’.

Pfizer vaccine data to be available only in 2096

The US FDA (Food and Drug Association) has asked a federal judge to allow it time till 2096 to make the entire data and information it relied upon to approve the Pfizer vaccine available in the public domain.

“The Court ordered the parties to submit briefs in support of their respective positions by December 6, 2021.  The FDA’s brief, incredibly, doubles down.  It now effectively asks to have until at least 2096 to produce the Pfizer documents.  Not a typo.  A total of at least 75 years“, notes Aaron Siri.

The influence wielded by the US drug giant is evident from the manner in which it has been asking for indemnity. It has forced several governments to accept either a secret arbitration panel or settle legal disputes only through US courts. Its contract with Albania also indicates how the company is bulldozing its way.

“As per the documents shared, the agreement not only covered manufacturing of vaccines for COVID-19 and its mutations, but also for ‘any device, technology, or product used in the administration of or to enhance the use or effect of, such vaccine’. The agreement also had a clause that did not allow countries to terminate the contract with Pfizer if any other drug is found to be effective in the treatment of COVID-19”, said OpIndia.

It may be recalled that earlier the company had been accused by a whistleblower of having falsified its trial data. The whistle-blower Brook Jackson, who was employed with Ventavia Research Group that was conducting the trials, had pointed out many serious lapses in the Pfizer trials. WHO appears to have cut corners to approve the US drug giant’s vaccine.

Pfizer has been bullying governments by making unreasonable demands including indemnity meaning one cannot sue the company in case of severe Covid vaccine side effects and neither can one claim damages in such cases. Furthermore, the company controls donations which means Pfizer will decide how and where the vaccines can be donated. The company also retains the right to decide delivery dates and when and where legal action can be taken against it. As per Pfizer’s conditions, disputes are to be settled in secret arbitration courts. Despite such bullying tactics, Bharat’s liberal cabal has been batting for it.

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  1. Dr Michael Yeadon responded to a person who remarked that surely those advancing the Pfizer mRNA vaccines knew they weren’t well designed.

    I’m sharing Yeadon’s reply because it’s quite a good summary of how they couldn’t NOT know :

    “I’m also quite sure they knew. I recall noticing with surprise & alarm that all the leading vaccine projects used related, gene-based technology which was unprecedented in a public health context. In public health, the topmost requirement is safety. Not even “does it work?”, but “is it safe?”. That’s because so many people are to be in contact with that product, if there was a safety issue, you could easily harm more people that the natural hazard being faced. New technology doesn’t fit there. It’s not possible to adequately test the safety ahead of massive scale use. Then to the details. I think Sucharit Bhakdi called it early, but pointing out what I’ve mentioned here. Finally, as a toxicologist / biochemist / drug discovery person, I knew there were no control systems, no brakes & no guidance systems attached to the shiny technology. How was the treatment going to produce the appropriate amount of foreign, pathogen-derived spike protein as “immunogen”? That’s the function of whatever is to be presented to our immune systems, so that it learns what to assign the molecular label “pathogen-related”. I immediately saw that normal, biological diversity meant that some people would make little of the spike protein, others more & some, very large amounts. Another lurch when I appreciated that where in the body that foreign protein was made would probably matter. In the tiny blood vessels of the heart? That could set up autoimmune & inflammatory responses in the muscle of the heart. Or in the blood circulation in the brain, might not that lead to a stroke? Finally, for how long would the genetic code for spike protein continue forcing its instructions to be followed? A day? A week? A month? Permanently? Again, I couldn’t see a control mechanism within the product, so the answer will probably follow the decay probability distribution curve. Now blend just those four properties. Spike protein isn’t just to educate our immune systems (which it might well do, albeit in the wrong place & do not be effective in providing artificial immunity). It’s also going to do whatever the virus protein’s outermost functions are. It’s a pathogen. It’s evolved to have a chance of beating our defences from time to time. There will be human biology-specific ways to accomplish that goal. It turns out that, as a class of external, human host-facing proteins, these spike proteins are complex, three-stranded constructions, capable of triggering cells to stick to one another and, when that happens in the blood, that initiates blood clotting. They also trigger an arm of the innate immune system, called “the complement system”. Both cascade-based, self-amplification systems are likely to be triggered. And so it went on, worrying findings really weren’t hard to find. In conclusion, it was unlikely that the products could function as vaccines because they’d cause the wrong kind of immune response. Worse, the chances that the variable amounts of spike protein to be made, in uncontrolled locations in our bodies & for unregulated amounts of time meant there was no likelihood that the things would be safe. And so it proved.”


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