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Saturday, July 20, 2024

TN: Man abuses & threatens to attack Brahmins for reciting Sanskrit mantras

A shocking video of a man, presumably a Dravidianist or Tamil nationalist, threatening Brahmin pujaris for reciting mantras in Sanskrit has emerged on the internet. The man threatens to pelt stones at the Brahmins if they don’t recite mantras in Tamil despite the locals opposing it.

In a video going viral on social media, a man can be heard shouting at Brahmins asking them to recite mantras in Tamil. It appears to be a consecration ceremony of a temple where many yajna kundas can be seen. The man appears to be in a drunken state and cannot even pronounce Tamil correctly. But he keeps threatening the Brahmins at yagya kundas to recite mantras in Tamil even after they assured him that they will give explanation to all the mantras in Tamil after the recital is over.

Locals can be seen standing in support of Brahmins and trying to assuage the drunkard at first. They also invite him to remove his chappals and sit along with them to hear the recital and the explanation. From the tone of the locals it appears that the man is from a political background with considerable influence. Funnily he suggests that the pujaris should say “Vinayaka Potri” which he thinks is pure Tamil.

In the end after he repeatedly harassed the pujaris saying, “I’ll call whoever I need to. I don’t worry about repercussions. I’ll throw stones at you if you don’t say it in Tamil”, locals ask “Are you the only Tamil in the village? Are others not Tamils?”. The authenticity of the video and when it was recorded or posted on social media first could not be independently verified by Hindu Post. But such incidents have been on the rise since DMK came to power with Dravidian ideologues openly calling for violence against Brahmins.

Last month Dravidar Kazhagam leader Suba Veera Pandiyan had abused Badri Seshadri, a Tamil Brahmin scholar and threatened to cut off the janeus of Brahmins. Seshadri had commented on late CM Annadurai’s remark about Hindi. A Dravidianist had tweeted that Annadurai said that Hindi can be learnt in six months and there is nothing more in the language to learn after that. Seshadri had quoted this and said that Annadurai should be called an idiot if he had really said so.

Dravidianists descended on his TL abusing him and his caste for proposing that Annadurai should be called an idiot. They also demanded the DMK government to remove him from the advisory board of Tamil Internet Education Corporation. Seshadri was removed from the board while an abusive, perverse and fraudulent character called Kannabiran Ravishankar was retained.

During this saga, Suba Veera Pandiyan while speaking at an event called names and threatened to cut off Seshadri’s janeu. Such speeches motivate the lower rung cadre to take violence in their own hands and someone threatening Brahmins for reciting Sanskrit slokas is one such outcome. Anti-Brahmin hatred and abuse is only strengthening day by day after DMK assumed power.

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