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Friday, December 8, 2023

Kerala Police magazine prints sacrilegious, depraved article on Ramayana and Hindu deities

A sacrilegious article attacking Hindu Dharma appeared in the monthly edition of Kaval Kairali, the official mouthpiece of the Kerala Police Association. Protests by Hindu organizations are intensifying against the article, which is nothing but anti-Hindu hate speech. The article portrays scenes from the Ramayana obscenely and contains exceptionally provocative references to Sri Hanuman Swamy.

The article states that Bhagwan Hanuman is a person who does not have a definite answer when asked who his father or mother is – He comes up with names that locals prompt. The obscene write-up contains vulgar remarks about Devi Sita, Lakshmana, and other characters of Ramayana that are not even worth publishing.

The disturbing article that offends the beliefs of the Hindus has been published in a magazine whose editorial board consists of police personnel themselves. An obscure leftist writer VS Ajith prepared the write-up titled ‘Quantum Leap and Disempowerment’, and Kerala police happily published the same. The article has been criticized within the police force itself. The demand of Hindu organizations to withdraw the magazine and apologize is also getting stronger.

Communist foot soldiers try hard to project themselves as anti-Hindu to appease their Marxist rulers. Marxist theory of class warfare needs a villain, and they have zeroed in on Hindu society and our Dharma. Out courts and intelligentsia cry themselves hoarse talking about the ‘religion-neutral’ and secular nature of the Indian state, but the truth is that Hindu hatred is the bedrock of our state and has been normalized by all organs, whereas globally-dominant Abrahamic religions are treated with deep reverence.

Kerala’s Marxist rulers are anyway out to please their Islamist paymasters and vote-bank. Deeply embedded within the police force is a group called Pacha Velicham (Green Light). Recent developments proved that around 1,000 Kerala police officers had links with the now-banned Popular Front of India terrorists. 

Had the article criticized Islam similarly, the results would not have been the same. Radical Islamists have chopped off the hands of a professor in Kerala for far lesser ‘offenses.’ Communists and Islamists are misusing Hindu inaction to push their agenda, and the administration is actively helping them. 

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  1. Hey foolish writer of such articles: the Valmiki Ramayana describes Sri Hanumanta in much detail. It initially itself says he was the son of Maruts (Vayu). This is from the 3rd sarga of Kishkinda Kanda of VR. You can verify it for yourself, fool.

    कपि रूपम् परित्यज्य हनुमान् मारुतात्मजः |
    भिक्षु रूपम् ततो भेजे शठबुद्धितया कपिः || ४-३-२
    The sanskrit is simple enough even for a retard like you to understand. It says “discarding the form of a vanara, the son of Marut, Hanuman, took on the form of an ascetic (bhikhsu) because he was very curious about Sri Ram”
    (this is when Sri Ram and Sri Lakshmana first ventured into the region of Kishkinda where Sugreeva was hiding, and Hanuman was with him).

    Communist filth like yours cannot understand this.


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