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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Khalistani abusing & assaulting PTI journalist in USA caught on video, Indian Express is not buying it

Khalistani supporters are orchestrating massive attacks and protests at Bhartiya embassies and consulates in Britain, USA, Canada, and Australia, and have shed all pretensions of civilized discourse.

Recently, Khalistanis verbally and physically abused PTI journalist Lalit Jha, who was covering their protests outside the Bhartiya Embassy in Washington DC, USA. He had to be saved from the aggressive mob by US Secret Service and the local police.

Jha posted a video online which has gone viral.

Note: Abusive language, viewer discretion advised.

The video shows an elderly man arguing with the journalist, telling him “You report to the Indian government”. Then another middle-aged man steps in and starts abusing, “Fascist government, f**k Modi, f**k you…hey, hey, f**k the Indian government, f**k Modi, f**k you, you are a f**king dog for being his little b**ch. That’s what you are, make that video.” After this abusive tirade, the man turns around and seemingly deliberately strikes Jha with the large wooden poles with Khalistani flags attached that he is carrying.

“Thank you @SecretService 4 my protection 2day 4 helping do my job, otherwise I would have been writing this from hospital. The gentleman below hit my left ear with these 2 sticks & earlier I had to call 9/11 & rushed 2 police van 4 safety fearing physical assault,” Jha tweeted. 

“At one point I felt so threatened that I called 911. I then spotted Secret Service officers and narrated the incident to them. The pro-Khalistan protestors in support of Amrit Pal waved Khalistan flags and descended upon the embassy in the presence of the US Secret Service. They even openly threatened to vandalize the embassy and threatened the Indian Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu,” Jha told news agency ANI.

The incident drew a strong reaction from the Bhartiya embassy which said such activities underscore the violent and anti-social tendencies of these separatists.

“We have seen disturbing visuals of a senior Indian journalist from the Press Trust of India being abused, threatened & assaulted physically while covering the so-called ‘Khalistan protest’ in Washington DC earlier today. We understand that the journalist was first verbally intimidated, then physically assaulted, and fearing for his personal safety and well-being, had to call in law enforcement agencies…Such activities only underscore the violent and anti-social tendencies of the so-called ‘Khalistani protestors’ and their supporters, who routinely engage in wanton violence and vandalism,” the Bharatiya Embassy in US said in a statement.

Video footage has emerged showing the Khalistanis abusing Bharat, and threatening its Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu and other embassy staff at the same protest..

“Mr. Taranjit Singh Sandhu, the face of Indian terror diplomacy in the free world, we want to remind him that it is unacceptable for you guys to kill minorities, rape Christian women, to kill innocent Sikh men, to kill Muslims, to kill people in Nagaland, and then come here and say you are the biggest democracy, this hypocrisy comes to an end NOW,” a Khalistani man ranted over a megaphone.

Another Khalistani then says in Punjabi, “Some day you (Ambassador Sandhu) should lower your windows and ask yourself whether those you are pimping for are different from Babur and British rule. Celebrate Holi with your own brothers blood, a day will come when just like Giani Zail Singh (ex-President during Indira Gandhi’s time) the window panes of your house will also be broken…Khalistan zindabad!”

Indian Express doubts that Lalit Jha was attacked

Now, PTI is part of the same Lutyens’ media cabal as Indian Express, Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Wire, Scroll etc. This cabal abhors Hindutva and spins news to fit their left-liberal narrative, showing Hindus as ‘oppressors’ and so-called minorities as ‘oppressed’.

But when one of their own is attacked, and there is clear video testimony to prove it, you would expect them to report at least that truthfully. Well, you would be mistaken.

This cabal acts like a pack of hyenas. They can sacrifice even the physical safety of one of their own ecosystem journalists, in order to push their larger agenda of subtly supporting all sorts of #BreakingIndia movements. Or maybe Lalit Jha is not anti-Hindu enough for their liking.

This is how Indian Express covered (archived here) the news of the attack on Lalit Jha.

Notice the scare quotes around word ‘attack’ in the headline, implying scepticism. The message is drilled further into the reader’s sub-conscious by implying that even the Indian Embassy in US is making a mountain out of a molehill by dubbing it a ‘grave and unwarranted attack’, and that Lalit Jha is sensationalizing the incident by thanking US Secret Service for ‘protecting’ and ‘helping’ him.

It would not be far-fetched to say that a major section of Indian ‘national’ media consists of elements who probably celebrate when a Hindu is murdered in some corner of the country, as happens almost on a daily basis. Is it any wonder that this cabal and the bodies they have formed like Editor’s Guild come to the support of Kashmiri ‘journalists’ arrested for glorifying terror and illegally receiving foreign funds?

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