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Interested in Dharma and Bharatiya civilizational topics? Here are a few courses that might interest you!

If you have spare time, are interested in Dharma and want to pursue a course on Bharatiya civilizational and Dharmic topics, then here are some institutions and courses you might want to consider.

1) Hindu University of America (HUA): It was established in 1989 and has been teaching students knowledge systems rooted in and emerging from Vedic thought since 1993. “Promoting dialogue across disciplines, cultures, and civilizations, while enabling self-discovery, conscious evolution and harmony, Hindu University of America will set the standard for the study of Hindu Dharma”, says their website.

They offer a variety of courses in several areas of study. Conflict and peace studies, Hindu studies, Sanskrit, language studies, Texts and Traditions, Yoga, and History are some of the fields one can choose from. They have programmes for all levels such as undergraduate, graduate, and advanced levels.

2) Rashtram School of Public Leadership (RSPL): They aim to nurture self-aware and civilizationally assured public leaders. Their website notes that they design and conduct executive learning programs, engage in research to align institutions with Indic thought, foster an ecosystem of young leaders in India and abroad, and strategically partner with organisations across the world.

They offer undergraduate, postgraduate (PG), and doctoral courses in addition to executive and other programmes. Their undergraduate programme covers areas of study such as Business Administration, Healthcare, Psychology, Law, Sanskrit, Media, Sustainable Development, Theatre, Sports, and Creative Writing among others. At the PG level, they offer MBA and Public Leadership courses.

3) Centre for Indic Studies (CIS): It is a research department of Ahmedabad’s Indus University and functions under the Indus Institute of Special Studies (IISS). “Centre for Indic Studies has been established to promote studies and research on various aspects of Indian Civilization. It will focus on multi-faceted and interconnected aspects of Indian Civilization, shedding light on the sources of its unmatched unity and diversity. This Centre will aim to explore a wide range of areas which manifest the core philosophies and values of Indian Civilization”, the website highlights.

CIS offers courses on Bharatiya History, Sociology, Archaeology, Indian Knowledge System, Linguistics, Ayurveda, Art, Ancient Science, and Bharatiya Economy. The courses are reasonably priced. The Indian Knowledge System course is available in Hindi as well.

4) Bhishma School of Indic Studies (BSIS): BHISHMA stands for Shri Bhagwan Vedvyas Itihas Sanshodhan Mandir. The organization was established in 1976 by Itihas Bhushan late Shripadji Kulkarni. The organization received the blessings of PP Shankaracharya Mahaswamy of Kanchi Kamkoti Peetham. It has published 18 volumes of Indian History and Culture. BHISHMA series seeks to present an authentic History of India in its proper perspective.

BSIS offers certificate courses along with their Masters’s and PhD programs. The institute has certificate courses in the study of Vedas, Ancient Bharatiya Architecture, Kautilya’s Political Science and Arthashastra, Upanishads, Puranas, and other Dharmic subjects. Their Masters’s programme comes with international accreditation and is available in the four disciplines of Indian Knowledge Systems, Hindu Studies, Kautilya Politics & Economics, and Vedic Literature.

5) Indic Academy (Indica): It has several centres such as Bharatiya Languages, Shaiva Studies, Embodied Knowledge, and Indic Studies in Law & Justice among others. Indica’s courses are also varied. Indic Storytelling, Ayurvedic Nutrition, Temple Architecture, Sharada Lipi, Vedic Mathematics, Indic Psychology, and Temple Management in Agamas are some of the courses conducted by Indica.

6) Bharat Shodh Sansthan (BSS): BSS wants to provide a platform for established and upcoming researchers focusing on Indic studies. “Research activities based on the Bharatiya point of view is the primary focus of BSS. The colonial narrative has taken a considerable toll upon the well-being of civilizations across the world. We aim to provide an alternative thought process”, the BSS Mission reads.

BSS offers certificate courses on Vedant, Indic Knowledge & Traditions, Indic Education System, Indic Paleography, Indic Manuscriptology, and Indic Philosophy. BSS also conducts short online courses from time to time.

These are some options for those who want to use their time productively.

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  1. Sharada Lipi, good it is the original script of Kashmiri used even for Sanskrit and the source of Gurmukhi and Tibetan scripts.


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