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Friday, December 1, 2023

Kerala: DYFI leader and drug mafia kingpin Jinesh arrested in POCSO case

Eight people, including Jinesh Jayan (29), the local leader of the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), were arrested for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl in Malayinkeezhu, a suburb of Thiruvananthapuram. A minor plus-two student was also detained for raping the young girl they met through social media. Jinesh is from Vilavurkkal Malayam and is the DYFI President of their Vilavoorkkal, Nemom constituency regional committee. DYFI is the militant youth wing of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM).   

Police uncovered a mafia run by perverted pedophiles, womanizing, drugs, and politicians who have indulged in similar crimes for a long time. Political masters are trying hard to suppress the severe crimes that the communist cadre indulged in under their kingpin, Jinesh. It turned out that Jinesh was an anti-narcotics campaigner during the day but morphed into a drug seller and womanizer at night. He is a perfect example of how communism corrupts and corrodes.  

Police found incriminating evidence of Jinesh having sexual intercourse with around 30 women, including the minor, on his phone. Other images and videos showed the DYFI leader using narcotics and plying girls with the same. He is also seen brandishing deadly weapons like knives, daggers, and swords. Police sent Jinesh’s mobile phone to the cyber cell for a detailed inspection. 

Others arrested include S Sumej (21), A Arun (Manikanthan-27), R Vishnu (20), Sibi (20), A Ananthu (18) of Lakshmi Bhavan, S Abhijith (20). Among those detained is an unnamed plus-two student who is also a neighbor of the victim. He was produced in the juvenile court. The police said that all the accused, except Sumej (a native of Kunnamkulam, Trichur), sexually assaulted the girl and recorded the footage.

Kattakkada DySP Anil Kumar, Malayinkeezhu Inspector KG Pratapa Chandran, SI Nimin K. Divakaran, and other police officers arrested the accused. She was presented in court. The police registered a POCSO case against the eight (including Jinesh and the plus-two student), produced them in court, and remanded them. 

The sexual exploitation became public after an investigation was conducted following the mother’s complaint that the girl was missing. She approached the police on December 2 after being unable to reach the victim on her mobile phone. The girl’s brother happened to see her packing her bags and informed his mother and the panchayat members, who called the police. 

The cyber cell tracked her last position and found her near the Thiruvananthapuram railway station. A police team from Malayinkeezhu rushed there and entrusted her with the child welfare committee. When the girl was subjected to a medical examination, the child revealed that she had been raped many times in the last two years. The torture took place in her own home. Others approached the girl by taking her phone number from the first person she met. The girl was blackmailed using pictures and videos.

Earlier this month, the victim met Sumej, a catering worker from Thrissur, through Instagram. He offered assistance and she was supposed to elope with him. Sumej asked her to come to Thiruvananthapuram railway station with some clothes, and the young victim obliged. The two had not met when the police arrived. Sumej, too, shared the victim’s identity on social media. 

News reports suggested intense pressure on the victim, and she is preparing to move from Kerala to Tamil Nadu. She has decided to stay at her grandmother’s house in Pondicherry and attend school there. The girl will be handed over to her family on Monday. 

Though the investigation team has received information that Jinesh is a drug dealer, dark forces are at play. Kerala police now say they do not have any evidence and will not register a narcotics case. Jinesh and his gang molested the girl by creating a WhatsApp group called Ganja Boys and distributed the girl’s phone number on this very group. Police claimed that the 30-odd ladies and Jinesh indulged in sex based on mutual consent, and no inquiries would happen. They neglected that he recorded the same and leaked them to his friends.

2016 Sleaze Allegations

Sreelakshmi Ajeesh, an old neighbor of Jinesh, came forward with further revelations against the local DYFI leader. She now runs her own business in Ernakulam and made serious allegations against Jinesh, with evidence. She told Mathrubhumi that six years ago, Jinesh shared her phone number in a lewd WhatsApp group, and trouble began.

In 2016, during his stay in Thiruvananthapuram, Sreelakshmi found that officials were dumping garbage into a small stream, which the locals used for various purposes. She decided to raise the issue with politicians and approached Jinesh and his friends. Jinesh was close to Kattakada communist MLA IB Sathish, and Sreelakshmi thought he might help. She was wrong.

They invited Sathish, but Jinesh and the others were nowhere to be seen when he arrived. The MLA saw what was happening, walked around a bit, and instructed panchayat officials to take action. Nothing happened, and the dumping continued.

By then, Jinesh had Sreelakshmi’s phone number. Phone calls began to arrive at night, asking for sexual favors. Not ready to give up, the brave lady decided to fight back. She called back someone who was bugging her and promised legal action. She asked where he had received her phone number from and understood that her number was leaked to a lewd WhatsApp group. Her phone number was available in seven such groups. She inquired further and found that Jinesh had leaked her number.

Jinesh tried to deny what he had done. Sreelakshmi decided to file a case with evidence, and communist party members began to threaten her. The brave lady did not succumb to their pressure tactics.  

Finally, Jinesh’s father, Jayan, and some party members came and said they would apologize. Jinesh’s father even fell on her feet and said that if she filed a case, he and his family would commit suicide. Sreelakshmi was not ready to let them off quickly. She asked Jayan to pay for Jinesh’s Prayaschitta (repentance) and ordered them to donate Rs.25,000 for a charitable cause.


Jinesh and the 2016 receipt for Rs.25,000/- (Images courtesy

They were sent back saying that if they show the receipt of payment of Rs 25,000 to Gandhi Bhavan or Sreechitra Home, which protects the poor, Sreelakshmi will consider an apology. Later, Jinesh appeared with the receipt, and Sreelakshmi accepted it as repentance without taking legal action. She did upload the incident and the receipt on her social media page in 2016. 

Sreelakshmi remembers that back then, she slapped Jinesh hard on his face and said that it was something his mother should have done a long time before. She demanded that the communist party should take action against him. But a CPM leader told her that boys will be boys and that women should forgive such actions! Sreelakshmi alleged that even after that, threats from communist party members continued.

Back in 2016, this was big news on social media. Sreelakshmi said that if Jinesh had been expelled from the party, DYFI would not have faced disgrace today. She added that what she encountered was an enormous trauma, but it is nothing compared to the horror the 16-year-old child is facing today. Sreelakshmi alleged that Jinesh indulged in more horrific crimes because his party did not expel him, which encouraged him.

Communism Corrupts

Jinesh was born into an ordinary family. His father was the sole income earner who received a pension from the military and worked as a security guard. Jinesh completed his schooling and joined the Kattakada Christian College, taking up economics. He joined the Students Federation of India (SFI) (students wing of the CPM) membership but did not participate in active politics.

Later, Jinesh joined the notorious Thiruvananthapuram University College for his post-graduation. His character and friend circle changed drastically. He also became an active DYFI member. Experts have long pointed out that University College is Kerala’s version of the infamous JNU, Delhi. Both have a habit of producing anti-national elements and are run by urban Naxals. 

R Sivaranjith & AN Nazeem (Images courtesy

In July 2019, R Sivaranjith and AN Nazeem, former president and secretary, respectively of the SFI University College unit, were caught by police. Due to past enmity, the duo confessed that they stabbed Akhil, a final-year student. Investigations revealed that Sivaranjith, who rarely attended classes, topped the Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) police officers test. 

Exam fraud was suspected, and it was found that he became the topper as he got weightage for participating in state-level sporting events. Blank answer sheets from Kerala University and fake official seals of the Physical Education Director of the varsity were seized from Sivaranjith’s house during a police raid. Due to political influence, they were allowed to write the test in the University College itself and got top ranks in the exam written by tens of thousands of candidates by cheating.

Sivaranjith had scored top rank in the PSC’s test released on July 1 to recruit police constables for the Kannur-headquartered KAP-4 Battalion. Nazeem, the second accused in the stabbing case, secured 28th in the same test. PP Pranav, another accused in the stabbing, was just behind Sivaranjith on the second spot. PSC’s internal vigilance wing collected evidence showing their phones received 90 messages within 75 minutes during the PSC test. Their names were struck off from the PSC rank list.

By September 2019, Sivaranjith and Nazeem got bail. They became eligible for bail after Kerala police failed to file charge sheets in the cases against them within 90 days! In the issue related to the stabbing of Akhil, both were granted bail much earlier. The explanation was even more bizarre. “In the University stabbing case, there are 19 accused in total. Among them, only one accused is left to be caught,” the Kerala police crime branch said. 

Leftist media tried hard to justify Jinesh by highlighting that he holds two master’s degrees. They failed to report that Jinesh was also involved in that PSC cheating case or that he attended University College. Jinesh was disqualified following an attempted murder case.

It is reported that Jinesh established links with many mafias in the city using his connections in the University College. Jinesh and his gang began intervening in local problems, proposing solutions, and imposing matters unilaterally. He also started a relationship with the drug mafia while dabbling in DYFI’s anti-drug campaign. Jinesh also exploited women by threatening them. He had a hobby of recording his sexual encounters and informing his friends. 

Every evening, Jinesh and his goons met at the notorious Mookunnimala region, 10 km down the highway from University College. The area has a history of drug abuse, explosives, and the presence of migrant Bangladeshis with malafide intentions. It is barely 60 to 70 meters from the Bharatiya Air Force Station.   

Allegedly, Kerala police knew there was drug abuse and sale, but Jinesh’s DYFI connections stopped them from acting. Jinesh’s birthday party was held at Mookunnimala on the 21st of last month, and he allegedly cut the cake with a sword imitating gangsters. Reportedly, prominent leaders of the CPM youth organization participated in this birthday party.

Locals alleged that Jinesh and his friends sold not just ganja but also MDMA. Jinesh, the son of a soldier, earned money quickly and entered the rental car business. It is reported that some of the leaders have also been made partners. A local CPM party leader who is part of the personal staff of a former minister is also suspected of involvement in Jinesh’s dealings. He brought Jinesh to the leadership of DYFI and is allegedly working as Jinesh’s godfather at the party.

DYFI has expelled Jinesh from the organization, the leaders said. They claimed that he was not active since September. The DYFI leader’s arrest in the molestation/sleaze/drugs case has sparked a massive debate on social media. Barely a fortnight has passed since DYFI goons stabbed and killed two in Kannur after an alleged drug deal went sour. But DYFI national president and Rajya Sabha MP AA Rahim has maintained radio silence on both occasions.

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