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The Kerala Story producers present 26 survivors on stage

Vipul Amritlal Shah, the producer of The Kerala Story movie, has donated 51 lakh rupees to the Aarsha Vidya Samajam of Thiruvananthapuram, which protects the victims of religious conversion by returning them to their Swadharma. At a press conference held as part of the film’s promotion in Mumbai, survivors who became volunteers of the Aarsha Vidya Samajam too participated.

The movie makers presented 26 victims of Islamic radicalization at the press conference held on May 17. These women were brought from Kochi to Rang Sharda Hall in Bandra, where they were presented before the media. They are the ones who faced the atrocities of religious conversion and also narrated their experiences.

Shruthi, Chithra, Athira, Anagha, and Vaishali from the Samajam narrated their experiences in the program. These twenty-six real-life heroes indoctrinated and trapped by ISIS recruiters were flown in from Kerala for the press conference. Thankfully the media did not know their travel plans, or local terror supporters would have done everything possible to stop them from their mission.

Vipul Shah said the story is about Kerala and Bharat (especially areas with an Islamist majority). He warned that if we ignore the conversion menace now, it will become too late.

The movie makers revealed how a 2015 journey to Arsha Vidya Samaj moved them to produce The Kerala Story. Back then, these ladies were forced to live in a house where radical Islamists had disconnected electricity connections. While these vulnerable girls walked to the Ashram, local Muslims snatched groceries and vegetables, leaving the girls hungry all night.

The Kerala Story results from more than seven years of research and study. Director Sudipto Sen asked for compassion from the media towards the victims of grooming jihad (love jihad). During the press conference, the film’s creators stated that giving the victims of grooming jihad a voice is their duty.

Protecting Hindu Dharma in ancient times was comparatively easy, said a survivor. Bhagwan Shri Krishna or Bhagwan Shri Ram could appear and annihilate evil by slaying one or two evil characters. We would have to eliminate thousands of sinners in modern times, which is practically impossible.

This is where an ideological war seems to be the only option left against those who plan to harm humanity and the entire universe. Thus arose the need for an activity to bring back those misguided by other ideologies that promote anti-nationalism and anti-humanism.

The Ashram wanted to bring back those who left Hindutva after being brainwashed since the era of the missionaries. Between 1999 and 2003, Aarsha Vidya Samajam brought 7,000 highly indoctrinated ones back to Sanatana Dharma. These victims had adopted Islam. The majority of those rescued were grooming jihad victims trapped by radical Islamists. These volunteers/victims expose what happened so others do not take a similar path.

Vipul said that some media houses tried to discredit him and his team. One might remember the ‘not 32,000 but only three’ fake propaganda campaigns that hit social media and evening chatshows when the movie trailer was released. This is a story of 32,000 women shown through the eyes of 3 victims. The 7,000 rescued ones mentioned earlier are from just one such institution trying to save Sanatana Dharma, and 26 survivors were on stage.

The Kerala Story movie showed the real-life trauma of three girls trapped by Islamists. The movie’s opponents should check their conscience as to why they tried to discredit the film without supporting the live victims sitting in front of them. Vipul promised to bring out more statistics and numbers pretty soon.

25 of the 7,000 victims that Aarsha Vidya Samajam helped bring back are now dedicated full-time volunteers. These ladies fight against conversion and get back victims. They receive between 5 to 10 daily phone calls asking for help worldwide. They repeated that radicalization begins when the children (girls and boys) are around 15.

The first question put forward by journalists was an illogical one. Someone asked how many of these 26 ladies had joined ISIS. Wouldn’t an ISIS bide be in jail? The real-life characters shown in the movie are in some Afghanistan jails.

Radicalization in Kerala has reached unmanageable levels. Sudipto Das pointed out the recent incident where Popular Front of India (PFI) terrorists used 10-year-old boys to raise slogans calling for Hindu and Christian genocide in Kerala. (Slogans calling for Azadi, special Islamist prayers in Ayodhya and Gyan Vapi, death to non-Muslims, the genocide of Sanghis, and rants of Insha Allah Insha Allah were also heard.)

Islamist justifiers tried hard to provoke the movie team in attempting to paint them as Islamophobes. For example, Vipul took Bharat’s best-known villain character, Gabbar Singh, from Sholay. Does that mean the movie producer was against the whole Sikh community? He asked. Vipul also pointed out that a Hindu priest is a villain in Singham II. Similarly, some characters in The Kerala Story are terrorists. (After all, the cast and crew of The Kerala Story now face open threats of Sar Tan Se Juda)

A Times of India journalist tried to insinuate Kerala’s ‘religious diversity’ and claimed the Ashram is into vigilantism. Islamic indoctrination has affected both men and women. The victims become adverse to their families/friends, and their relatives seek Ashram’s help. The Hindu institution just counseled them. Vipul disagreed with the reporter and asked how exposing terrorism might affect diversity. With a 100% literacy rate in Kerala, Islamist villages, mainly in Malabar, run only on Sharia laws.

Indoctrination into Islam speeds up in higher educational institutions. Islamist hostel mates target non-Muslims. These radical Islamist roommates turn the topic toward religion. They confuse Hindus and start to criticize our religion. Why do you have so many Bhagwans? Why do you pray to a stone? Those unaware of Sanatana Dharma fall prey and cannot answer this well-organized conversion mafia tactic. Due to a lack of knowledge of religion, Hindus cannot present their side.

(Since Hindu parents are atheist Marxists, the victims often go silent. For some strange reason, non-Hindu communists are allowed to practice their religion. Some Hindu communists have recently started to rebel, but the political ideology has severely damaged at least three generations of Hindus)

This is when the Islamists present Allah and claim he is the only god. Koran translations and radicalization videos of terrorists like Zakir Naik and MM Akbar soon follow. So does namaz, reading Koran, and fasting for Ramadan.

These Islamist conversion mafia ladies ask Hindu girls to disobey their parents since they are Kafir. The victims used to tell their parents that if you people did not accept Islam, they would go to Jahnnum (hell). “My family used to worship Bhagwan at home and conduct poojas. Meanwhile, I offered namaz on the terrace,” admitted one of the victims.

The Kerala Story demonstrated how Islam was being abused, not how it should be practiced. There are stories of people joining ISIS after accepting Islam. In contrast, conversions with other religions don’t usually have that goal where people blow themselves up in the name of religious ideologies.

Despite controversies and calls for a ban in several states, The Kerala Story has run exceptionally well in theatres. HinduPost reported how hundreds of boys and girls from West Bengal are going daily to the neighboring state Assam to watch the banned movie ‘The Kerala Story.’ It has already crossed Rs 165 crore mark at the box office within 13 days of its release. Collections are expected to breach the Rs 200 crore pretty soon.

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  1. I really admire the way they produced Kerala Storey. Some how or the other Hindus are not uniting to fight against Islamisation. See how Gulf Council Countries control their citizens and mercilessly rout out Zigathis.


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