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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Khattar ji, first let’s tackle Islamists in Mewat, then discuss reversing partition

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Monday said Bharat, Pakistan and Bangladesh could unite just like Germany’s reunification.

Describing the partition of undivided Bharat as sad and painful, the CM said, “Partition should not have happened. Some people in Congress maybe wanted to grab power quickly. If they had let go of some power, then it could have been possible that 5, 10 or 20 years later, Partition would not have happened. We want that we have good relations with our neighbours”.

“East Germany and West Germany can unite, then can’t India, Pakistan and Bangladesh unite?… it happened not that long ago… around 1990-91 I think. People came and tore down the [Berlin] Wall… so there are different ideologies,” he added.

The Haryana CM made these remarks after inaugrating a three-day training camp of BJP’s national minority front in Gurugram on Monday, according to a press release issued by the front.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had made a similar call for undoing partition during a book launch last year. He had said that neither the people of Bharat nor those who had demanded a separate state in name of Islam i.e. Pakistan were happy today. He said that only when we integrated that which had been divided would we be able to walk towards our ultimate glory. He also added that partition was accepted to prevent rivers of blood from flowing. But if it had not been accepted, then whatever bloodshed may have happened, many times more bloodshed eventually happened back then (due to partition) and is happening till today.

Partition reversal – a dangerous dream

The intent of these leaders notwithstanding, such loose talk about reversing the partition needs to end. It creates a two-pronged threat to Bharat’s citizens.

First, we must understand that if apologists for Islamic fanaticism like MK Gandhi and Nehru could not convince Muslim League to drop their demand for a separate Pakistan, no one else could. What ‘letting go of power’ is the Haryana CM talking about? Allowing the likes of Jinnah and Suhrawardy to control levers of power in an undivided Bharat after the British left, even if only for a few years, would have likely resulted in an even worse outcome for Hindus. We might have ended up losing even more territory or having to wage war against the Jinnah-controlled Republic of (undivided) India for mere survival.

The only scenario in which not giving in to partition demands would have made sense is if we had the will to form a no-nonsense civilizational state like China and put down Muslim separatism with a heavy hand. Otherwise, the most logical thing to do was a partition with a well-managed total population transfer. But that bus was missed. In fact, Nehru and Gandhi invited the fanatical Muslims of Mewat who had gone to Pakistan back to Bharat. We further shot ourselves in the foot with the ill-advised Nehru-Liaqat pact of 1950.

So Shri ML Khattar’s take that further appeasement could have prevented partition is a non-starter. Now, let’s examine whether a partition reversal is feasible, and more importantly, is it desirable?

Yes, partition can potentially be reversed – if the newly re-integrated Bharat agrees to become an Islamic state or at least agrees to privilege Islam just like it is privileged in Pakistan and Bangladesh today. We should even be prepared for demands that the new nation be named ‘Republic of South Asia’ seeing the growing aversion to ‘India’ (forget Bharat) among Muslim and ‘liberal’ academics. Even if this proposed nation were to officially adopt ‘secularism’, haven’t we seen enough of the anti-Hindu tendencies of our own secular state in the last 75 years?

Need it be said that this would be a disastrous outcome for Hindus and other Dharmic indigenous groups? What use is such synthetic unity and increased geographic size if it means further dilution of our Dharmic identity and way of life?

As this twitter user puts it pithily, “If the 3 nations united, Muslim population would treble to 56 Crores @ 35%. Unless we want entire India to look like Bengal politically, it’s pretty much a death wish.”

Also, when BJP and RSS leaders express such thoughts, we can rest assured that they will be distorted and presented to the world as “Hindutva fascists aim to saffronize entire subcontinent”. This is the second threat, i.e. the further demonization of Hindus and Hindutva, that arises when we discuss reversing partition.

Living in denial?

Did the Haryana CM express such thoughts because he was addressing Muslim BJP workers, and thus imagined they have affinity for the Muslims of Pakistan? If true, this is worrying at many levels. All Bharatiyas, whatever their religion, need to be told clearly by our leaders that Pakistan is a modern-day Nazi state – it is a nation steeped in Islamic supremacism that brutally persecutes its minorities, and sponsors Islamic terror in the entire region. The general public of Pakistan is indoctrinated with hate for Hindus from an early age, and hence no ties should be maintained with that nation until it makes a fundamental course-correction.

West and East Germany reunited after Communism was comprehensively defeated and East Germany adopted the West German ideology of democracy and free markets. The US-led West had been engaged in a Cold War for 5 decades against USSR and its allies, before their eventual victory led to the falling of the Berlin Wall and the dismemberment of USSR. That is the kind of commitment and perseverance it takes to defeat your enemy. And it all starts by clearly recognizing the enemy and making long-term plans to destroy its threatening ideology.

Do we even have a plan to defeat the Islamist ideology of Pakistan? Actually, do we even have a plan to defeat the Indian Islamists that have deep roots in Bharat through organizations like Tablighi Jamaat and Jamaat-e-Islami? Do we even recognize this threat? Right now, the only nation with a clear long-term plan in the subcontinent seems to be Pakistan with its Ghazwa-e-Hind (conquest of the entire Bharatiya subcontinent) ideology.

Shri Khattar is the CM of a state which includes the Muslim-majority district of Nuh (Mewat) from which Hindus have been religiously cleansed and are subject to the most brutal persecution. A fact-finding team constituted by VHP in 2020 had submitted its finding to the CM and he had vowed to stop the decades-long atrocities and terror of Islamists in that region. That task is far from over, as the recent murder of DSP Surendra Bishnoi by illegal mining mafia demonstrated.

All elected representatives in Bharat need to work on a war footing to uproot the Islamist, evangelist, Maoist and other BreakingIndia forces destroying our country from within. Many parts of Bharat today are unlivable for Hindus, and the cancer is spreading fast. Let’s first focus on curing the country and creating proven models that can deradicalize Abrahamic supremacists.

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