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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Watch: Ajeet Bharti analyzes Leicester violence and why Hindus have become an easy target even in democracies

How to end this violence against Hindus? Ajeet provides a hint at 32:12 – here’s a summary of what he says –

“Hindus have developed this mindset that they are just concerned about family and earning livelihood, and don’t congregate in temples anymore. So their collective and organizational strength has detached from their Dharma, and there is a distance between the individual and Dharmic institutions. Other communities who always remain organized (through their religion) have taken advantage of this. Muslims congregate for the Friday namaz and sermon. Christians go to church every Sunday. Sikhs go to Gurudwara. So Hindus should realize that their personal families won’t survive (if this Dharmic apathy continues)…even if you are a religious individual, your individual Dharmic consciousness alone won’t save you….you have to shed the belief system that since this attack happened in some far-away place, it doesn’t affect you.”

However, we must remember that Europe is now awakening to the Islamist threat and Western nations, led by France, are cracking down on Islamic radicals to varying degrees. The situation is much more dire in Bharat and the subcontinent. We are faced with the additional threat of rabid Christian missionaries and other #BreakingIndia forces, and we are crippled by a polity and institutions like judiciary which are still nursing deep colonial hangover. So our response has to be much more forthright and uncompromising.

(This video first appeared on the ‘Do Politics’ YouTube channel and is being reproduced with permission of original source)

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  1. Hindus are an abjectly crippled lot, divided along not just caste lines but along class & social lines! Even after so much humiliation, most affluent, elite & urban Hindus fail to respect & support groups like the VHP, Bajrang Dal & others who are much more aware of the ground realities and who are the truest warriors & protectors of Hindu Dharm! While you will not find even a single muzlim condemning osama bin laden or any of the infinite muzlim terrorist organisations; a single christian condemning xavier who masterminded the inquisition; a single left liberal or communist condemning Stalin, Mao, Polpot; you will however see scores of elite perfumed Hindus queuing up to denounce a karyakartha from the VHP or Bajrang Dal at the drop of a hat! LoL!

    Even today after the horrendous communal attacks on Hindus in Leicester you have many dhimmi Hindus claiming no allegiance to the BJP/RSS/Hindutva! That’s how much cuckolded they are which is why they are such sitting ducks!

    No-one should care a damn about such cuckolded dhimmi dindus! Let them sink into the cesspool of their gandhianism & perish or get converted. We should care more about the real dharmiks. Each of them should be armed well enough to take on without any fear! Just like how Indians in SA chose to protect themselves in the wake of the deadly riots targeted against them.

    Ultimately violence must be dealt with violence!

  2. Europe is also feeling the pinch of Islamic violence.
    Violence cannot be neutralized by any naive stance. It requires dire action.


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