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Friday, February 23, 2024

Harvard is the nest of snakes – Shri Rajiv Malhotra

Shri Rajiv Malhotra spoke of his upcoming book Snakes in the Ganga: Breaking India 2.0 in his interview with Citti Media. The book is divided into three parts and explains how American Marxism is being exported into Bharat through individuals who support ideas and institutions that are dangerous to the country.

Rajiv Malhotra explaining the title of his book says the snake is a metaphor for danger and Ganga indicates the negativity that remains hidden. He highlighted that Harvard is the nest of snakes, the place where anti-India activists and ideas are incubated and bred. New threats have emerged that need to be identified and dealt with.

Americanisation of Marxism is a concept which adds races to the Marxist theory of economic classes. Germans who settled in America developed this theory. This is the seed of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and wokeism. Rajivji said Herbert Marques who came to California’s Berkley University developed the clash of races theory. He also pointed out that the CRT has been superimposed on India as the Critical Caste Theory (CCT).

Rajivji stated superimposing foreign history on India gives rise to concepts like CCT that have no connection with Bharat’s reality. Propagators of this theory falsely equate Brahmins with whites and ‘Dalits’ with blacks. The main intention is to project oppression of ‘Dalits’ like those faced by blacks. Shri Rajiv Malhotra further pointed out that even Muslims are presented as oppressed minorities.

Americanizing the social structure of another country is arrogance. Harvard is the breeding ground of anti-India propaganda. In this interview, Rajiv also highlighted the difference between India and China in terms of setting the agenda. Harvard houses anti-nationals from India and it is now training people on governance as policymakers are attending courses in the university. “It has unparalleled intellectual power to dismantle India,” noted Shri Rajiv.

The author spoke about two such persons from the cabal. Ajanta Subramaniam has written a book alleging that IITs are brahminical where ‘Dalits’ are oppressed. She says Brahmin supremacy is being exported when companies abroad employ them. She is being supported by the Harvard ecosystem.

Suraj Yengde is a fellow at Harvard Kennedy School who identifies as an Afro-Dalit. He wants ‘Dalits’ to identify as blacks. However, he has a flawed understanding of Buddhism, Hindu Dharma and Marxism. Rajivji also said that Suraj has weird ideas regarding caste and the Aryan invasion theory.

In his interview, the author also pointed out how Indian billionaires are sponsoring anti-India agenda through their association with Harvard. Anand Mahindra’s Mahindra Humanities Centre, Laxmi Mittal’s South Asia Institute and Piramal’s Public Health centre were some of the examples cited by him.

Explaining how American concepts are exported to Bharat, Shri Rajiv cited institutes such as Ashoka University, TISS, and Azim Premji University among others. These institutions propagate the ideas and concepts incubated at Harvard.

Social Science and liberal arts at Harvard aren’t based on Indian ideas. Shri Rajiv Malhotra says if Bharatiyas want to sponsor Harvard, then they should sponsor streams such as science, technology, engineering, and medicine. He pointed out how China doesn’t engage Harvard in social justice and human rights. China sets the agenda while Bharat follows the agenda set by Harvard.

Rajiv Malhotra said that while the left-liberals have a well-developed ecosystem, the pro-Bharat activists aren’t coordinated. The book would help the pro-Bharat activists to articulate and put forward their views in a better manner. The first part of the book deals with the discourse and who produces it, Harvard as the snake nest/incubator is the second part, and the final part explains how it reflects in India. The book will be released on September 26.

(Featured Image Source: Intellectual Kshatriya)

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