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Parakulam Temple desecrated: Pathanamthitta, Kerala

Another ancient Shiva Temple in Kerala was desecrated while the whole world was engaged in Shivaratri celebrations. The ancient Parakulam Temple inside the forest in the Pathanamthitta district, which has a history of more than 750 years, was attacked. Assailants wrecked the Shivlinga, damaged the Nandikesha deity using sharp tools, and threw away the bronze lamps.

The Temple is deep inside the reserve forests, 9 km from the nearest tarred road, and is accessible by foot or four-wheel drive. Cameras are everywhere, and the forest department monitors entry or exit. Non-resident locals are required to apply for entry passes. The Shiva murti is famous and draws pilgrims from all over Kerala.      

Devotees alleged that the attack was carried out with the connivance of the forest department. They added that instead of protecting this ancient Temple made of granite, the forest department is trying hard to destroy it. They alleged that this is not the first time the Temple has been desecrated recently.

Fearing a backlash from the authorities, they preferred to keep it to themselves. Naduvathumoozhy Forest Station is 30 km from the nearest village, and recent attempts have been made to coerce locals to apply for passes to reach the Temple.

Locals Hindus alleged that this was done to trap them in desecrations that Abrahamics indulge in. Forest department officials are also using fake stories to create fissures between Hindus.

Devotees demanded immediate restoration and protection of the Temple damaged by the violence.

Incidentally, Parakulam temple is the ‘Moolasthanam’ (source of the main deity) for several temples all over South Kerala. Many Hindus are not aware of this. Destroying this Temple will affect several neighboring temples, and devotees might not even know or notice it until it’s too late. 

The Pentecostal Menace

Though the Temple is technically in the Pathanamthitta district, the nearest village is Kalanjoor near Pathanapuram on the Kollam Pathanamthitta border. Parakulam temple is inside the Naduvathumoozhy forest range under the Konni Forest Division. The region is plagued by Pentecostal missionaries who convert Janjatiya Hindus to Christianity.

Mathrubhumi report dated 12.12.2022

On 11 December 2022, around 150 Hindu devotees, under the auspices of the Parakulam Dharmasangha Association, took out a Neyykavadi procession to the Temple lying in ruins. They moved in pick-up vans and jeeps from Padam Padayanipara Sree Mahadeva Temple near Kalanjoor. Braving treacherous roads and dangerous conditions, the devotees somehow reached their destination.  

These pilgrims initially cleaned the run-down Temple and its surroundings. They then conducted a pooja for Bhagwan Shiva and anointed the murti with ghee. Devotees also lit a fire and prepared Pongala (Kheer/Porridge) before returning home. 

There is an ancient Temple pond and the remains of a compound wall in the vicinity. The Temple is surrounded by several Devavriksha (trees beneficial for constructing temples) that are centuries old. Thick granite stones are neatly arranged all around the sanctum sanctorum. It is built in the Thanjavur Architectural style. Whoever destroyed the original Temple could not complete their job. 

Left Democratic Front (LDF) nominee and Kerala Congress (B) leader K.B. Ganesh Kumar won the Pathanapuram constituency. He is an actor, minister, controversial figure, and the assembly’s lone Kerala Congress (B) MLA. 

Locals confirmed that Ganesh is also a well-known crypto-Christian who attends controversial churches and regularly meets cult Christian leaders. His anti-Hindu pro-Jesus tirades are available on YouTube. Ganesh is a proper Hindu In Name Only (HINO) who also visits temples to keep his Hindu voters in check. 

Ganesh is also allegedly close to John Tharu, a Christian pastor from Kerala who claims his prayers can heal cancer to piles. Tharu has used his vile strategy and coerced sick and ailing Hindus from all over south Bharat into his evil cult. Though Tharu is based out of Anchal in Kollam, he focuses on the Janjatiya regions of Kollam and Pathanamthitta.  

It is suspected that Abrahamics are using the communist government and its corrupt administration to wipe out the Temple. False claims of elephants destroying the Parakulam temple are also doing the rounds. No elephant has ever trampled on a temple made entirely of thick granite slabs, especially using sharp tools.    

Last month, HinduPost reported how Sree Kurumba Bhagavati Temple in Kodungallur, Thrissur district, was vandalized and desecrated. Locals caught hold of the hooligan and handed him over to the police. Initially, Kerala police refused to name the person and claimed he was a Hindu. Though it was clear that the assailant was acting on behalf of someone, the authorities did not follow up on that crime.

Incidentally, the Sabarimala Temple is situated in Pathanamthitta, and Christians have indulged in arson and desecration of the Hindu place of worship on several occasions. HinduPost reported how one particular converted Christian family who partook in the arson felt the full brunt of their ancestor’s actions. Last March, one family member shot his brother and uncle, and the lone survivor was jailed.

Temple Ruins & The State

The Parakulam temple ruins remind us of the Martand Temple in Anantnag, Kashmir, estimated to be built around 3007 BCE by Raja Ramdev from the Pandav Dynasty. The Temple was an architectural marvel mercilessly destroyed by Islamic invader Sikander Butshikan. It is believed that Butshikan and his barbarians took some time and effort to destroy the Temple. 

Like Parakulam, the Martand was built from granite slabs, and the jihadis could not fully obliterate the Temple. Kashmiri Islamists now openly call one of the oldest temples ruins Shaitan Ki Gufa (the devil’s lair). Muslim separatists have often turned to violence because they do not want the Hindus to return to Kashmir.

In 2009, Kashmiri Pandits, who had endured genocide at the hands of Islamists, managed to conduct a Hawan (ritual) for the first time in thousands of years. The movie ‘Haider’ was released in 2014 after the Islamists did not like the return of Kashmiri Hindus. Hindus worldwide tried their best and spoke to Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Minister Prakash Javadekar to ban the film, but the BJP leader did not.

Basharat Peer, a known anti-Bharat propagandist and Pakistani-American, wrote the screenplay, and local anti-Hindu HINO Vishal Bhardwaj directed the movie. Our I&B ministry permitted the distribution of the anti-Hindu film Haider and supported the film’s alleged Pakistani producers.

The Archeological Survey of India (ASI), a department of the Bharatiya government, is in charge of the Martand ruins. With special permission from the I&B ministry, the whole video for the song Bismil, which has lyrics like Shaitan Ki Gufa, was shot within the Temple ruins. Actors dressed in black ISIS-like uniforms stomped their boots and gyrated to sickening lyrics inside the Temple.  

The film was just a plot to discredit the Hindu Temple in Kashmir. Haider portrayed separatist groups favorably, humiliated our security troops, and ignored the suffering of Kashmiri victims who had recently experienced an exodus. Do local Abrahamics have a similar plot for our Parakulam Temple?

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