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Friday, June 2, 2023

Hinduphobic ‘moral science’ book being taught at Christian school

Pushing Hinduphobic content in the name of education has become par for the course as has been highlighted several times. “Catch them young” appears to be the slogan of the Communist-Abrahamic-Secular cabal that has been sowing seeds of Hindu hatred at a very young age either overtly or covertly using the school curriculum.

HinduPost received these images containing Hinduphobic content from a parent in Kolkata whose child studies in a Christian and who wished to remain anonymous. These are the contents of the ‘moral science’ book of class 10. It has been authored by Andre Bruylants, Carol Braganza, and Anuradha Choudhury.


While sex education in itself is necessary, the view promoted in the book is a typical Christian worldview that views women as objects. Under the title “Violence in a woman’s world”, a reference is made to Draupadi using the subheading “a woman’s fate”. The book wants students to ‘explain’ how this episode ‘exemplifies the lot of many women’ and adds references to Maa Saraswati, Maa Durga, and Maa Lakshmi for good measure.

Vikarna, a Kaurava brother of Duryodhan, objected to the behaviour of his brothers. But the pertinent question here is why bring in Hindu references for a general societal problem? This is subtle indoctrination that looks harmless and even justified on the face of it. However, the underlying psychology is to take students away from the Hindu Dharmic way of life.


The reference to Hindu Devis is also deliberate much like how liberals keep calling Bhagwan Krishna ‘legendary eve teaser’. One might recall Rahul Gandhi had remarked earlier “people who go to temple molest women”. These are red herrings used by the cabal similar to media using pictures of Sadhus in news regarding rapes and molestations where the accused are either Maulvis or Padres. The main aim in all these instances is to create a negative image regarding Bharatiya culture and tradition.


With regard to violation of rights, it brings in the usual biases. It could have cited the example of Dalit Christian Arogya Swamy who is served tea in a plastic cup, unlike upper-caste Catholics who are served in steel tumblers. Well, that doesn’t sit in well with their agenda, does it? When a minister in the Yogi Adityanath government is abused by ‘high-caste Muslims’ because he is an Ansari, what does it indicate?

Make no mistake, caste discrimination isn’t being condoned but just the Hinduphobia being passed off using ‘moral science’ as a convenient excuse is being questioned. Hindu society has always reformed itself with leaders such as Veer Savarkar taking the initiative to end caste discrimination. However, an attempt is being made to guilt-trip the entire community using half-truths.

Then comes the classic argument of ‘upper-class privilege’ to justify reservations and quotas. The book paints a picture of upper-class luxury vis-a-vis children belonging to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes growing up in an atmosphere of ‘penury’ and ‘illiteracy’.

This book in fact goes on to justify why low scores should be permitted for students only because they belong to ‘socially backward’ classes. Neither poverty nor illiteracy is caste-specific. Several upper caste children come from economically challenged families where making ends meet is a struggle in itself.

Judge-Activist-Reformer DY Chandrachud had made a similar remark recently when he opined that merit masks ‘upper-caste privilege’. He said that while the professional achievements of upper caste individuals are enough to wash away their caste identity, this can never be true for the lower caste individuals.

As pointed out, the book is based on a westernized Christian outlook just as NCERT’s move to shove western woke concepts down the throats of Bharatiyas. What is being passed off as ‘moral science’ is actually subtle anti-Hindu indoctrination that is sure to make students move away from their Dharmic culture or at the least leave them confused owing to the lack of knowledge about their own Dharma thereby making them easy prey for the Liberal-Abrahamic-Secular cabal who would leave no stone unturned to coopt them into their cabal.

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  1. Caste discrimination has polluted Hindu Dharmik society only bcos of Abrahamic invasion from the 7th CE & continuing the 22nd CE! It’s abrahamic religions that preach & propagate slavery, caste system, class system, intolerance and ethnic cleansing of pagan culture. Hindu dharmik society on the other hand was always an inclusive one with practically organised categories based on guna, varna & jaati! Rajeev Malhotra’s wonderful book on Sanskrit Untranslatables reveals how varna & jaati =/= caste and many more such wrong translations.

    Unfortunately 1300+ years of Abrahamic invasion does seem to have the potential to erode & erase away an entire civilization!


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