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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Madhu lynching and political Islam in Kerala

Recently, Rajesh K Menon, the Public Prosecutor fighting the Attapadi Hindu Janjatiya Madhu lynching case, opined that Mannarkkad MLA N Shamsudheen helped the accused. Madhu was lynched to death by Muslim traders from nearby Mukkali and their goondas on 22 February 2018. Shamsudheen is the face of political Islam in Kerala.

Attapadi lies in the high ranges near Mannarkkad, Palakkad. There are 16 accused, including local Muslim communist leaders. Instead of delivering justice to the Hindu Vanvasi who was killed, politicians like Shamsudheen are helping the accused because they are Muslims.

Shamsudheen is an Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) leader. IUML is a cadre-based, well-structured, and financially sound political outfit of, by and more importantly for the Muslim community, based out of Kerala. Rajesh’s admissions stunned some ‘secular’ Keralites, but others continued to deny political Islam in Kerala.

Attapadi, where a Muslim mob lynched Madhu, is part of the Mannarkkad constituency. Rajesh alleged that Shamsudheen did not rightly intervene in the Madhu murder case like a proper people’s representative.

Shamsudheen refused to provide any support to the public prosecutor or Madhu’s family. The IUML leader did not utter a single word to comfort Madhu’s family when they faced the biggest tragedy. Rajesh added that the Mannarkkad MLA remained silent whenever Madhu’s lynching came up in the Assembly.

The world still remembers the horrible images of jihadis lynching Madhu, especially the selfie. Back in 2018, HinduPost reported that the man who shared a selfie while Madhu was being lynched was identified as Ubaid T U, an aide of Mannarkkad IUML MLA Shamsudheen. However, the legislator said though Ubaid was present, he ‘only took a selfie’ and did not beat Madhu.

Allegedly, the cover-up had begun.

Madhu’s Lynching

Madhu, son of Mallan and Malli of Chindakki near Attappadi Chindaki, was lynched by a Muslim mob. These jihadis and their local Hindu accomplices accused the vulnerable Hindu Janjaitya of stealing rice from a nearby shop.

In Taliban fashion, jihadis assembled, and a mob of 60 encircled Madhu’s cave. They hunted Madhu from the forest and took him to Mukali on foot. He was brutally beaten. Attackers broke his backbone.

The poor Vanvasi Hindu also suffered 44 injuries, internal and external. According to the post-mortem report, Madhu had wounds on the head and bruises all over the body, including broken ribs, as well as internal bleeding, police had said.

These Islamists circulated video footage on social media. Allegedly, this was done to warn Hindus and to trigger genocide. Islamists have used land jihad and usurped whole tracts of land in many districts earmarked for poor Hindu Janjatiya. The attackers achieved their target, and many Hindus fled for safety, never to return.

Prosecutors like Rajesh say the case is that Madhu was killed due to injuries sustained in the attack by the accused. The communist regime and radical elements like MLA Shamshudheen have hampered their work. Madhu was the fourth government lawyer in a case where video evidence of mob violence was available! 

There are 16 accused in the case. Out of 127 witnesses, 24 defected during the trial. Noticeably, other members of the 60-odd original attackers are yet to be booked. No forest official was questioned or charged with criminal negligence or conspiracy. All 16 of the accused were granted bail. 

After five years, the Mannarkad Scheduled Caste Special Court will give its verdict on 4 April. The final argument of the case was completed on 10 March. Although the judgment was expected to be delivered on 30 March, Judge K M Ratish Kumar extended the verdict until 4 April, claiming the ruling was lengthy.

Local Hindus noted that their MLA even shielded another Shamsudheen (an accused in the Madhu lynching) who was made the CPM Mukkali branch secretary. Such leaders prove that the concept of justice for Hindu Janjatiya does not exist in political Islam or Marxism.

Political Islam & Democracy

Constituencies where IUML won, are classic examples of democracy gone wrong for the Hindu community. IUML is an Indian National Congress ally in Kerala, and naturally, Congress does not have candidates in areas of IUML domination.

Mannarkkad, on the Malappuram Palakkad border, had a Hindu majority until the 1990s. A sudden and steep influx of Muslims saw their population rise exponentially. By 2011, Muslims were 49%, Hindus 47%, and Christians almost non-existent. Congress affiliates (Hindu and Christian) had to vote for the openly Muslim party and candidate.

Hindus living in neighboring Malappuram do not even have a choice. Twelve of IUML’s 16 Assembly seats came from Malappuram, where Muslims account for 75% of the population. Mannarkkad Islamists continued the same population jihad through the 2010s. Now, locals swear non-Muslims account for just one out of four people in Mannarkkad.

Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM) happily hands over Mannarkkad to its B Team, Communist Party of India (CPI) candidates. These candidates help split the Hindu/Christian votes between communists and BJPs.

Though BJP claims IUML is a communal and religious outfit, BJP failed to contest the Mannarkkad seat in 2021. Isn’t crushing political Islam high on BJP’s political wish list?

Such adjustment politics in 2011, 2016, and 2021 meant Muslim voters thrice sent their IUML leader Shamsudheen to the Assembly. Mannarkkad Hindus had their choices but chose to be secular. Now that it’s a ‘Muslim-majority’ area, will the voices of ‘Secular Hindus’ who voted for Shamsudheen ever be heard again?

An elected Islamist representative helped an accused with an openly opposing ideology only because he is a Muslim. Shamsudheen tried his best to deny justice to the Hindu Janjatiya who was lynched. Do democratic values and ‘secularism’ apply only to Hindus? Do Hindus need this imported breed of people’s representation that openly shuns Dharma?

The 16 accused are Hussain (50), Marakkar (33), Shamsudheen (34), Aboobacker (31), Muneer (28), Siddique (38), Abdul Kareem (48), Ubaid (25), Najeeb (33), Aneesh (30), Radhakrishnan (34), Jaijumon (44), Sajeev (30), Satheesh (39), Hareesh (34), and Byju, all residents of Mukkali. Most of the jihadis are local landowners and business people.  

Incidentally, the same shop owners bought honey Vanvasis, like Madhu, collected from the forest. Madhu did not have a history of theft, making the robbery story unreliable. Most of these shops are owned by Islamists who adulterate the honey with jaggery water and fleece the tourists. Hindus in the area are mostly small farmers and jeep drivers.

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