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Monday, July 22, 2024

FCRA NGO caught training pastors to plant 4 lakh churches across Bharat

Banners of a missionary event declaring its intent to plant 4 lakh churches in Bharat has gone viral on social media. Concerned citizens who came across the banner in a hotel in Chennai shared the photos on social media. It has resulted in much discussion on who these missionaries are, how they became so bold to conduct such an event in broad daylight and who funds such a huge project.

From the banners circulated on social media we come to know that it was organised by a missionary organisation Harvest Church India. The event was held on January 10 and 11 with prominent evangelists like Mohan C Lazarus extolling advice on how to plant churches. It was held at a posh hotel, Radisson Blu, in Chennai for pastors who lead congregations of more than 300 followers.

The event was named Nehemiah Consultation and openly announced its intention to plant 4 lakh churches in 4 lakhunchurchedvillages of Bharat by 2030 calling it ‘Vision 2030 Nehemiah Push’. Planting churches is a trick of introducing Christianity to places where no Christians live.

Harvest Church India which organised the event was founded by a Pentecostal pastor Kalyan Kumar Jegadeesan whose main function is to train Christian preachers in ‘harvesting more souls and planting more churches’ through “strategic meetings”. His Facebook posts are full of meetings organised to mentor pastors and one such says “A game changing plan & thrust emerged to complete the Kingdom strategic positioning task & to end Gospel poverty in Tamil Nadu”.

He appears to be a close friend of evangelist Mohan C Lazarus and often attends his Power Ministry Camp where pastors leading congregations with more than 300 followers are trained to harvest more souls. The pastor seems to be an influential person as prominent evangelists like Paul Dinakaran attend his events to ‘guide’ small time pastors in church planting.

Pastor Kalyan’s Facebook posts show the kind of “education and literacy” purposes for which his FCRA NGO receives foreign funds

Like the banner suggests he works across Bharat and his Facebook posts reveal his involvement in evangelising Hindus of Bihar. We also come to know that his NGO runs a school in Bihar where religious texts are taught to children. Recently, Prabhu Solomon, a Tamil cinema director was in news for his blatant attempt at pushing Christianity through his movies. His new movie Chembi had subtly pushed Christianity by showing, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”, a quote from the Bible.

During the special screening of the movie Solomon was questioned by reporters on his intention behind showing in his movie that only Jesus/Christianity spread love. He answered that Christianity is a way of life and Jesus was only spreading love not religion. But from pastor Kalyan’s Facebook post we come to know that Solomon brought artists and workers from cine industry to the pastor’s meetings for the past 12 years to “reach them”.

Harvest Church India is an FCRA NGO (TN/075900944) registered under the name Harvest Apostolic Ministries with Kalyan Kumar as its Trustee. It received funds for the purpose of “Education and Literacy” as stated in NGO Darpan entry. But the devil is hidden in the details as the education is “spiritual”. 

Hindu Existence, a portal recording persecution of Hindus, notes how individual castes are targeted for conversion along the lines of Joshua Project. Joshua Project was banned by Russia, where orthodox Christians are the majority, for creating nuisance in public and bothering the public. Apart from individual castes, Harvest Apostolic Ministries also targets Sikhs and different sects of Islam’s for conversion. The web pages on the missionary organisation’s Nehemiah Push project have been erased now.

But Hindu Existence’s quote from the page says, “Ask God to rise up prayer teams who will begin breaking up the soil through worship and intercession. Ask the Lord to call full time Christian workers to works amongst the Brahmin_Yatav_Chamar_ Rajput…Pathan_Ansari_Mahishya_Mali. Ask Holy Spirit to grant creative ideas of Evangelism to the Missionaries/Churches/ mission agencies that God would rise to work amongst the Bania,_Jat_Kurmi_Teli_ Mappila_Koli_Kopri_Khar”.

It further stated that the Nehemiah Push meeting resolved to “target 2292 ‘unreached’ people groups having 59,92,74,000 people” through random mass conversion events. A prayer card in Harvest Apostolic Ministries’s website says that there are 5,98,61,000 “unreached” Brahmins and that they should be made to give up their traditions and follow Jesus through the power of prayers. It extensively talks about making Brahmin households accessible for preaching, planting churches in their neighborhood and appointing preachers to convert them.

With the DMK government, which openly accepts that it was installed by Christians, it is no wonder that such acts of disturbing communal harmony of the state are taking place in broad daylight. In April 2021, shortly after the assembly polls were over, posters saying “Bless Tamil Nadu Jesus” cropped up all over the state pasted even on temple walls in blatant disregard for religious feelings of others. It is no wonder now they feel emboldened and declare their intentions very frankly. Yet Harvest Apostolic Ministries has erased information from its website which could be due to its violation of FCRA rules.

The NGO had declare its purpose for getting funds from abroad as “education and literacy”. But it has been using the funds for proselytisation which is different from the stated purpose and violates the FCRA rules. With the Home Ministry making annual returns filed by FCRA NGOs inaccessible to the public it is difficult to find out how long and from whom Harvest Apostolic Ministries has been getting funds. But from the information available on public platforms it appears that it is violating FCRA rules.

Social media users made observations about how much planting 4 lakh churches throughout Bharat could cost as it includes cost of land, building, and other things. Many speculated that such a project would require thousands of crores and the missionary organisations must be getting it from foreign donors. It is possible to an extent as around Rs.15,000 crores come to Bharat through FCRA route every year as reported by TOI. In the period of 2016-2020 alone Rs.51,000 crores was sent to FCRA NGOs in Bharat. So such speculation cannot be mere conspiracy theory and the government should take measures to check the inflow of foreign funds and its aid in changing the demography.

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  1. Why are you afraid of Jesus? He has done only good things. If he is now in charge and commands the spirits, who are you to resist him? But if he is dead and can’t do anything anymore – then why give him and his believers any attention. If there is no power, they can’t survive. So be kind, love and accept that humans are free to believe in anything. That is the dignity of a human being.

    • No one is afraid of Jesus….but the whole world is sick of his bigoted followers who have no respect for other religions, other cultures. You expect a free pass to spew hateful nonsense about Hindu deities, to usurp our traditions like you did with ‘pagans’ in Europe? All this on the back of economic clout garnered through bloody colonial conquest of last 500 years which was first sanctioned by the Pope. Bigots like you should be the last ones to speak of human dignity – you vultures exploit poverty to harvest souls for your God. If a saintly person like Jesus actually existed and were alive today, he would be shocked at what you lot have reduced his teachings to.


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