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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Soft-conditioning of Hindu minds to normalize grooming jihad in Bengali TV serial ‘Khorkuto’

Grooming jihad, i.e. entrapment of mostly minor non-Muslim girls for sexual exploitation and/or conversion to Islam and marriage, is a serious crime across Bharat and even in countries like UK. It occurs due to indoctrination of Muslim youth by fundamentalist and supremacist clerics and community leaders who view it as a means towards the end of Islamic dominance. Colloquially, in Bharat, it is also known as ‘Love Jihad’ as often the perpetrator assumes a false Hindu identity and feigns to love the victim before unveiling his true intentions at a later stage.

However, the urban middle class and left-liberal chatterati dismiss this issue, due to their own brainwashing against so-called ‘Hindutva extremism’. Soaked in self-loathing towards their Hindu identity since childhood, this class believes Grooming/Love Jihad is a ‘Hindutva conspiracy theory’ to target innocent Muslims and prevent the creation of a utopian irreligious and classless society.

Blinded by their rank ignorance of Islamic doctrines and history, this educated-yet-unaware ‘woke’ crowd is further lulled into a false sense of security by superficial pop culture that reinforces their feel-good, uninformed assumptions. The Hinduphobic intelligentsia plays their part by ignoring rampant grooming jihad crimes, while treating the odd successful inter-faith relationship as the norm and shaming Hindu society for being ‘intransigent’.

Along with OTT web series, TV serials are also increasingly reflecting the normalisation of such self-harming narratives that are totally out of sync with reality. A twitter thread by @SayanG1288, reproduced below, throws light on one such Bengali TV serial ‘Khorkuto’ which premiered in August 2020 and airs on Star India‘s Bengali channel Star Jalsha, and is also available on digital platform Hotstar:

Popular Bengali soap ‘Khorkuto’ which garners top TRP is now flowing with a narrative driven with Love Jihad and legitimizing dhimmitude and Islamic values on Bengali Hindu ethos. Earlier this used to be just another daily serial revolving around joint family relationships.

Since past week, a new narrative was set when a Muslim character ‘Adil’ emerged .This was followed by the revelation that the household head “Jethu” had a daughter (Munia) who fled with a Muslim and married him due to which Jethu disowned her. This is a usual Love Jihad case and Adil is Munia’s son.

Adil introduced as a staunch Muslim keeping roza, wearing Islamic tabiz – again a case where the Hindu woman was forced to raise her child as a rigid Muslim keeping off dharmic values. Most importantly, the family members were portrayed as dhimmis being ultra accommodative. They were fine when Adil refused food offering from them due to his roza.

Now in the latest episode, Adil in turn went out for a outing with choti-bahu without informing others. It is a direct metaphor of targeting Hindu woman, this time a married one.

Lastly, the narrative is just brewing and it is expected the forlorn daughter of Jethu, ‘Munia’ would reappear and potentially lecture, influence and brainwash her parents on love, humanity and in turn, legitimize Love Jihad or better, ‘Family Jihad’ in this context.

Tactically speaking, it is a very old and tested Islamization strategy of targeting non-believer women and forwarding their demography via Love Jihad. Even more frightening is the fact that our mothers/sisters and even males are also regular viewers of this daily soap “Khorkuto”.

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