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Friday, April 12, 2024

Evangelist, Maoist and not a “Swamy” : the real story of Stanslaus Lourdusamy

The death of “Stan Swamy” has left the left-liberal cabal in tears. They would want us to believe that “Swamy” was a martyr of sorts, many have referred to him as a “saint”. No doubt, after a few decades the Church will declare some fake miracle and formally give him that status.  However, “Swamy” was far from the “savior” of the downtrodden that the cabal would have us believe. Let us uncover the real face of “Stan Swamy”.

Not a “Swamy”

The real name of “Swamy” is Stanislaus Lourdusamy. One cannot but notice that “Swamy” is not a part of his name, yet he had used it for a very long time. The religious connotations of “Swamy” are quite clear, it refers to a holy man. Could it be that Lourdusamy kept that name to attract Hindu vanvasis to his Christian faith?

That is almost certainly the case. One can take the case of 17th century Jesuit priest Roberto De Nobili, one of the first Christians to attempt converting Hindus to Christians. He described himself as a “Roman Brahman Sanyasi”, took the name of “Tattvabodhaka Swami” and even started using the surname “Iyer”! He started following all Brahmin practices outwardly, including janeu/poonal/paita, shikha and sandlewood paste on forehead, to gain followers. Many have followed in his footsteps since then, resulting in the Christian Ashram Movement.

The Jesuits

Lourdusamy was a Jesuit priest, an order infamous for its hunger for power and tendency for political machinations. A secret book written by one of its earlier leaders provides a window into the Machiavellian thinking of the order. The order gained much political power in pre-modern Europe due to the intrigues it often led. In South America, the Jesuits were successful in creating Jesuit Reductions, practically autonomous colonies with the express purpose to “reduce [the Indians] to civilized life,” in other words, to make them Christians in the image of Europeans.

What actually happened in these “reductions” is cultural genocide. Jesuits were expelled from most countries of Europe and the order dissolved in late 18th century, for being too power hungry. However, they continued their activities in other places. They were able to reverse the ban and curently are powerful enough so that the first time in history, a Jesuit Pope now sits in Vatican City. Naturally, one should be prepared to see a lot of condemnation for Lourdusamy’s death from various international players, including from the catholic President of USA or his proxies.

One other thing the Jesuits are infamous for is rampant child sexual abuse. Just this year, Jesuit order in Spain has apologised for dozens of such cases. However, thousands of such cases remain under cover and Jesuits have been known to protect their own by transferring priests to other locations, not going to police and even helping them to leave country when cornered by law. Some of these cases were famously brought to notice by Boston Globe in 2002, however an overwhelming majority remain under cover. Infact, the Jesuit preference for child sexual abuse goes back centuries and even Voltaire wrote about it in 18th century.

Stan the evangelist

Lourdusamy, was born in Thiruchirapalli in 1937, but most of his work was in Jharkhand. Touted as an activist for tribal rights, his work was guided by the “Formula of the Institute of the Society of Jesus“, written by Ignatius in 1540 and even today, binding on the Jesuits. The Formula commands to :-

“to strive especially for the progress of souls in Christian life and doctrine and for the propagation of the faith by the ministry of the word, by spiritual exercises and works of charity, and specifically by the education of children and unlettered persons in Christianity.”

Following the command to the letter, Lourdusamy helped in conversion of vulnerable vanvasis  to Christianity using food, education, jobs, and other allurements. He even justified it citing government apathy towards the same. Jharkhand is a prime example of how Christian evangelism has not only been eating away the traditional indigenous tribal way of life but also leading to conflicts amongst the locals. The conflict, including Maoist terrorism, is one of the reasons that government is unable to provide the essential services to these areas.

Use of inculturation by Christianity has been mentioned above where we discussed why Lourdusamy became “Swamy”. In 2016, members of the Sarna sampradaya had protested against the Church dressing up Mary in traditional tribal attire, thereby preparing grounds for conversion. Stan comes to rescue of Church again as an apologist and rebukes the Sarnas for taking “the focus away from more serious issues” while requesting the Church to “be gracious”. One can see a clear pattern, how Lourdusamy was supposed to be the softer face of Church and sort out the issues with Vanvasis if the Church makes a misstep.

Stan the Maoist

The 10,000 pages NIA (National Investigation Agency) chargesheet named Stan as the main conspirator who wanted to bring Dalit and Muslim forces together so as to take on what he referred to as the “fascist government” at the Centre. The chargesheet also referred to his association with the banned CPI-Maoist.

The NIA chargesheet on the Jharkhand-based Jesuit priest booked under the UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act) Stan Lourdusamy refers a letter written by him and says:

Stan’s letter reads “An all-India front will not be effective. It shouldn’t just be used for propaganda against fascist forces on the ground level as it unleashed a major blitzkrieg of offensive campaigns against fascist forces. The front has to come up at village level, small town and cities, neighbourhood level in urban areas with militant sections of people being organised.

In order to develop the process…from very beginning we should bring together most Dalit and Muslim forces that are already taking shape in some parts of country. For example, such Dalit forces are taking shape in South, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, and Muslim minority forces in Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

An India Today report in this regard states The NIA chargesheet says Stan Swamy was in communication with CPI-Maoist cadre Comrade Arun. He communicated that after the arrest of urban CPI-Maoist cadres from different parts of the country, particularly Maharashtra, a huge irrevocable damage has been caused to the party.”

This idea of using the faultlines in the social fabric of Bharat to advance the cause of Christianity is inspired by “liberation theology”, of which Lourdusamy has been an ardent supporter since at least 35-36 years. A branch of this “liberation theology” is the so called “Dalit theology”, which has been accepted wholesale by Jesuits in Bharat. Take an example this Jesuit publication from Tamil Nadu and search the word “Dalit” there. They know whom to target and they are taking classes in “Dalit Theology” to teach how to target.

Stan was using the same strategy. He was the vice president of Jharkhand unit of People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) and in a book ‘Deprived Rights Over Natural Resources, Impoverished Adivasis Get Prison: A study of undertrials in Jharkhand’, claims “tribals are falsely implicated and arrested for daring to protest against the violation of their constitutional and human rights like the right to possess and protect their land and livelihood resources.” 

This so-called activist was in reality a Maoist who created fear against the establishment in the minds of the people. The likes of Stan Lourdusamy have always used the bogey of the government taking away the rights of people to instigate the vanvasis against the government of the day. His involvement in the Elgar Parishad, which led to the subsequent Bhima Koregoan violence, is, therefore, not surprising.

The NIA in its chargesheet also confirms that Stan Swamy received Rs 8 lakh through one Comrade Mohan for furtherance of the CPI-Maoist activities and that he is the convener of Persecuted Prisoners Solidarity Committee (PPSC) frontal organisation of the CPI-Maoists.

While rejecting his bail plea, Justice DE Kothalikar said:

Swamy had hatched a “serious conspiracy” with members of a banned Maoist organisation to create unrest in the country. The material placed on record thus prima facie denote that the applicant (Swamy) was not only the member of banned organisation CPI (Maoist) but he was carrying out activities further in the objective of the organisation which is nothing but to overthrow the democracy of the nation.

Stan the Saint

There is no doubt that Lourdusamy would be declared a martyr. Condolences are already pouring in from the usual suspects including Bharatiya liberals, Christian bodies and politicians. However, in this case, international criticism should also be expected. UN has already sent its condolences and criticism, one should be prepared from the same from various international institutions and proxies of Catholic US President as well as that of the current Jesuit Pope. In due course, one can see him getting sainthood from Vatican city.

However, it is important that the public is made aware of the fact that Stan Lourdusamy was an anti-national Maoist, an evangelist and not the martyr he’s being made out to be.

This piece has been co-authored by Pawan Pandey.

(Featured Image Source: Goa Chronicle)

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