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Sunday, May 26, 2024

American debate assocn. asks students to suggest how Congress can win Bharat’s next general election!

While the Bharatiya educational system is still in the shadows of colonial education and shapes young minds to hate and demonise their own culture, American children are being prepared to help a particular political party favourable to Western hegemony goals come to power in Bharat.

National Speech & Debate Association (NDSA) is an American organization which aims to ’empower school students through speech and debate’. It provides mentoring and organizes prestigious national debate tournaments for middle and high school students.

One of the topics for their ‘2021 online Middle School Speech Challenge’ event in the ‘Prepared Mixed Extemporaneous Speaking’ category is

  • What must the Indian National Congress do in order to win India’s next national election?

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Why is this topic important in the USA and why should it concern us? Even as early as 2012-13, USA (both state and non-state actors) was sending nearly INR 4000 crores through FCRA to NGOs in Bharat, out of which INR 121 crore was being sent to 48 FCRA-NGOs advocating the destructive RTE Act (introduced by UPA) that has shut down thousand of Hindu-owned schools.

World Vision and another NGO, Save the Children, which also works among children, receive funds from the US Federal government for their operations in Bharat. These are two main NGOs that indulge in various sort of anti-Hindu advocacy including for the implementation of Right to Education Act that cripples Hindu-owned schools (minority-owned schools are exempt from RTE).

While such organisations brainwash poor children studying in government and government-aided schools in the name of social service, they also gain access to the children studying in posh schools in the name of activism. So it becomes important to know what kind of information the children in such schools are fed by these NGOs as their masters in the USA are teaching their children on how to meddle in other countries’ internal affairs.

Capture of young minds through toxic curriculum and NGOs

Many instances of how NCERT, the apex body that designs the curriculum for Bharatiya schools teaches a distorted and form of history when it comes to the challenges our civilization faced and the great heroes of our civilization.

They not only distort but totally crop and in some cases erase some parts of our history as well. Apart from this, brainwashing the children through a farce called ‘value education’ also helps them in the process of becoming ‘woke’ and act against their own nation in the future in the name of saving the environment, socialism, feminism, gender fluidity etc. NGOs with foreign aid and dubious background also help in this deracination program with governments letting them access the minds of children through so called awareness programs.

One such example would be of FCRA behemoth World Vision ‘adopting’ government and government-aided schools to get to the minds of children. To give a sample of the kind of propaganda peddled by World Vision which is an outright evangelical organization, in a mock parliament program organised by World Vision in Bhopal in 2019 students discussed about ‘PM’s foreign tours, 10% quota, child marriage, Rafale scam, government interference in RBI/CBI, etc’.

Henri Tiphagne, a Christian liberation theologist appearing in the name of human rights activist in the media, conducts human rights classes for school and college students from way back in 1997. His organisation has access to more than 2000 government and government-aided school children. Even though he claims to be a human rights activist, the kind of events and protests he organises and participates in are mainly against BJP and the current government at the centre-led by BJP. He was vivid at one such protest that the government has cancelled the FCRA license of his NGO.

If these are the kind of people that get access to the education and co-curricular activities of school children, what kind of ideas they could plant in their minds need not be elaborated. Bharatiya children are being shaped to incessantly protest against and criticise their own government and culture without reason most of the time

This shows that neither the colonised nor the colonists seem to have come out of the hangover of colonialism even after decades. As the power hungry colonists try to indirectly wield power in the colonies through advocacy, children become their prime target. As the colonised still look up to the West, forgetting the atrocities committed by them and refusing to come out of the slave mindset, they willingly offer their children to be brainwashed by the West’s coolies.

Yet, not everything is lost as the awareness about civilizational issues is on the rise and what we could do is keep an eye on not only our offsprings’ school books but what they do for extra and co-curricular activities as well, as they very well might be getting groomed to become the next-generation judge trying to take over the position of the elected government, the journalist milking a pandemic to show Bharat in bad light, or the IAS/IPS officer stomping on Hindus’ rights.

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